Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Interesting Confrontations

Hey Dad How are you doing?  I am glad you have been trying to follow the spirit, i am trying to do the same as well! I have had some pretty cool experiences. Just things to say and things to do. Really kind of random stuff lol! But the Spirit is helping me out a ton and it is really nice to have its presence with me! I can really feel its influence in my life! I feels its presence and power in my life and I can see it becoming a big part of a lot of our investigators lives as wel

Dad I am glad you had that oppurtunity with the lady at your work! Its a huge help in missionary work to give referrals. So whenever you can you should. If there is ever anyone that comes to your mind do not hesitate! 

I have not sent you a fathers day card yet! I am waiting for money so I can get you a gift lol! Don' t want to be a lame son so I am going to get you something! The card is made, I just need the present. It will probably get to you in a week or 2! I'm also going to be sending home a small gift for Greg as well!

About Todd! For sure when Greg gets home have him do that with Todd! I loved doing that with him and I think it will help him a ton! Tell Todd I love him and to be a good boy.  Youth Conference and EFY should be good for him! I know that will be good for him! Where is he going to EFY by the way? Mizzou? Crazy kid! Is he going with Conor?

And Aunt Cindy for sure can see me.  Just tell her to call! I am with Elder Huerta so it is all good for me to see her! But no I cannot go into Time Square. Number 1 out of my zone :( 2. No missionaries are because it is supposedly of the World... Well the whole city is... lol! But no it stinks. I would love to go there but we cant :/  The Statue of Liberty is out of our mission! Its in the South Mission so nobody ever gets to go. I will just have to go with you and Mom after my mission. The only reason we are allowed to go to Time Square though is for 2 reasons... 1. For the new Mormon Ad Campaign 2. To see a broadway play at the end of our mission. Other than that we cant! But if you and Mom come pick me up we can! But just have Aunt Cindy call me ! I could possibly have her meet me at the Temple, but IDK I will figure it out! And let me know before time. Huerta is totally cool with it!

The Spanish is coming... It will be better now that I am just here with Elder Huerta Luna. When Martindale was here the two of them would pretty much teach and I would give my little schpele every once in a while. But now that it is just two of us it will force me to speak and the language will come much faster! And yeah I dream a little in Spanish. Like small parts. That started at the MTC lol! It wont happen fully as much, because I still speak more English than Spanish sadly. Huerta and I are going to start trying to speak more Spanish more often in the street and Apartment. But it makes it hard in the Apartment because we are with Elder Nevarez and Stevens and they are English. so yeah. But the Spanish is slowly coming! I can understand a lot more now than what I could! I can communicate and have conversations with people! It will come I know it will and I know the Lord is helping me and preparing me :)

Question really quick.. Romney and Huntsman are running for President right? Thats pretty cool. Two Mormons running for office! But yeah that will be cool! Let me know how that is going!

But yes I have had a couple of interesting things happen the past couple days... Last Week Elder Martindale and I were cursed out by some racist guy in Harlem.. Huerta was on a temporary exchange for a French Lesson (he knows french took 3 years in high school. Originally called to Quebec Canada, but could not get his Visa that is why he is here!) But yeah we were in a Chinese restraunt and the guy just started yelling at us! (Okay I'm omitting everything he said.) I just stood there and smiled at him lol! :) I actually felt kind of bad for him though. He was also screaming about how the doctor just told him he had 9 months to live. i felt way bad for the guy. I just wish he knew his potential and that his life did not have to be that way!

Then the next day a Lady yelled at me in the Elevator lol! This one was way awkward! She was complaining because 3 out of the 4 elevators were not working. and they had just given me a paper saying the Elevators were out because the Elevator tower was struck by lightning just the Day before. So she is talking about it, and I was just like "Mam I actually heard that it was struck by lightning thats why they are not working" or something like that and apparently thats the wrong thing to say to some people! Then she just looked at me  and started screaming at me lol! Mind that this is in a full elevator... She tells me they are paying me to say that... Uh what? lol! She was crazy! This lasted the whole way down, and these Elevators move really really slow... (Don't know why I keep putting a capital e on elevator lol! I guess part of me thinks elevators are important for some reason ) But yeah just yelled at me! Whole way down and I was trying not to laugh. I was just shaking my head and agreeing with her. Then just 2 days ago some guy was telling me we worshipped Joseph Smith. So I turned around and corrected him, in a nice friendly manner that we worshipped Christ (Huerta and Martindale said I should have just ignored him, but I don't think so. If someone does not know something correctly you correct them. Chirst would not just let people say stuff like that. Would he? No so I just want to follow that example and help people understand what we believe) But yeah as soon as I told him we Worship Jesus Christ. He then Changed his statement to we worship Satan, and then I was just like. okay read this card this tells you what we believe. Its the 13 articles of faith one. Just like Grandpa told me to give people lol! It is actually my favorite one to use. And after I gave him the card I just walked away, before I got mad and started bashing with him lol! But yeah so that was interesting!

