Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baptisms Planned

Holy cow you wrote a lot today! I think you beat me! 

Well Happy birthday first of all! :) Hope you had a good one and hope you will get my card in the mail soon! :) Have not had the chance to send a shirt yet! :( Sorry about that! 

Well sounds like Dinner with Melissa went good! I got a letter from her too! She said she was so happy to see you all! :) And that she missed you, and is going to miss you! :) So yeah,.. Thank you for having her over! I know she really enjoyed it! :) That was nice of her to take the games for Greg and for Thomas as well! 

So is todd excited for Hockey season?? He better be!! I miss Hockey and Lacrosse so much! Seriously I think during the winter I am going to buy a pair of skates and go Ice skating every p-day lol! I miss it! I still want to go and try to play Lax for LSU when I get home! Speaking of which.. Could someone message nick Brugemann for me. I sent him a really small package and I have not heard anything from him about him getting it. 
Sounds like Thomas is doing good! How is todd dealing with High school! Get him onto the XC team! And what teachers does he have lol! you complain about me not answering quetions lol! you do it too! Oh p.s. Is tiny playing varsity football?? If not he owes me fifty dollars! Todd can remind him of that little bet we made lol! 

So when is it that Lindsay starts school? Thats cool Greg will get to go back to his mission so soon! We will be taking Lindsay to BYU-I and will spend a couple of days in the Boise/Twin area visiting folks from Greg's mission.  I still have not decided wheather I want yall to pick me up or if I want to fly home first and come back during the summer. ahh I guess I have a lot of time to find out! Right now I am favoring on coming back sometime during the summer. 

yes and I knew I had that shirt in that trumpet case lol! I hated that thing! I think I wore it one time lol! Thomas is playing the trumpet in middle school this year.  We pulled out Mark's old trumpet to see if it was in playing condition - it wasn't.  Anyway the trumpet apparently hadn't been touched since Mark finished middle school.  In the case I found Mark's band shirt all wadded up.  I had never seen him wear it.  Yes, it was a polo shirt.  Mark always refused to wear polos - Just a cute memory! Glad to hear Greg is excited for football! Tell him it is his job to keep me up in the loop! Oh since I am thinking of it! Tell Jake he will have a letter in the mail sometime next week! :) 

Well I hope you all have fun on your trip. That would stink if Dad could not come! But I think you all will enjoy it! Crazy that Lindsay is starting college! Wow haha! Can't believe I did it just last year! I am excited to go to school! I miss learning! Lol well I am actually learning now more than ever.. But I actually miss like school kind of learning. Its intersting ya know?? But so are the scriptures I wish we had more than 1 hour of personal study each day! 

Well I am glad to hear you had a good week! and your birthday went well! I did not feel the earthquake at all! a lot of people did, but I was at home eating my Ramen noodles when it went off and I did not feel a thing! I was upset! I have always wanted to feel a earthquake!!!! haha! Just hope my wish does not come true on a really big one lol! 

But so about my companions and room mates. Me and Elder Huerta get along just fine! We are a little different from each other. Mexican culture is a lot different... And he does not get sarcasm. He takes EVERYTHING seriously! I think if I told him I'm going to try and fly out the window he would believe me lol! But he is cool! Very cool kid! somethings he does get on my nerves but eh.. Oh well what can I do you know?? I am just going to have to be patient. Everyone has there differences. He also loves to talk in Spanish. and I love to talk in English so we kind of even each other out lol! We are still struggling to find a good way to  teach together, but its all good! I have seen my spanish make a huge leap this week with his help. 

Elder Baba (from Fiji) is way awesome! Love that kid! he is 23, but I cant even tell lol! Its weird everyone seems the same age to me.We get along really well. and elder willis... Well he is elder willis.. interesting kid. Ask me about him when I get home lol! Love him! But he kind of freaks me out at times! really nice kid though! easy to love him! 

Nope have not been to the derm! send me the meds lol! my face is not bad though! had a bad break out when i first ran out but now it seems to be doing fine! How is lindsays face doing?... you know what you should send in my birthday package.. My lacrosse stick :)

So really there is a hurricane coming this way?? Wow thats kind of cool! If that happens I have a cool story to tell you! :) President and sister smith are awesome though! I loved having my interview yesterday! President smith just has an awesome spirit and I love him! And yeah it was sis smith who sent the picture, but she gave me her phone and let me type the little message to you. :) Glad I can remember phone numbers really well! I will try to post the pictures from my phone.  President and Sister Smith sent a couple of pictures to my phone and let Mark send me a sweet text message.

