Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Love Letters/Chocolate

Hey there everyone! so yeah I am still here! :) Hip hip hooray!! :) So I am happy about that. The main reasons I wanted to stay here are 1. To find people and really have this area running well when I leave. I would like to see someone make it to baptism my last cycle here. 2. Because Gisela moves like 2 days after this transfer cycle. 3. There is a yankees game. 4. We have this really cool family that we are working with. Mom is a member and so are the kids, but the Dad is not. But I am happy! :) 

So sounds like summer has started. You are all so lucky! and oh before i forget thank yous go out to Aunt Jeannie and Granny for the letters and gifts! I really appreciated it! Both times it made my day! :) I love you Both!  Hopefully everything is okay with Granny's eyes so she can drive. Oh and I got my Drivers license today! Thank you so much mom for helping me out with that! It means a lot.

So yeah I am good! i am really excited for these next couple weeks. We are going to see some miracles! I hope to see everything work out. 

So I am excited to get that article about that kid. That will be cool to read. i want to see it. That is so legit! Hopefully he decides to serve.  (Neat article in Sports Illustrated about a Chicago high school basketball player and his decision to serve a mission or sign with the NBA following his freshman year.)

And mom glad you are watching American Idol. My buddy Sister Vander Does is going to try out when she gets home. She is so good at singing. She left for home today :( I had a lot of good friends leave today. MY good Australian buddy left - Elder Palu. Transfer Day stinks. I hate saying bye to people. Especially the ones I may never get to see again until after this life. That is like the main reason I want to be rich is just so I can go and visit people that I love lol! 

So definitely the highlight of my week was Elder Rasband. President of the Quorum of the Seventy came and talked to us. He was the President of this Mission like 14 years ago. It was such a great experiance.. Ah.. I wish I could tell you all about it. He told us a lot of cool church history about this mission. And then just taught us a lot of really cool things.. But more than anyting the spirit taught... I learned so much. It was a huge turning point in my mission. It was the inspiration I needed. He was so personable! I just loved him. HE also talked to us in the MTC. And it was his talk (in General Conference) about how mission calls are made that made me finally decide to put my papers in... Remember Mom you showed it to me. Then afterwards we all got to meet him. Also Sister Smith and President Smith shared some really touching testimonies with us.. I could talk all day about that meeting.. It is just so hard to put into words... 

Also we had a really funny/spiritual stake conference this weekend. President Smith and Sister Smith spoke there as well. They are so funny! The whole thing was awesome. NY has some really cool people who are in the leadership of the church. It really is an amazing place. I would not mind living here when I am older. Even if it was for a couple of years. Going to School here would also be a lot of fun. I know that I am going to miss it a ton when I leave. But I do not even want to think about that. .. 

Well There is not to much more to say. I love you all! I love my mission! I love the Lord! And I love Letters/Chocolate :) So yeah just throwing that out there! I love you all so much! you are in my prayers! I will talk to you soon! Mom Tell all my friends and Melissa I say Hi! I miss them all! :) They are all like family! No.. not like family ARE family. LEt them know I love them! :) Love you all so much! You are in my prayers and thoughts :) Take care! Love Mark! 


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