Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interesting Food

Hey Mom I Love you! I Will Try to Address Everything Both you and Dad said! I dont have much time today!  
 Okay So dad Asked about what kind of food I have been eating... Well Lots of different stuff... Good, and well not so good. Uhm you guys know how I don't like tomatoes, or any vegetable for that matter. That's why I have gotten my burgers plain at Mcdonalds for the past 20 years. Well Hispanics love tomatoes... Uh and other gross stuff! They also like a lot of good meats though. But there have been about 3 times where we have eaten at Members houses and I almost threw up! One time Elder Huerta scooped my (uh i don't know the name, so lets just call it gross) gross into his bowl while the The members were in the kitchen. haha! But really you can't eat everything and if you tell someone you don't like their food, in the Hispanic culture they get way offended! But then another time yesterday I was on a split with Elder Lewis in his area and uh well we had a last minute lunch appointment where we ate in the hall of the apartment home because her husband had to leave before we got there. And we can't go in if its just her so it was funny we ate on two chars in front of us in the hall. But anyways she made some nasty gross stuff. Both Elder Lewis and me were gagging! It was terrible! Eww! But I would stick it in my mouth then immediately follow it up with juice as soon as she left to go into the kitchen! She made so much food! I only ate lunch yesterday! But Then we were like we are done with this stuff. So I took the spoon and mashed it down to make it look like we ate more lol! But the Chicken and meatballs and rice were good :) But just not the ... Yeah. Stuff. 

So Carlos skipped church on Sunday. But he loves meeting with us and said he will go this week. He has already read like half of the BOok of Mormon! Crazy! Bap date for the 23rd!  Arlen wanted to get baptized sooner so now she is being baptized on the 9th! :) It will be great to see her life change because of that. she told us we were put into her lives for a reason and I know for a fact that is true! :) But yeah she is way excited! She is such a happy lady! I can't wait to see her make that step in her life :) It really is going to change and she is going to be a great member of the Church! Also she said she wants to come out with us and go proselyte.* lol! But she is awesome! I remember the second time we saw her it was just me and Elder Lewis and we taught her the Restoration! She loved it :)  Uh Patricia was met with Yesterday by Elder Huerta and Elder Mitchell (Elder Lewis's Comp) She was basically taught everything lol! But She took them to taco bell, the week before she took me and Elder Huerta to Applebees! I want TACO BELL! haha but no she really liked it and said she will pray about Baptism! Lysalo is still working a ton!!! We never get to meet with her! She is so close! She knows its true! She just needs to pick a date! Uhm quien mas? Oh Eric and Christina, we are meeting with them tonight! Thats why I don't have a lot of time! We are ending p day early to talk to them! But they want to talk to us about Baptism! So say a prayer its a good thing! They just have a couple issues they are going to need to resolve before! they need to really make some big changes in their lives! And its going to be hard for them! But I know with the Lords help they can do it! :)

 Oh Jesus... We stopped seeing him.. :( He wont keep commitments. So we decided in like 2 weeks we would stop by again. I pray something changes! Uhm cindy! Oh We showed her the Restoration and she said it was too "Disney" like that is was too happy, that the first time she met with the missionaries that the part that really got her was Joseph Smith and all he did for the church. That he would not do all that for something that was a  Giant lie.  He Would not let friends and family and himself suffer! But that she believes his story, she just wants the whole thing :) So Mom. Dad! I need a favor. The Mission office does not send us "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" I think it is the same one they show in Nauvoo! So if you could. Could you order it online so I could show Cindy? Please? She really wants to see it and The Joseph Smith Story is where her testimony comes from! I love his story and that movie and I know it would be really good for her to see it! 

Uhm Crazy to think Greg will be home so soon! that stinks I have not gotten to see him! I miss home a lot. Especially yesterday! Ugh! But no I am good :) I know I am here because I know the Church is True. And I like what Mckean said! I would not be here if I didn't! I am here for me and for the people here and for the Lord. And for no one else! and to give you all blessings :) But yup yup! Crazy! Will I have a room when I get home? lol! That sounds pretty cool what you are doing with the basement! So tell todd not to complain about having to go to efy on the 4th! I have to be in by 6!  

