Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day


Hey How is everything going?? 

My Memorial day Weekend was pretty good. Nothing too special. Holidays do not really exist for missionaries. All days feel the same apart from mothers day and Christmas lol! But it was good. We had some good meals and went to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. So it was really good. Just had to deal with some misson Drama lol!  Sounds like you guys had fun though. Wish I could have been there. Home feels so far away and like such a long time ago. But at the same time it feels like just yesterday. So are you guys planning on taking the Jet Ski out anytime soon? But for real sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! and no,Memorial day here is pretty much normal.. Well at least in the two places I have served. Just a lot of tourists and people out on the streets.

So just a random question - do you guys talk to the Russos very much! If you see them please let them know I say Hi and that I love them and miss them. Also along with everyone else in the Ward! 

I am so jealous you guys got to go to six flags! I would pay anything just to go swimming and ride a roller coaster right now! It just feels like so long ago! Haha! I miss being normal sometimes :P But its all good, cuz I love being here! Crazy that mom stepped up and actually had some fun when we go to six flags :P j.k. Mom. but for real. Next time you go. Ride Batman and the Boss. For me please :) That is what you can do for me this summer. do it for me since I cannot do it!

 How are the Young Men?? I miss Young Mens so much! 

I feel for Nicole each time you guys talk about her. I hope everything gets better for her. That is just so sad. I want her to just be happy! That is all anyone deserves. How is she. Have her email me! I want to talk to her. I have not talked to her in a while. 

So yeah I need some new short sleeve shirts. That is about it. I told you guys about that on the phone.. I ruined anther shirt last night by spilling Mole on it (Mexican food) Tasted good.. BUt haha not worth losing a shirt.. But oh well... So yeah some new short sleeve shirts would be nice. And yeah sorry about my Debit card. all the machines said that they were free to check balance. So i will stop doing that. Sorry about that dad!  and yeah my companion is the same. Transfers will be in 3 weeks so I am happy to be here for that time, but think after that though I am going to be ready to get going. 

So to Mom! Yeah I got the article. I still need to read it though! and thank you in advance for the package! I will really appreciate that! :) So that is really cool about what they said in stake conference! I loved that talk so much! (President Uchtdorf's) I really need a copy of the Ensign. (Church magazine) For some reason we never got one.. 

But anyways we had a split yesterday and I went to a really cool lesson with Elder Topham - one of their investigators agreed  to getting baptized! :) and Elder Eliason and Elder Sayao found a new investigator for us :) So that was fun and very successful :) 
Also last week we got a Referral from Sister Reyes! Its for a less active family who has a daughter who is 11 years old and is not a member! I fell in love with them really fast! Her name is Nargelly! They are Dominican and Nargelly has a bap date for the 17th of June! :) We are going to see them again tonight so I am very excited! The Spirit was so strong last time we were over there and teaching them :) There are good things to come! 

Well Sorry I did not have much to say today! But oh, hey can you find out if Bryan got his Birthday card from me and get Marks Address so I can send a BDay card to him?? Thank you! Well I love you all so much! you guys are the best! Take care everyone and have a good week! Talk to you soon! 

Love Elder Mattei 

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