So Wilson and Maria the family we started teaching last week are awesome! They have a pretty interesting story! I don't want to share it over email cuz it is something way personal to them! But they are... Well interesting... They are normal, just different you know??? They are from Harlem.. You can tell that much! They are way cool though I love them! Wilson asks really deep questions. but we have been using a lot of member help with them! They have a baptismal date for my Birthday! I am happy :) I just feel a sweet love and peace every time we sit down to talk with them! :) Ask me to share their story with you at Christmas! I personally just think it is awesome! 

so we are hoping to set a bap date with Elder Huertas cousins boyfriend, Wagner this week! They told us they want to get married so I may have the opportunity to go to the first wedding of my life!! Haha on my mission??? Crazy huh?? lol! We will see :) I have a realy good feeling about them! But we are hoping that he can be baptized on the 17th as well! :) But yeah! :) I'm happy this week has been a good week! :)

Haha something interesting.... so yesterday after interviews Elder Huerta, willis, Baba and I were walking away from the Church to our apartment after interviews... Well I was taking off my suit and some 50 year old black lady mumbles something... I did not hear her.. But I heard Elder Baba and Elder Willils start to crack up lol! so I was like what did she say And in their words they told me she said " Oh yeah boy take of that coat.. you look nice. your beautiful. I just want to eat you up" Hahah What the heck??? This lady was scary! Haha, her voice sounded like a goblin choking on a dead rat lol!  haha I just stopped dead in my tracks and started laughing! Haha only in Harlem lol! Weird right?? 

haha.. So yeah I have written Melissa a 18 page letter lol! Haha I know! A bit ridiculous..  I just replied to everything she said and told her how I was doing. Answered her questions. And wrote it as if I was talking to her in person! :) Just like I do with these emails! Why do you think they are so dang long??? Haha! 

And IDK how long I will be here! I said hopefully a year lol that would be nice! But we will see! I know at least 1 more cycle, most likely 2 more! so yeah! :) 

Well I have had a great week! the Lord has really blessed me and I see his ever growing presence coming into my life! I hope he is helping you all as much as he has helped me. I know without a doubt the Church is True. From the Spirit and from my experiences. He works in mysterious ways! But I see the hand of the lord helping me each and every day in each and everything I do! :)

Okay well I love you all! and I miss you all so freaking much! But I will see you soon! And you will always stay in my prayers! I hope you are all enjoying my emails! :) I love you and miss you! And can't wait to see everyone again! But I am happy! And yeahh... I'm happy :) Never been happier in fact! :) When life gets tough the Lord lifts me up! remember to pray for everyone here! Its a rough town. But with good people! Good people who know nothing but humility! I love them! And I love you! Have a great day and talk to you all next week! 

Love, Mark! 
or Elder mattei.. Still would be weird if any of you called me that lol! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awesome Week

Hey Mom!!
So you said a lot today so let me get rollin!

So I have written Granny a letter! I got the letter and money and all the sports articles TEll her Thank you and she will have a letter on its way for her tomorrow! :) I am going to put it in the mail tomorrow! Tell Jake I will write him soon! Like right now! Tell him I will be writing him a letter! I miss that kid! I miss all my friends like freaking Crazy! The Missionaries I am with here are cool and all but no one can ever take the place of those guys! Miss the heck out of them!

Well glad to hear everyone is starting school! I will be sending Todd a letter later so don't you worry! He will be just fine in a couple of weeks! And tell Garrett not to feel bad! I took Kindergarten twice too! And so did Mckean; he will have fun! :) 15 years from now he will be fine! I miss that little booger! :) Glad to hear lindsay is breaking out! Makes me feel better! After all that time of her making fun of me for having acne she deserves it lol! Just kidding, but hope she finds something that will work! I actually still have not gone to the Doctor! I forgot to make an appointment. All those people you sent me take our insurance??? My face actually is not bad right now! It is not the best, but it has been worse! I am hoping it will start going away naturally on its own soon!

Erick and Christina dropped us... Don't want to say too much because it is there business.. It is sad :( But its life you know?? They really are an awesome couple its just not something they are ready for at this point in their life. We have not talked to them in about a month. We were really upset and still are but continue to pray that one day things will work out! :) They really are awesome people. They wanted to be baptized, but problems come up and people have their agency so its all good! I love them and am still ready to serve and help them in any way possible! :)

Silvano works a ton and is now working on sundays... He still wants to be baptized, but cannot come to church... So its a predicament. He said it should only be a temporary thing so we are going to go visit him again at the very end of this cycle! :)

Mike is impossible to get a hold of... and Carlos said he is willing to change! He has just been really hard to get a hold of! Does not have a cell phone and works a lot as well! EVERYBODY IN THIS CITY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous! lol!