 I'm glad he had fun at Youth Conference!  That was cool of the Tuttles to bring him! I miss them! I miss the whole ward actually! But I love the Ward I am in right now! But mom you asked if there are any members we are really close to. I would say definitely the Munoz family. The ones with the 6 kids and tiny house! She is awesome! Her son just got his mission call to Pittsburgh.  Most of the people we talk to and teach are illegal. lol! But I love them! The Munoz are awesome! She is like my mom here! She takes care of us! She also speaks a little English so its good! :)

That is scary about Liam though! I hope he is okay! That really is scary! I will definitely keep him and his family in my prayers! 
Okay well I hope I am here  when Sawa comes! That would be way cool! ALso I am way happy for Jackson! So Crazy!! I am so happy for him! :)  Uhm not much time what else?  Oh the packages! Still have not got them! Hopefully next district meeting (Monday) But all is good! Uhm I will read over your letter and see if I left any thing out! 

Greg will be home soon! He just needs to finish hard and strong. So no worries there! 

But I also got letters from Mike, Tre, and Bryan! I need to reply lol! I was doing that but then the computer opened up! So I will probably finish that later! 

I love you all! And I hope you know I really do love it here! It is really hard work! But I love it! and its a good tired feeling! And being obedient to the rules is worth it! Im so happy to be here! And I know this is where the Lord wants me to be! I know the Church is true and I don't know where I would be without it in my life! It has saved me, and I am glad to have the opportunity to see others lives be saved and changed as well! I have such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and I wish I could share it with you! But I will in two years! Well I got to go I love you all Mucho! You are all in my prayers! Mom if I did not reply to anything just ask me :)

I love this place but I love you all more! And I can't wait to see you! Got some work to do first! Ok Bye! Be safe and have fun! Tell todd to take EFY in! It changed my life! And I want him to get something out of it! I know he will if he just opens up his heart! Okay I love you all! Bye Bye! 

Love Your son and Friend and Other stuffs

Mark! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting Confrontations

Hey Dad How are you doing?  I am glad you have been trying to follow the spirit, i am trying to do the same as well! I have had some pretty cool experiences. Just things to say and things to do. Really kind of random stuff lol! But the Spirit is helping me out a ton and it is really nice to have its presence with me! I can really feel its influence in my life! I feels its presence and power in my life and I can see it becoming a big part of a lot of our investigators lives as wel

Dad I am glad you had that oppurtunity with the lady at your work! Its a huge help in missionary work to give referrals. So whenever you can you should. If there is ever anyone that comes to your mind do not hesitate! 

I have not sent you a fathers day card yet! I am waiting for money so I can get you a gift lol! Don' t want to be a lame son so I am going to get you something! The card is made, I just need the present. It will probably get to you in a week or 2! I'm also going to be sending home a small gift for Greg as well!

About Todd! For sure when Greg gets home have him do that with Todd! I loved doing that with him and I think it will help him a ton! Tell Todd I love him and to be a good boy.  Youth Conference and EFY should be good for him! I know that will be good for him! Where is he going to EFY by the way? Mizzou? Crazy kid! Is he going with Conor?

And Aunt Cindy for sure can see me.  Just tell her to call! I am with Elder Huerta so it is all good for me to see her! But no I cannot go into Time Square. Number 1 out of my zone :( 2. No missionaries are because it is supposedly of the World... Well the whole city is... lol! But no it stinks. I would love to go there but we cant :/  The Statue of Liberty is out of our mission! Its in the South Mission so nobody ever gets to go. I will just have to go with you and Mom after my mission. The only reason we are allowed to go to Time Square though is for 2 reasons... 1. For the new Mormon Ad Campaign 2. To see a broadway play at the end of our mission. Other than that we cant! But if you and Mom come pick me up we can! But just have Aunt Cindy call me ! I could possibly have her meet me at the Temple, but IDK I will figure it out! And let me know before time. Huerta is totally cool with it!

The Spanish is coming... It will be better now that I am just here with Elder Huerta Luna. When Martindale was here the two of them would pretty much teach and I would give my little schpele every once in a while. But now that it is just two of us it will force me to speak and the language will come much faster! And yeah I dream a little in Spanish. Like small parts. That started at the MTC lol! It wont happen fully as much, because I still speak more English than Spanish sadly. Huerta and I are going to start trying to speak more Spanish more often in the street and Apartment. But it makes it hard in the Apartment because we are with Elder Nevarez and Stevens and they are English. so yeah. But the Spanish is slowly coming! I can understand a lot more now than what I could! I can communicate and have conversations with people! It will come I know it will and I know the Lord is helping me and preparing me :)

Question really quick.. Romney and Huntsman are running for President right? Thats pretty cool. Two Mormons running for office! But yeah that will be cool! Let me know how that is going!

