Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Service in Queens

Well Good Morning! 

I have not received and email yet but I am just going to go ahead and start! So how is everyone?? What all has happened this past week that you all have to fill me in on?? :) 

So this past weekend we had the chance to leave the mission and go and help do some service in Long Island! It was so sad, but despite all of that it was a happy time to be able to serve and help others. People's basements were completely flooded, as well as parts of their main floor. We spent the day throwing stuff out and tearing out sheetrock. As well as ripping out carpet. We were there for about 6 hours on Saturday. It was nice to see the other part of the city, but not so much under those conditions. The people were so grateful for the service we rendered. There were over 1,000 members there serving the people who lived in Queens. Every group was organized into groups of 8. Elder Kay took half of our Zone, and I took the other. It was a good opportunity to learn how to lead as well. Only us and 2 other Zones from the Mission went. It was more of a Multi-stake activity than a mission activity. We are all hoping we can go back!

We started off by waking up early in the morning. Elder Kay and I went and bought some work gloves and some doughnuts for everyone. Then soon the buses pulled into the New Rochelle Chapel to pick up all the Members and Missionaries. We had to pack our lunches for the day. When we got there we were told to go to certain streets and just look for people who needed help. It was Work! WORK! WORK  all day! At the end of the day we were helping this man clear some stuff out of his basement...There was tons of mold, and it was just nasty. He had years of memories and so many other things down in his basement.. Just about all of it had to go. I picked up an antique dresser and it just fell apart as I picked it up because of the water damage. There was only room for me and 1 other small kid down there. The water was still about 3 inches deep, it had been over 8 feet... It was sad, but it was good to help! So many people thanked us, and opened their hearts to what we did, and to the message we taught. I would have to say that this was probably the highlight to my week, and one of the highlights of my mission. We really served, and I feel like we accomplished a lot and helped many people. And the Missionaries in The South Mission and in New Jersey still are. We are all hoping that us as a mission can go down there and help. 

It was exhausting, but it was worth it :) I'd never had a desire to work so hard. We were all a mess by the end of the day. The bus ride home was long, so Elder Kay and I passed the time by trying  to sing country songs., Sadly we have forgotten most of the words to almost all of them lol! But it was fun! 

Other than that we are teaching a little girl named Michelle. She has a bap date for the 10th of December! She is really smart! She is the Granddaughter of our Gospel Principles teacher, Hermano Bucay. So she was pretty much a miracle. 

I love Elder Kay  - he is an awesome companion. We get along so well! We are having a ton of fun! But life on my end is good! I hope to hear from you all soon! Please pray for the people that were affected by the Hurricane! They need it, and God is the only one who can give them the peace that they need. Hope all is well! I miss and love you all! :) 

Love Mark! :)

Here is a link to a church video that depicts some of the service Mark describes above.  You can find him about 1:35 into the video.   Please watch if you haven't already.

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