Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One More Cycle Would Be Perfect

Hey There Mommy
Well Life is good! nothing has changed much since we last talked! But no problem on sending the text. (At the end of our phone conversation on Mother's Day, I got a little choked up. A few minutes after hanging up,   I received a surprise text on my phone that said, "I love you mommy!" ) I could tell you were a little upset. And I was too! I always hate saying bye! But it made me really happy to talk to you all! Sounds like everyone is doing good! Tell Nicole I say Happy Birthday!
And that's cool you got to talk to Jackson! haha lol! That is awesome - "Oven time!" that made me Laugh out loud!  and yeah I have been thinking aout school and where I will go.. Going close to Melissa would be nice! :) But I would really like to go to LSU :) So I I have two difficult options. But you do bring up a good point mom.  So I am keeping those both in mind. Or I could stay and go somewhere local.. But IDK... I dont want to think about it yet lol!
Well I hope you all get well soon! Things are going good! Other than the fact that I am worrying about getting transferred. :/ One more cycle here would be perfect. The next cycle is a 4 week one. And I really want it. I really just love the people so much.. And I get attached way to easy! lol! But really I love them and I just want that opportunity to let them know how i feel. So if you could all pray that I stay that would be great :) I still feel like I have things to do here. But if the Lord says otherwise I am willing and ready to follow! Well I am going to get going now! It was so nice talking to everyone! Thank you all! I love you so much! And I am glad to hear that everyone is doing okay! :) Take care! You are in my prayers and i will see you soon!
Love Mark! :) 

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