But yes I have had a couple of interesting things happen the past couple days... Last Week Elder Martindale and I were cursed out by some racist guy in Harlem.. Huerta was on a temporary exchange for a French Lesson (he knows french took 3 years in high school. Originally called to Quebec Canada, but could not get his Visa that is why he is here!) But yeah we were in a Chinese restraunt and the guy just started yelling at us! (Okay I'm omitting everything he said.) I just stood there and smiled at him lol! :) I actually felt kind of bad for him though. He was also screaming about how the doctor just told him he had 9 months to live. i felt way bad for the guy. I just wish he knew his potential and that his life did not have to be that way!

Then the next day a Lady yelled at me in the Elevator lol! This one was way awkward! She was complaining because 3 out of the 4 elevators were not working. and they had just given me a paper saying the Elevators were out because the Elevator tower was struck by lightning just the Day before. So she is talking about it, and I was just like "Mam I actually heard that it was struck by lightning thats why they are not working" or something like that and apparently thats the wrong thing to say to some people! Then she just looked at me  and started screaming at me lol! Mind that this is in a full elevator... She tells me they are paying me to say that... Uh what? lol! She was crazy! This lasted the whole way down, and these Elevators move really really slow... (Don't know why I keep putting a capital e on elevator lol! I guess part of me thinks elevators are important for some reason ) But yeah just yelled at me! Whole way down and I was trying not to laugh. I was just shaking my head and agreeing with her. Then just 2 days ago some guy was telling me we worshipped Joseph Smith. So I turned around and corrected him, in a nice friendly manner that we worshipped Christ (Huerta and Martindale said I should have just ignored him, but I don't think so. If someone does not know something correctly you correct them. Chirst would not just let people say stuff like that. Would he? No so I just want to follow that example and help people understand what we believe) But yeah as soon as I told him we Worship Jesus Christ. He then Changed his statement to we worship Satan, and then I was just like. okay read this card this tells you what we believe. Its the 13 articles of faith one. Just like Grandpa told me to give people lol! It is actually my favorite one to use. And after I gave him the card I just walked away, before I got mad and started bashing with him lol! But yeah so that was interesting!

Walking in the streets in Harlem is fun! Everybody is Black or Hispanic. Some white... But very few! Lots of homeless people! We get asked a lot for money. Back home I would give people money, but here you can't. Because we get asked like 10 times a day. I would be broke if I gave everyone money. And it gives people the impression that missionaries have money, which really is not true. I am broke :( I need to learn to manage my money better next month. so sorry if I am using the AMEX :( Wont happen agian. but I think someone overcharged me for something though. The Lord has really blessed me with getting food though! Some lady bought me 20 dollars worth of groceries the other day! Then Elder Navarez gave me some gift cards, and we ended up with 6 extra pancakes at Ihop yesterday some how lol! I was not getting food either so I just took them all! lol! I ended up eating more than anyone else! And we also have had a ton of meals with members! We had 3 meals in 1 night like on sunday! It was ridiculous! He has really blessed me on this stupid situation I am in!

Okay now about investigators. Here are all the names and something quick about them. Erick and Kristina, a really solid couple that love what we are teaching them. 2 problems- not married and work on sunday. Are really considering Baptism! Carlos, Loves the Book of Mormon! He reads it possibly more then I do during the week and that is hard to do! Has a Baptism Date for July 23rd. Said he will go to church sunday! Arlen, went to church! Loves the Gospel and has a Date for the 23rd as well. Asked to be part of the church before we even asked her to be baptized! :) Lissalo saw her yesterday for the first time in forever! We are talking to her Friday about Baptism! Wants to be baptized and is ready just needs to pick a date! Jesus, still not reading or praying, does not want to change :( We will have to drop him most likely! Cindy took lessons 2 years ago. Had a baptisimal date, but the area was white washed and she fell through the cracks. We found her in the Area book, and visited her! Loves the things we teach and says they make complete sense. 1 problem - has classes on sunday until November :( In nursing school! Ugh, once again wants to be baptized but can never go to church! Uhm Patricia have not met her yet. Lesson tomorrow already said she wants to join the Church because of what she had read on her own :) So yeah thats about all I have for now! I really got to go so I can email mom really quick! 

