Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day


Hey How is everything going?? 

My Memorial day Weekend was pretty good. Nothing too special. Holidays do not really exist for missionaries. All days feel the same apart from mothers day and Christmas lol! But it was good. We had some good meals and went to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. So it was really good. Just had to deal with some misson Drama lol!  Sounds like you guys had fun though. Wish I could have been there. Home feels so far away and like such a long time ago. But at the same time it feels like just yesterday. So are you guys planning on taking the Jet Ski out anytime soon? But for real sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! and no,Memorial day here is pretty much normal.. Well at least in the two places I have served. Just a lot of tourists and people out on the streets.

So just a random question - do you guys talk to the Russos very much! If you see them please let them know I say Hi and that I love them and miss them. Also along with everyone else in the Ward! 

I am so jealous you guys got to go to six flags! I would pay anything just to go swimming and ride a roller coaster right now! It just feels like so long ago! Haha! I miss being normal sometimes :P But its all good, cuz I love being here! Crazy that mom stepped up and actually had some fun when we go to six flags :P j.k. Mom. but for real. Next time you go. Ride Batman and the Boss. For me please :) That is what you can do for me this summer. do it for me since I cannot do it!

 How are the Young Men?? I miss Young Mens so much! 

I feel for Nicole each time you guys talk about her. I hope everything gets better for her. That is just so sad. I want her to just be happy! That is all anyone deserves. How is she. Have her email me! I want to talk to her. I have not talked to her in a while. 

So yeah I need some new short sleeve shirts. That is about it. I told you guys about that on the phone.. I ruined anther shirt last night by spilling Mole on it (Mexican food) Tasted good.. BUt haha not worth losing a shirt.. But oh well... So yeah some new short sleeve shirts would be nice. And yeah sorry about my Debit card. all the machines said that they were free to check balance. So i will stop doing that. Sorry about that dad!  and yeah my companion is the same. Transfers will be in 3 weeks so I am happy to be here for that time, but think after that though I am going to be ready to get going. 

So to Mom! Yeah I got the article. I still need to read it though! and thank you in advance for the package! I will really appreciate that! :) So that is really cool about what they said in stake conference! I loved that talk so much! (President Uchtdorf's) I really need a copy of the Ensign. (Church magazine) For some reason we never got one.. 

But anyways we had a split yesterday and I went to a really cool lesson with Elder Topham - one of their investigators agreed  to getting baptized! :) and Elder Eliason and Elder Sayao found a new investigator for us :) So that was fun and very successful :) 
Also last week we got a Referral from Sister Reyes! Its for a less active family who has a daughter who is 11 years old and is not a member! I fell in love with them really fast! Her name is Nargelly! They are Dominican and Nargelly has a bap date for the 17th of June! :) We are going to see them again tonight so I am very excited! The Spirit was so strong last time we were over there and teaching them :) There are good things to come! 

Well Sorry I did not have much to say today! But oh, hey can you find out if Bryan got his Birthday card from me and get Marks Address so I can send a BDay card to him?? Thank you! Well I love you all so much! you guys are the best! Take care everyone and have a good week! Talk to you soon! 

Love Elder Mattei 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Love Letters/Chocolate

Hey there everyone! so yeah I am still here! :) Hip hip hooray!! :) So I am happy about that. The main reasons I wanted to stay here are 1. To find people and really have this area running well when I leave. I would like to see someone make it to baptism my last cycle here. 2. Because Gisela moves like 2 days after this transfer cycle. 3. There is a yankees game. 4. We have this really cool family that we are working with. Mom is a member and so are the kids, but the Dad is not. But I am happy! :) 

So sounds like summer has started. You are all so lucky! and oh before i forget thank yous go out to Aunt Jeannie and Granny for the letters and gifts! I really appreciated it! Both times it made my day! :) I love you Both!  Hopefully everything is okay with Granny's eyes so she can drive. Oh and I got my Drivers license today! Thank you so much mom for helping me out with that! It means a lot.

So yeah I am good! i am really excited for these next couple weeks. We are going to see some miracles! I hope to see everything work out. 

So I am excited to get that article about that kid. That will be cool to read. i want to see it. That is so legit! Hopefully he decides to serve.  (Neat article in Sports Illustrated about a Chicago high school basketball player and his decision to serve a mission or sign with the NBA following his freshman year.)