I love MExican food! But my stomach does not lol! Dominican food is starting to get really old, but its all good! And my favorite thing about the city has to be the people :) But other than that its how fast the city changes. How one minute you can be in the hood and then the next minute you can be in a rich part of town...

I was riding in the subway the other day and I was paying attention to something. We were down by the temple, got on the bus and crossed town to the east side and thats when we got on the sub. So at like 66th street it was about 75% white people. As we went uptown slowly it started to change. By the time we got at 125th and Lexington. like 3 blocks away from where I live I was the only white person left on the train. Thats just to give you a perspective of how it is! I love it lol! I love being a minority! first off I'm a missionary so people notice me for that... But then I am white so when I walk by sometimes I get a little attention.. lol! Not really that much but its kinda cool! lol!

Crazy to think I have almost been here for 6 months!! I am excited for that day! :) 1/4th! It is going by way too fast though! So so fast!!!

So this week has been a really really good week! We had 40 lessons!!!! Freaking awesome!!! The lord has blessed us so much this week! He is preparing things for us that I cannot even begin to comprehend! The ward has been helping a lot as well! We had a health fair that we set up a stand at and there was so much interest there that there were not enough missionaries and members to talk to all the people! Missionary work is the big thing in the ward right now! At the fair we got like 30 referrals and taught like 10 lessons! Plus got the name of the church out to over 100 people!

Little miracle happened the other day at this fair! It was on Saturday alright! So... I ran into this guy on friday. Said he wanted to talk with the missionary. Said he spoke English and Spanish.. He wanted English so I gave his name over to the sisters. Did not think much of it! So then the next day at this fair we run into him again! Coincidence??? I think not!! This is one of the biggest cities in the world! what are the chances! He sat down with us and we had a short lesson! Made a return appt for Sunday night! We went there and talked with him and his wife! Decided they wanted to go to the spanish ward! (Had to call the sisters and take back the referral... ooopss lol!) So his name is Wilson and his wife is Maria. They have 3 boys, 6 and under! We are teaching a family!! :) There names are DJ, Jose, and Jake! Awesome family! They were taught last year.. But lost contact with the missionaries! We found them and they are excited to have us again! Maria calls us her boys! They are a little interesting but way awesome and way friendly! I'm excited to teach the Plan of Salvation on Saturday! They are also feeding us! :) Life is good! This has just been a really good week! The Lord is not blessing us... He is blessing these people! I mean I guess he is because we have people we have the oppurtunity to get to know. And we have the oppurtunity to learn to love them! :) I already do so I don't know what I am talking about! But we are teaching a family! Pray everything goes well! I have a really good feeling about them :) Like a really really good feeling! I was so excited to teach the first lesson with them and I did not know why! But now I do! Wilson said himself he knows it was fate that he met us on the street two days in a row and knew that we were supposed to come over!!

Our Ward Mission leader Elvis has been helping us a lot! He is awesome! This week was awesome I loved it! Okay well I dont got much time! Just know I love you and Miss you all! I played baseball today so I am way Tired! Hit 3 home runs :) the last one I could swear was the farthest I ever hit a ball. I will write RJ, JAke and Todd later today hopefully! Tell greg to write! Thank you for your love and all you all do! Miss my family and everyone else! Let the Ward know I miss them! I love you alll and I am so excited to see what will happen here soon! :) :)

Love, Mark! :)

Oh yeah I gave a talk! It went really good! It was on faith I got a lot of compliments saying my spanish was getting better! 

Hey Dad! How are you??? Sounds like the trip was fun! I wish I could have gone that would have been really fun! I miss the Jet ski lol! And Sorry you had to drive the whole way! I wish I could have been there to help drive! I miss driving your car.. Actually I miss driving in General! It has been over five months since I have touched the wheel of a car! I feel like I could do it really easily if I got in one right now though. We were with a member the other day and he had a stick... And I really wanted to drive it lol! 