Not much time! Spent most of it replying to Dad. Uhm things are good we had transfers today! I am still with Elder Huerta!! Yay! Im happy about that! He helps me out a ton! Elder Martindale is gone :( Good kid but all will be good! Uhm what else I told Dad about our investigators I love them and I love being able to see lives change! To be honest I really just love people in general! 

Well I watched Glenn Becks Conversion story yesterday that was awesome! :) Really powerful! I loved it! Uhm what else! Crazy to think Jackson is in Russia! He will be in my prayers tonight! I am learning Spanish I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be to learn Russian! he will do Great! The Lord will bless him and he is just a smart kid over all! I hope RJ is doing good! Mom put a link to his blog on my blog, along with Mckeons! Thats cool for Lindsay! Mom I hope you get to see Jackie, Kaden, and Kieara! tell them Hi for me :) Uhm what else do you want me to say not much time! Ugh lol! I dont feel well! Thats cool about CAmeron H. Tell him Congrats for me! Keep me updated on that kind of stuff! 

Uhm No not talked to anyone but Kay and Veater who will be in a new zone this cycle because the zone is splitting :( They are in inwood and I am in Midtown :( So I will not get to see them as much :( Okay well Tell everyone I love them! And Send the GUmbo REcipie!!!!  But Tell everyone I love them! Everyone is in my prayers! I'm safe, I'm happy and I really got to go! Love you all MUCHOI!!!! :) 

Love Mark

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Pictures from New York

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Looking for Pedro?

Glad to hear all is going good! Tell Aunt Cindy the next time she is here I will see her for sure (Well as long as Huerta is my companion) Martindale is the one who did not want me to see her, but I just talked with Huerta and he said if she is still here we are going to for sure see her! I felt so bad last time and not going to lie I just would really like to see her!

Well home definitely sounds different! Thats so crazy to think that Greg will be home soon! Good for him I am happy for him! Sounds like all is good! Harlem is, well Harlem! I love it though! Its all black and Hispanic people and very much different than south Manhattan. A lot of homeless people and people living on the streets! A ton of people though! Very Depressing at times, but all good. The thing I have noticed most about Manhattan is it smells like straight weed all the time!! Everywhere you go. We hear gun shots everynight! uhm... yo no se.... uhm what all do you want to know? there is the subway, a lot of cheaper places to eat than South Manhattan. Part of our area is nicer, but there are no hispanics there so we never go there. We also go down by the temple to teach a recent convert of theirs, and we have special permission to go down there. South Manhattan is awesome as well. I love going into central park. Its so pretty. The first like 2 weeks here I had allergies for the first time in my life. When we came into the mission home it was so green, and so are all of the parks and stuff it is crazy! I really do love it! If we were not on the 19th floor and it did not take so long to get out of our building (because the Elevators don't work half the time) Trust me running up 19 flights of stairs is not fun! But I would love to go running in central park in the morning, but it takes like 10 minutes for the elevators to get up to our floor because they stink lol! Haha but we threw a mouse out the window yesterday lol! I have a video of Elder Lewis chucking it out lol! It was really funny! Stupid of him, but funny lol; :) Okay I think this will just be my email home today, unless mom finishes writing soon, but yeah... Uhm well a lot has happened here the past couple of weeks!

Our New investigator Carlos has a baptismal date :) July 23rd! It is pretty awesome! We teach him in English, he is a bit slower but a great guy and really sees how God is impacting his life. Next time we teach him we are teaching the Plan of Salvation. His father has passed away so I think knowing this will play a huge impact on his life! Also Elder Lewis and I taught the first lesson to Arlen our new investigator as well! That was another good experience. Right now we have 13 investigators so it is really difficult to talk about all of them! But Lysalo is good. She does not have a baptismal date yet :( But she wants to be. She is having a lot of family problems. We are talking again with her tomorrow and she will hopefully tell us something good and when she wants to be baptized! She is ready! haha she just does not realize it! I'm just happy to see that this really will help her come closer to God!

The main thing I have grown to love is these people here! More than anything I want to understand every single thing they say to me! But they are awesome! I really know who they are and what they care about, and it is great to see them making a change in their lives. They understand what their potential is, and I just get to know so many awesome people. I feel my relationship Growing with God as theirs does. In all reality when God blesses them, he is really blessing me too. Because it makes me happy to see them happy and doing what is right!