Walking in the streets in Harlem is fun! Everybody is Black or Hispanic. Some white... But very few! Lots of homeless people! We get asked a lot for money. Back home I would give people money, but here you can't. Because we get asked like 10 times a day. I would be broke if I gave everyone money. And it gives people the impression that missionaries have money, which really is not true. I am broke :( I need to learn to manage my money better next month. so sorry if I am using the AMEX :( Wont happen agian. but I think someone overcharged me for something though. The Lord has really blessed me with getting food though! Some lady bought me 20 dollars worth of groceries the other day! Then Elder Navarez gave me some gift cards, and we ended up with 6 extra pancakes at Ihop yesterday some how lol! I was not getting food either so I just took them all! lol! I ended up eating more than anyone else! And we also have had a ton of meals with members! We had 3 meals in 1 night like on sunday! It was ridiculous! He has really blessed me on this stupid situation I am in!

Okay now about investigators. Here are all the names and something quick about them. Erick and Kristina, a really solid couple that love what we are teaching them. 2 problems- not married and work on sunday. Are really considering Baptism! Carlos, Loves the Book of Mormon! He reads it possibly more then I do during the week and that is hard to do! Has a Baptism Date for July 23rd. Said he will go to church sunday! Arlen, went to church! Loves the Gospel and has a Date for the 23rd as well. Asked to be part of the church before we even asked her to be baptized! :) Lissalo saw her yesterday for the first time in forever! We are talking to her Friday about Baptism! Wants to be baptized and is ready just needs to pick a date! Jesus, still not reading or praying, does not want to change :( We will have to drop him most likely! Cindy took lessons 2 years ago. Had a baptisimal date, but the area was white washed and she fell through the cracks. We found her in the Area book, and visited her! Loves the things we teach and says they make complete sense. 1 problem - has classes on sunday until November :( In nursing school! Ugh, once again wants to be baptized but can never go to church! Uhm Patricia have not met her yet. Lesson tomorrow already said she wants to join the Church because of what she had read on her own :) So yeah thats about all I have for now! I really got to go so I can email mom really quick! 

Not much time! Spent most of it replying to Dad. Uhm things are good we had transfers today! I am still with Elder Huerta!! Yay! Im happy about that! He helps me out a ton! Elder Martindale is gone :( Good kid but all will be good! Uhm what else I told Dad about our investigators I love them and I love being able to see lives change! To be honest I really just love people in general! 

Well I watched Glenn Becks Conversion story yesterday that was awesome! :) Really powerful! I loved it! Uhm what else! Crazy to think Jackson is in Russia! He will be in my prayers tonight! I am learning Spanish I cannot even imagine how difficult it would be to learn Russian! he will do Great! The Lord will bless him and he is just a smart kid over all! I hope RJ is doing good! Mom put a link to his blog on my blog, along with Mckeons! Thats cool for Lindsay! Mom I hope you get to see Jackie, Kaden, and Kieara! tell them Hi for me :) Uhm what else do you want me to say not much time! Ugh lol! I dont feel well! Thats cool about CAmeron H. Tell him Congrats for me! Keep me updated on that kind of stuff! 

Uhm No not talked to anyone but Kay and Veater who will be in a new zone this cycle because the zone is splitting :( They are in inwood and I am in Midtown :( So I will not get to see them as much :( Okay well Tell everyone I love them! And Send the GUmbo REcipie!!!!  But Tell everyone I love them! Everyone is in my prayers! I'm safe, I'm happy and I really got to go! Love you all MUCHOI!!!! :) 

Love Mark

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