So New york is fun!! It is a lot different then I thought! I am not seeing the parts you see in movies! I hardly ever get to go down south, but when I do I love it! The suprises I would have to say must be the people! Meet some of the most interesting people everyday... More than you have probably ever met in your life! I have talked to 2 people who are convinced they are Jesus Christ lol! Crazy I know lol! Then all kinds of other interesting people! Its crazy all the people you get the chance to meet here! I hope I get to serve in South Man sometime! There is one Spanish Companionship there. I love my area! Like I don't want to leave! I will stay here for a year! But after I leave I want to go upstate just so I can have some peace and quiet! That is probably one of the things I miss most! Is just quiet and time to be alone! Its nice to see how the Gospel and the Spirit can bring peace even in the most hectic of times. 

Tell Grandpa happy birithday for me! And also will you please send me their address, along with Aunt Cindys and also when is she coming here again??

That sucks greg screweed up his mouth! How has he been since he has been home??

I miss home at times, but its all good! I wish I could be there and see what everyone is going through, but I know I will be able to in about 18 months when I return home! Crazy to think Lindsay is already starting school! Crazy that she will be in college! Crazy to think I already started college and am on a mission! I still feel so freaking young that its not funny! I really dont want to grow up any time soon lol! But I can see myself already maturing! One thing I noticed is I have not cussed in like 6 months! Not that I did it all the time back home, but a word would definitely slip out every once and a while! But that is something I have felt really good about! Also my patience feels like it is a lot higher as well! I tend to be able to tolerate things a lot easier and not blow up. But I am doing good! Sorry to hear about everything at work! I really hope that it all goes well that is awesome that you get to go to China! I want to go to Chinatown really bad lol! I think when when Elder huerta leaves I am going to go and see if I can go and find some more work downtown! 

The city is crazy! I love it! I am excited to be here! We had a really good week last week! I will tell you more about it in the email I send to mom! 

Well Dad I love you and take care! Have a great week! I will talk to you soon! :) 

Love Mark! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nice to Get Away

Hey Mom!! Glad to hear the trip is going well!! 

So yeah, I am excited to hear that Melissa is switching schools! I am glad that she is doing what her heart is telling her :) 

Sounds like you need to whip greg up into shape!! Lazy bum! in spanish we would call him a jeubon! Haha its really offensive lol!

So I got the Costco card! I actually went there today after the temple!!! I was so glad to go to the temple! It was nice just to find peace in the world!! This place is crazy, and it was just nice to get away from the world for a day! But it was good I got some answers for some questions and just had a really good experience!! 

So a lot is going on! Too bad I dont have a lot of time to explain! Jasmine went to the Bronx for a month! So we are now aiming for her to be baptized on my Birthday! That would be really cool to see! :) Both her and her brother! Then we are teaching Ariel! He has some issues we need to work out! But he asked us about Baptism and more than anything he is just looking for a change in his life! He is excited to come to church and excited to start becoming a better person! He is Dominican! Gash... Tre and Mckean have it so easy!!! Mexicans are so easy to understand! Domincans/ Puerto Ricans are so dang difficult!!!! 

Oh before I forget I got my shirt/Memory card!!! Thank you so so so much!! :) 

So awesome experiance the other day! We have this 96 year old woman in our ward! Her name is Lysa Ortiz! I cannot understand a word she says lol! She speaks so quiet! But anyway.. I gave my first blessing in Spanish the other day!! :) It was totally the gift of tongues and the Gift of the Priesthood that made her better! The next day she was feeling just fine.. After being in the emergency room! we went back to check on her and she was runnning around like a mouse lol! She is a hyper little thing lol! She fed us a ton of food and would not let us leave until we ate it all!!!! Haha she had a full two liter of sprite! And Angel food cake, and sandwiches... My stomach was about to explode! Whenever she saw we weren't eating she would come out of character and say "EAT IT!" Then smile at us and lean back in her chair! Haha It would be the only thing she would say in english!!! Huge testimony builder though seeing how low she was and then the next day she was hopping around like Bugs bunny! Hahah if I did not know better she was on speed lol! She is awesome though :) 

So a lot of funny stuff this week and not much time.. Harlem is Crazy! Mom you would hate it! !!!  But its fun I like it :) I will have to take you all here when I get home!!! 

So Walkner one of the guys we are teaching just so happens to be Elder Huertas cousin!! Crazy right!! SMall World!! The Lord really does send specific family to certain places for a reason! When he first got here he realized that. Gema Romero.. One of the our best members!! She is awesome! She owns a barber shop and cuts our hair!! Ugh!! I want to say more but cant :( 

Uh what more!! So I am good! I have to give a talk on Sunday! I am excited for that! And scared! I will let you know how it goes! 