I have been thinking about home more lately and thinking just about how awesome of an experience it will be to come home in 2 years and see everyone again! I know that it will be a happy time in my life, but just like when I left home, when I leave my mission as well it will be a very bittersweet time in my life. I really do love it here. I can't help thinking about home sometimes and you all and Melissa and my friends, but I know this is where I am supposed to be. How is Melissa doing? I have not heard from her in a while. Also how are my friends doing? You said you saw them not long ago. That must have been weird having them at the house, without me being there.
I just miss doing a lot of stuff back home, but it can wait till later :)

I really want Melissa to meet Greg when he comes home. She would always say "Its hard for me to imagine that you have another brother" Well now I would like her to meet him.  Getting mail is awesome! I love opening the mail box and having something! Its nice to see how people back home and friends are doing. Because I really do care about how they are doing so SEND LETTERS!!!! :P But I have gotten 3 from friends the past 2 weeks so thats been good! I have to catch up on sending a lot of mail!! I'm so slow! I'm doing that today so it will be all good! Oh I need to use the Credit Card to buy more socks today. I am getting more so I only need to do laundry every other week so I can save money. Laundry is expensive here!

Okay Dad PLease! I have asked for the Gumbo recipie like 209382590848094384095904385 times from Granny and Mom lol! Please have one of them send it! My Bear as well!!!!
But here you go just so you know how a day runs here I will give you a quick run down..

6:30 Wake up and Try to work out! I always do at least 100 dips before I get in the shower, but 5/7 times a weeks I will work out I would say. Its really hard to make myself work out in the morning Its just really hard.

7:00 Wait to get in the shower... there are 5 of us it takes forever. Normally I just lie down and close my eyes and try not to fall asleep. Sometimes I will make pancakes... If we have milk and eggs... Seems like I am the only one in our apartment willing to buy them.... lol!

8:00 Personal Study which I love! Always learn something new!
9:00 Comp study
10:00 Language study
11:00 Lunch/ Sometimes we do service at the food shelter!
12:00 go out and go to appointments, Meetings and other stuff! Going to appointments and meeting with members and investigators is my favorite!
Then do that till about ten! Sometimes get dinner and stuff in between! Last night we had dinner with the Kegans who are some senior missionaries and we were doing service by translating a Boy Scout Manual into Spanish for the BSA! So that is pretty cool! I like having dinner with the Hispanic families and having the new kinds of food! We eat rice and beans a ton though! lol! Sometimes they order Pizza and that is always fun too. But like yesterday we taught our investigator Cindy (she is new) she has been taught before, but this area got white washed like a year and a half ago and she fell through and the missionaries never came again (how, IDK she had a baptismal date) She is a way cool lady she has a 7 year old daughter too and she told us yesterday she wants her daughter to serve a mission! We also teach her well Spanglish lol! We meet with her again Monday!

Well just some funny things that have happened... Did I tell you I made steak like 2 weeks ago??? Sister Tabone (A Sister in our District) bought it and I made it! It was way good! I told her I had made it tons of times, but really it was my first! She was impressed when I told her it was my first time! lol! It was good though... Thing is we had no knives or forks so we ate it with our hands :) haha! Oh and yesterday Elder Huerta called the house lol! We were sitting around in the chapel waiting on Elder Martindale to come back from a split and I was like "You know how easy it would be to call home?" And he was like "yup let me see the phone!" So I gave it to him and he asked for our number and I told him in Spanish completely joking around! So then he acted like he was saving it and I was like "What are you doing?" Then he acted like he pressed talk and I tried Grabbing the phone to hang up and his cheek actually really did press "talk" and it rang for 6 seconds lol! So then like 10 minutes later Mom called back lol! And He was like "You estoy buscando por Pedro?" And I was like "No" Because I realized he was freaking out lol! And he was like Pedro! Pedro! And mom was talking to him lol! Then Ten minutes later the A.P.s called and we freaked out lol! but they just needed to talk to Elder Martindale about him going to the temple today. But Elder Huerta felt so bad and was really worrying that he worried mom! Haha it was funny, But I'm just glad I didn't have the phone, because I always answer then look who it is lol! But yes! So sorry about Elder Huerta being an idiot lol! Okay Well not much else to say!

I need to go! Well I love you and hope all is great! I love being here, and I love being able to help other people! Oh yeah I got some funny pictures to send home soon! Okay well got to go I love you all! Glad to know all is good! Well I will talk to you all soon! Love you very much!