And mom glad you are watching American Idol. My buddy Sister Vander Does is going to try out when she gets home. She is so good at singing. She left for home today :( I had a lot of good friends leave today. MY good Australian buddy left - Elder Palu. Transfer Day stinks. I hate saying bye to people. Especially the ones I may never get to see again until after this life. That is like the main reason I want to be rich is just so I can go and visit people that I love lol! 

So definitely the highlight of my week was Elder Rasband. President of the Quorum of the Seventy came and talked to us. He was the President of this Mission like 14 years ago. It was such a great experiance.. Ah.. I wish I could tell you all about it. He told us a lot of cool church history about this mission. And then just taught us a lot of really cool things.. But more than anyting the spirit taught... I learned so much. It was a huge turning point in my mission. It was the inspiration I needed. He was so personable! I just loved him. HE also talked to us in the MTC. And it was his talk (in General Conference) about how mission calls are made that made me finally decide to put my papers in... Remember Mom you showed it to me. Then afterwards we all got to meet him. Also Sister Smith and President Smith shared some really touching testimonies with us.. I could talk all day about that meeting.. It is just so hard to put into words... 

Also we had a really funny/spiritual stake conference this weekend. President Smith and Sister Smith spoke there as well. They are so funny! The whole thing was awesome. NY has some really cool people who are in the leadership of the church. It really is an amazing place. I would not mind living here when I am older. Even if it was for a couple of years. Going to School here would also be a lot of fun. I know that I am going to miss it a ton when I leave. But I do not even want to think about that. .. 

Well There is not to much more to say. I love you all! I love my mission! I love the Lord! And I love Letters/Chocolate :) So yeah just throwing that out there! I love you all so much! you are in my prayers! I will talk to you soon! Mom Tell all my friends and Melissa I say Hi! I miss them all! :) They are all like family! No.. not like family ARE family. LEt them know I love them! :) Love you all so much! You are in my prayers and thoughts :) Take care! Love Mark! 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One More Cycle Would Be Perfect

Hey There Mommy
Well Life is good! nothing has changed much since we last talked! But no problem on sending the text. (At the end of our phone conversation on Mother's Day, I got a little choked up. A few minutes after hanging up,   I received a surprise text on my phone that said, "I love you mommy!" ) I could tell you were a little upset. And I was too! I always hate saying bye! But it made me really happy to talk to you all! Sounds like everyone is doing good! Tell Nicole I say Happy Birthday!
And that's cool you got to talk to Jackson! haha lol! That is awesome - "Oven time!" that made me Laugh out loud!  and yeah I have been thinking aout school and where I will go.. Going close to Melissa would be nice! :) But I would really like to go to LSU :) So I I have two difficult options. But you do bring up a good point mom.  So I am keeping those both in mind. Or I could stay and go somewhere local.. But IDK... I dont want to think about it yet lol!
Well I hope you all get well soon! Things are going good! Other than the fact that I am worrying about getting transferred. :/ One more cycle here would be perfect. The next cycle is a 4 week one. And I really want it. I really just love the people so much.. And I get attached way to easy! lol! But really I love them and I just want that opportunity to let them know how i feel. So if you could all pray that I stay that would be great :) I still feel like I have things to do here. But if the Lord says otherwise I am willing and ready to follow! Well I am going to get going now! It was so nice talking to everyone! Thank you all! I love you so much! And I am glad to hear that everyone is doing okay! :) Take care! You are in my prayers and i will see you soon!
Love Mark! :) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cannot Wait to Talk to You!

 Hey Mom I will go ahead and reply to both you and Daddy's email.. Wel first off, one way to tell whether or not Greg is really excited about something is if he starts rubbing his hands together lol! And That stinks to hear about the car breaking down. And it is really really good to hear that Aimee had her baby and that both are doing alright! :) That actually makes me really happy :) Tell her I said Congrats! :)

Well what else to say! sounds like the both of you are working really hard! This week has been really good! We have been teaching a lot! Found some really cool investigators. Lets just say Miracles are real! I will explain more when I call this Sunday> And I will be calling in the Morning.. Maybe at like 9 your time. How does that sound??? :) So 10 my time and that will give me about 2-2 1/2 hours to talk. Maybe 3 :) I guess we will just have to see! Well I am going to leave it at that! :) I want to talk this weekend! And yes I got the Drivers license papers! I already sent them in! And thank you for doing that mom! And for the Memory Card! And Dad I am not with Elder Kay, I am with Elder Eliason. But I am just thinking there is a good chance because I have been here for a while! Well I love you all! and I cannot wait to talk to you all this weekend! I love you and pray for you! Take care! 