So Elder Lewis has a new companion again... Elder Torres - he trained Elder Veater! HAs more patience than anyone I have ever met lol! 
So I am going to the Derm this next Wed! Yay!! I just ran out of pills last night! I had been cutting them in half it seems to work pretty well! 

I have been thinking about my Grandparents a lot lately how are thy doing??? :) Hopefully well! I pray for them a ton! 

Ok mom so your Birthday is coming up!! What is your shirt size???? :) Uhm also I would maybe like 2 more short sleeve shirts... These Are not lasting too well! They stain really easy and my backpack leaves giant marks on them... They are ok.. But I can tell you already I am going to need like 2 more!! Is that okay??? :) Sorry, Just walking a lot.. And sweating even more lol! 

Oh mom.. could you send my lacrosse stick somehow??? :) I want to play catch with Elder Lewis! He has his baseball glove and we could play catch back and forth :) Haha i am smart I know!! 

Okay well I love you all! Hope you are all okay :) I've had a busy day!! Sorry I could not say more, but I promise you will hear more next week!! Hope you have a good one! I love you all! Take care and God Bless! :) 

Love Mark! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Lesson in Faith

Hey Dad!!! How are you??? So I think I am just going to reply to you and mom here! So I am doing well!! How are you all doing??? How is Greg??? Sounds like he is good! Sounds like that place was a rip on drinks lol! That kind of stinks! The food was good though right??? I have had some good... And not so good things here.. We ate at this older lady's house last week.... Tasted like the inside of a trashcan filled with cigarettes and dog poop... It was nasty... You will never guess what it was... Rice... Ewww... I don't know how any thing could taste like that lol! I felt like some one spit a cigarette into my mouth... Good right??? You should try it sometime lol! 

Well sounds like you picked up some spanish in Mexico lol! My spanish is coming alright! Little by little! It would be nice to just be in Mexico for a month so I could be completely immersed in the language!! But its fun! I love it here! Still loving the people still loving the area! Nothing really happened with Transfers. I am here! And so is Elder Huerta Luna! One more cycle then he is going somewhere else. President told him that! I actually was scared I would be transferred! But I am here! Huerta has been here for 11 months after this cycle!! Crazy right??? But all is good! 

And thanks for the info for the COSTCO Card! I will do that!!!! 

Haha I remember when Mckean broke those handle bars!! haha! That was funny! I just emailed him and reminded him!! Haha! But that was a Lindsay moment Dad!! Haha you didn't put in the key??? REally??? Haha might help just saying!haah kidding! 

Crazy to think Tre is leaving so soon!!! I'm so excited for him!!! I wrote him a letter today and bought him a Birthday Present!! I Love that little kid!! haah! But I hope RJ is doing okay! I need to write him.. What is his address??? And I have talked to Jackson a bunch! Sounds like he is doing just fine! :) I am happy for all of them! 

Haha Mckean is my favorite lol! He is such a unique kid!! I love him! His emails  crack me up every time I read them! He is doing good things! I hope he sees some success there soon! He sure as heck deserves it! He has one of the sweetest testimonies of the Savior, out of anyone I have ever met! He also has a giant heart! He cares for people and that is what I love most about him! 

Sister Roarke is moving?? Wow thats sad! But good for her I guess!  She is such a sweet lady!! I am going to miss her! Will you be helping her move out??? When does she move?? ? Tell her I said bye for me will you please! 

So the Subway is fun! I love the Random stuff that happens on there!! HAha people preaching.. People screaming... People playing instruments and singing lol! Its a fun place! Still trying to figure it all out! But for the most part I got it down! and yeah I will definitely show you around it after my mission! Nothing too special, but the first few times it is fun! A lot better than the bus. And way better than Cabs. Cabs are a freaking rip!  

So what mom said... Greg had culture shock at the concert?? Haha tell him to come spend a day in Harlem lol! I am looking out the window now and don't see a single white person lol! And the people here are Crazy! haha! But I love them! Man... That must be a totally different world! our missions are two totally different places!!!  

Fast Food is ridiculously priced out here! Gash I hate it! Mcdonalds want a small drink??? "Five Dollars" No thank you I would rather go to a baseball game and buy one lol! That's a bit exaggerated but seriously!! Ugh it is ridiculous! Living off of rice and Ramen is fun! I am actually starting to get sick of Eggs! We only get fed like 2 times a week too... It stinks!! Seriously feed the missionaries more! Tell them if they don't have food to come over. lol!  It stinks when you don't get food and have to go all the way home to cook! It's also wastes a lot of time! And you should go on splits with them! Both you Mom, Greg, Lindsay, Todd; whoever! It helps out a ton when you have a member at the lesson! I don't know why! there is just a special spirit about it! so dad, go with them! Every member a missionary!! Help them out! You will be doing them a favor, and me a favor! 