Love Mark!!! or Elder Mattei I don't care I'm still Mark to you all! lol!

Oh last night I fell off the top bunk trying to grab my blanket from Elder Huerta lol! It was funny! Don't know why I am telling but whatever! Okay I got to go! Love you all :)

And regarding the Book of Mormon musical winning the Tony: We get to have really positive conversations with people about it! People see it and obviously know its a joke and become interested! aparently the temple is running out of Books of Mormon to give to people because they want to know more about it!  Any Publicity can be good publicity I guess :)  some guy tried hugging me yesterday cuz it won lol! I also met a guy who played in it lol! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Much to Say!

Mommmy! How are you doing! Tell Melissa to check her email!!!! But All is good! Ricardo was baptized : ) we got ahold of him the day before and he was baptized and confirmed! Now he is talking about going to BYU I! He is an awesome kid! We are actually starting to teach one of his other friends tonight! And if that works out we will have 7 new investigators in the past week! Last week we got 3 new ones. Arlin (she is a middle aged mom. She seems way solid! I'm excited about her!) Emilia, we met her my second day out here and gave her mom a blessing. We ran by her on the street and said we should come by later that night so we did! she is probably in her 40s:)(Seems pretty solid,but I think she thought the Joseph Smith story was just supposed to be taken symbolically so we will need to talk more about that) and Carlos, I tracted him on the street. He speaks English, but understands spanish... We taught him the first lesson in English, but we are going to visit him one more time.. Probably Saturday when I am on a Split with Elder Lewis. If he does not want to go to the Spanish ward, we will have to hand him over to the English missionaries. He knows spanish because his mom is from Puerto Rico I think. He seems like a good investigator, he just asks a lot of random questions. And goes off topic a lot! We were talking about Jesus Christ and next thing you know we were talking about the End of the World lol! He is cool though. A little bit slower of a guy, but way nice! Then Yesterday we got 3 new investigators, all of whom I have not met yet! Because Elder Lewis and I were on a split! They put 2 greenies out in an area for a day! I was freaking out so hard! We were supposed to have 2 lessons, but both fell through the cracks. One was a member who was sick so we ended up knocking doors all day. But guess what? Someone let us into their house... MY eyes must have gone so wide! I was so scared! The lesson went really well though! God helped us speak and understand... somewhat. About 75% lol! But we taught the full first lesson by ourselves and got them 3 new investigators. Something they have been looking for, for a really long time! It was so scary! We said a prayer as soon as we got out! The Gift of tongues is real! Oh my gosh you have no idea! I normally have no idea what people are saying, but yesterday I did. We gave the lady and her sister each a book of mormon and taught one of their daughters! At first she was like "come another time" and then she said "uh... well now is good actually, pass in" We used the scriptures a ton, because I knew they could teach them better a thousand times better than we could.. I mean its the word of God so its says things way better than me. But we left our testimonies and they said they would read Nephi 11 so :) We celebrated with Taco Bell! :)
But 6 new investigators! I know that is an answer to a prayer! We have been asking to find the people who are prepared to listen and I know that our prayers are being answered! I'm just so happy about everything thats going on :)
Lysalo read and Knows the Church is True! She fasted and prayed yesterday about when a good time to be baptized would be. Right now we have a goal set for the 18th of this month :) She is ready! She loves church and after praying, she loves the Book of Mormon, before she wanted nothing to do with it. She loved Church, but just wanted the Bible. But we talked about how important it really is if the Church is true. It is Everything. For us and for everyone. Its the most important thng in the world, it's the purpose of life. God has a plan for us and we really really can return to him! Thats what I told her! I just hope she knows that she needs to be baptized on that date! I don't know what she is holding back! It will all be good though! She will probably be moving soon... So hopefully before she moves she decides to be baptized! Ugh lol! Its all good!
But Jesus is not keeping commitments... He knows what it means if its true. And I'm pretty sure he knows it is. He is just afraid to admit it to himself. He is afraid to change. So really keep him in your prayers! He is a really cool kid! He was telling me about how the Hangover Two was Hilarious! He loves talking about movies and Music with us. Way cool kid. He works like 58 hours a week so I see how its hard for him to read and pray, but man... Thats all he has to do!
Welll what else... Oh yeah so the 2 zones on Manhattan Island had a special meeting yesterday. So apparently they are sticking MORMON.ORG ads all over NEw York City! LIKE ALL OVER! They will have a big screen in Time Square, at bus stops, in 2 of the cars on each subway and they will take up the full car... Uhm they will run ads on the little tvs in Taxis and will be on top of 200 taxis in the city! All over the place! So the next couple months will hopefully be really busy with people asking questions! More so in the English missions, but who knows who will come up and talk to us. But it was basically a training meeting in case a reporter comes up to us and tries to talk to us. Pretty sweet! They look way legit. They showed us pictures!
So what is up with the Book of Mormon Play? I hear its like up for 14 Tony awards? Que en el mundo. People talk to me about it all the time. But I Know nothing! Other than the fact that it does not portray the church, missionaries, or religion in a positve way at all. People talk to us all the time, and are like "oh wow you are nothing like the missionaries in the play" lol! One time someone wanted to take pictures with us because they just saw the play. I laughed about it lol! But Idk it is apparenly a pretty big deal. And is Mitt Romney really that high in the polls right now? like 49% or something right? That is kinda cool! But yeah all is good!
I got irritated this morning with some missionaries, because some people just have no respect for other peoples beliefs. I seriously wanted to go off on them. People believe what they want you know? This missionary was just making fun of something he saw and it just made me mad, cuz they are doing this all the time. He said something like the "Spirit of the Devil" when they were talking about feeling the Holy Ghost. NO! not right at all. The Spirit testifies truth and EVERY CHRISTIAN RELIGION TESTIFIES JESUS IS THE CHRIST! And he was just being ignorant. And missionaies say really ignorant things about Mary and Baby Jesus and how Catholics worship them. And I almost went off on an elder the other day for just going on and on about the Catholic Church. I wanted to punch him for how ignorant he was being lol! But I cleared it all up, and told him not to talk about other peoples religions, just like he does not like it when people talk about ours. Every person can believe what they want to believe. There are not many things that make me mad, but when someone pokes fun at something that is spiritual and personal to someone.They have no right! Thirteenth Article of Faith. "We believe in all things virtuous or of Good report" Uh it just frustrates me! Just don't talk about other peoples religions in a negative way. You can still teach what you believe, and let them feel the spirit. Just don't talk behind their backs, talk about what they believe and how they share it. Sorry about that lol! It just bugs me that people talk like that,  and they are supposed to be an example lol! But just live and move on and forgive and forget it. It just bugs me lol! Sorry about that!