Love MarkyPoo! :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

I Still Love New York

Hello Mom and Dad! I am going to reply to both of your emails at once :) 

 And I was actually going to see if I could call in the morning on Mothers Day. Church is at 1 30-4 30. A But I don't know what time I will be calling. I will let you guys know next week. And here is what I was thinking ..  But I want to talk to everyone! :) I am excited to call home! :) I want to know what all is going on. Then my next phone call next Christmas I will almost be home! :) 

So Todd's hockey game. How is he doing?? Has he started playing Spring Hockey yet? All I know is when I get home I would really like to coach and play in an Adult League. I really just miss hockey so much. That the people in my life, and music have to be the three things I miss the most.

And that stinks for the Blues. But good thing they still have a lot more time to make a turn around in the series! I would like to watch a game but does not seem like that will be happening any time soon. 
And yeah okay just send the stuff and that will be great! :) And yes I have my SS#. So I will be good! 

But Elder Eliason and I are doing good! He is a lot to handle, but we are having a ton of fun. We are working very hard. Work is hard right now. But we are making the best of it! We found a  New last week! His name is Ariel.He is really cool. He is 19 years old. We have pretty high hopes for him. So please keep him in your prayers :) 

But everything is good! I love the city! We went to Costco today, and that was fun. This morning some guy tried picking a fight with Elder Eliason while we were buying Tide. lol! It was funny, but kind of scary at the same time.. I am still not really sure what happened. We just got out of there pretty fast. But hopefully next week we are going to the Temple. If we do. I would like to go and visit Cindy and Nelson and see how they are doing. I miss Harlem a lot. I love it here. But every time I go there I just miss it! Like today at Costco. I was just praying I would see someone I knew. I also tried finding Todd his watch, but the guy was not there. :/ So maybe I will find it next week when I go .Oh yeah before I forget. I charged all 4 bills at Costco on the AMEX. So I will be sending you guys some money in the mail tomorrow. So be expecting it soon. 

But we really do need to take a trip here together as a family when I get home. I love it so much. the Energy here is just sweet. The places are awesome and the people are great!  You all would love it. I still need to go down to South Manhattan. I am praying that I get transfered down there with Elder Kay. I am trying to avoid upstate lol! But really I just love the city so much. It is so much fun. And I just love the people. I love seeing what God can do in their lives. Just the small conversations I have with people each day touches my heart!  And having Yankee Stadium in my area is legit. We walked by last night at the end of the game. It's fun. I really just  want to go inside again! :) 

Dads email :P

Dad that is crazy to hear about your job. Well do you at least like what it is that you are doing?? And that is crazy about the DC Temple.. Such a blessing that the Gospel really has grown so much since then! Let me know if you get the chance to go. I hear it is really pretty. That is where the members here used to have to go. 

But anyway this week was good! Not too eventful. Our ward Mission leader Fernando has been helping us out a ton lately. So I am grateful for that. He is a big help. Yeah, just did some service yesterday by helping a member move like 2 things lol! And ate some really good Mexican food last night with the Martinez family. Sister Martinez's husband is not a member.  But he knows it is true and has not acted upon it.. It's frustrating.. But they are very humble and I love them a lot! 

Members have been feeding us a lot more the past couple weeks so that is a blessing :) Well that is about all that is new! I hope you like the pictures I sent! They should be there soon! Haha I sent a video as you requested. haha.. Keep it to yourself please..  :P Well Mom, Dad, Family.. I love you all! :) Along with everyone else who is reading this. You guys are all awesome! :) Give Garrett, Thomas, and Todd a hug for me mom! Let them know I miss them! And tell Sister Gonthier thanks for the email! :) I have not been up to Yorktown yet,, but I have a great feeling that is where I am heading next. And yes.. half of the people who live in the city seem to be nannies lol! But okay well I love you all a ton! Have a great week! :) Love Mark! :)