So yeah! Glad to hear Melissa met Greg :) 

Oh also I don't have Grandma and Grandpa's address. Along with Aunt Cindy's.. Is that something you all think you could send me??? :) 

I really enjoyed both yours and moms emails!!! Tell her thank you! What she said at the end really made me happy! I love your support! It really helps me sometimes to hear you all say it :) I know you always do but just what mom said really touched me! 

So HArlem East side is doing good! We don't really have any progressive investigators.. But we have about 8 potential baptisms for this cycle! President said he is expecting big things! 

Rogelio and his sister Jasmine are preparing for baptism! We have to teach them really simple because they are kids, but we just need their mom's help on getting them to church! We will try to get other members to help us if her mom can't. She is trying to get sundays off to help them, but it sounds like she is having a hard time! 

Silvano.. Does not know if he wants to get baptized.. He is also working on Sundays now.. Ugh lol! But its all good... It is amazing how many road blocks the adversary will put in a persons way right before they are about to do something in line with the Will of God! Ugh! But all is well! all is well! I love him! he is an awesome guy! He just needs to make up his mind!! 

I had a little mini miricle happen with Erik and Christina the other night... They have been ignoring us for a couple weeks... They don't really feel like hearing some stuff that we are teaching lol! But I was praying as we were walking by their house... There are only 3 people that live in their building so no one is ever coming in and out... And there is no ringer on the outside. So it is impossible to get in without calling them! So we were walking by.. I did not really know where we were.. Then I saw the Mcdonalds right by their apartment. I began to pray as we walked. Elder Huerta was talking to me, but it all just kind of bounced off of me... I was praying that a miricle would happen that somehow their door would be open.. This was at like 9:25 right before we went in... I started to say in my head "Please help us.. We need a miracle... I know that door will be open. Just help that that door will be open for us and we can go in and talk to them...Just help..." Then I realized I was lacking someting... Faith... I then understood what it meant when the man said to Christ "Oh lord I believe.. Help thou my unbelief" I said almost the same thing I said "Lord give me the faith that this will happen" Then I just knew... I just knew we would get in. We neared the building and out came walking Erik and Christina.. We set up a return appointment with them. We are going back this week. Whether or not they will be there I do not know.. Because they still have their agency.. But I learned one thing from this.. That the Lord does answer prayers. That he really does care. And he had a plan long before we stepped foot on this earth. Every single experience and everything that happens.. He set it up. He did it for our benefit and our Growth... He loves us... And if we pray with faith.. Nothing lacking.. We will receive. He promises this and it is true! And it is all dependent on our faith in the Lord Jesus Chirst! This reminds me of the scripture Matthew 21

 21Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have afaith, and bdoubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this cmountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.
 22And all athings, whatsoever ye shall bask in cprayer, believing, ye shall receive.

It is so ture!! I love this scripture now! With Faith all things truly are possible! Even the smallest of things! :) 
So we are also still teaching Cindy with Elders Baba and Willis! HAha I felt like we were doing a Marriage counseling thing the other day! Way Awkward! But now she is good! she is so ready for baptism! the only thing holding her back is Nursing school on Sundays which does not end until November :( But she has such a strong Testimony of the Savior and of this Gospel! 

I don't have much more time! But I love you all and I hope all is well! I miss you! I hope Greg writes me soon! I love you Mom and Dad and all you have done for me! and for always encouraging me to Choose the Right! You are all in my prayers! I hope Greg is adjusting well to normal life! Well a lot more to say, but I dont have time! I have not made a doctors appt yet! I have to clear it with Sister Smith before I can! so hopefully next week or sometime this week I can do that! I love you! Pray for the people here! I love them! And I love you all! Be safe and talk to you all soon! :) 

Love, Mark! :)

And Yes Dad I am writing in my Journal. Not everyday! At least 1-3 times a week though! I am going to try to do better at it this cylce! Love you all! 

Hey Mom just wanted to send a seperate email to you and say that I love you and am so grateful for all that you do!!!! You win the best mommy award!!! Don't worry you will get it in about 19 more months!! Its a great big hug from your favorite son :)

Love you!

Love Mark!