Well I'm glad all is good! And there are no more tornadoes! I miss my friends back home :( And family and All of you! Thank you for the package by the way mom! Thats so awesome that RJ is in France. I am way jealous! Oh mom did you save all those pictures from my memory card? Cuz I want to delete them so I can take more, but idk... But yeah all is good! Where is Todd going to EFY? 
But what all is going on back home? How are the Cards doing? Did Mark and Mike get their letters from me? Also ask Nick B. if he got his letter from me!
Well I love you all! Things are awesome! Its blistering hot here! Ugh! So humid, just like home! So many cool people! Mom and Dad I hope you fly out to come get me! but two years from now I may just be ready to come home.  idk well I love and miss you all!  I am still me! I Stuff is good in this hood! :) But it really is! I want some cheeseits so I'm thinking I will go buy some! Okay well see you all soon! Give Garret and Thomas and Todd a hug for me!  Okay well love you all!
 Okay well got to go! Love you!

PS: Oh also Add this into my blog! Go to Click MormonTv and go to NEw Videos and go to the 4th page and find the video called prayers! This is about a lady in ward! Just so happens to be the one that canceled on Elder Lewis and my dinner appointment lol! But it shows the inside of our building and places in New York that are in my area! She is way awesome She is a ward missionary. check out the video! Way awesome! But... Uhm what else. oh I know! Add better music to my blog lol! 
P.S. I played basketball today, and just to let you all know I suck still. But I look forward to coming home and beating Bryan again!
P.S.S. Send me my Bear!
Okay love you mucho! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Much Fun Stuff

Ok first things first! Someone tell Joel to shave that stuff off his face lol! Thanks for the pictures mom. Haha! okay so the picture of the tall kid is Elder Day from the MTC- he is going to Orlando. he is awesome! Miss that kid a ton! Also, I did send Mark a card? Did he get it? I also just sent one out today for Granny and Pop pop! :)

So yeah life is great :) haha so much fun stuff! Idk where to even begin! So our investigators are going way slow.... haha but progressing none the less! I just wish I was like Greg and had 12 baptisms coming up! My companion (Elder Martindale) is the highest baptizing in the Mission with 25. He is super humble about it and knows its not about numbers, the numbers only mean thats how many people he has helped make that first step. He is helping them come closer to God. Its not about numbers! Not at all! Its about people and what their relationship is with God. But yeah I'm just curious how many Baptisms does Greg have?

So I said our investigators are going slow. Elder Huerta Luna and Elder MartinDale have been teaching this kid Ricardo for a long time. He has a baptismal date for June 4th.... We have not talked to him in 2 weeks almost now. We cant get a hold of him. We have tried everything!! His friend who is supposed to baptize him cannot get a hold of him! No one has seen him... His friend is Felipe Munoz. Way awesome kid. Preparing to go on a mission, about to get his call hopefully by the 10th. But yes I have no idea what is going on with Ricardo, I just want to see him baptized because I know how important it really is. Uh lol! 

Lysalo is progressing slow. She won't commit to baptism but she loves going to church and she pretty much believes everything. She just has not prayed about the Book of Mormon. Same story with Jesus.... they don't realize how important it is. It is everything!!!! Absolutely everything!!!! If they can figure out that this really is important and it is true. They know their purpose. They know their potential!!! Ugh lol! Its so so so so so important! I just wish they could see that! 

The Spirit has been amazing! It guides me every time i teach! I know how important it is to have the spirit with us! I say some things that are totally not me. Its the spirit working through me! I love it! We were talking to Jesus about the WOW (word of wisdom) and we were talking about smoking and he was like "well its not going to kill me tomorrow" and out of nowhere I said "Well just imagine 15 years from now. You get lung cancer, your daughter is 17 years old. You're about to die... How is that going to make you feel then?" totally not me. The words just came out  immediately. Jesus is 19 and hard to work with! I know he knows its true! He just needs to admit it to himself! He is scared to change. And that is what repentance is! Is change! A fresh view of yourself, God, and of the World! A change in attitude, heart, mind, and action! He knows it! He just needs to act on it! 

But anyways sounds like fun at home! Thank you again for the pictures! Get all my friends hat sizes and Gregs. I got one for todd. They have way cheap hats out here. Ten dollar yanks hats. And I just got 2 pairs of Oakelys today for 10 dollars a peace... The guy said they were real so... haha! Idk I guess we will see lol! Tell Lindsay congrats for her Graduation that I am proud of her! The next year will go by faster than she can imagine. Believe me. 

So yes a little about NY. Uhm you're a joke in this city if you follow the crosswalk signs. People seriously laugh at you lol! If there is not one coming you just go. Everyone is always in a rush. If you want to talk to someone, talk to someone who is sitting down outside their door! People love to talk here.. Only if they are not in a hurry. I am getting a lot better at Spanish. Still needs work! But I understand what is going on! I love it! Gift of tongues! When I call at Christmas I can talk to Lindsay fluently for you all! Is she taking Spanish at BYU I? She should! 

The city constantly changes! Where I am at its all black people and run down. Worst people in the world and nicest people in the  world. Down south it is super nice! I love the whole city. I love my area. People are crazy!!! HAah I love it! It is really cool to learn about different people and just talk to them and really get to know them a little bit. Elder Martindale is a little judgemental sometimes about the people on the street, but I just have to constantly remind him that they don't know better. Which they don't. They just make me laugh and then I try to talk to them. STL is a Joke compared to this place! I will go back and walk through East STL and it will not bother me. Its nothing. People are nicer in bad areas than you would think! Okay not much time so mommy here are some quick requests! :)

Fist of all... I bleached my STL Blues shirt on accident :( Its my Oshie one... So would it be too much to ask you to get me a new one??? A Large? Pretty please! Also I want the Gumbo recipe!!!!  Tell me when Greg gets home if he is balding. This lady in our ward said she would give me her special mexican shampoo she makes that can stop hair loss... we will see - I have high hopes! She owns a barbershop so I think she knows what she is talking about! Okay well love you!

Yes I get fed mom! Well thank you! :)! Oh and we went on a BBQ on Roosevelt Island for P-Day Way fun! I cooked steak for the first time! It was good lol! I also made pancakes for the 1st time last week! lol! I'm actually not bad at cooking! And I kind of like it lol! Well you can add this to my blog if you want so Okay I love you! :)