Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Am Good

What Chrisse is ENGAGED????? No Way!! Ahh! I totally saw that coming! She wrote me a letter that I received my first day in the Bronx. I have still not heard back from her! She totally told me about the guy! Chrisse if you read this write me!!! haha! That's so exciting! Good for her!
Haha okay now that I got that off my chest!
Hello Everyone! :) How are you all doing this fine evening?
So not a lot of time. That is so cool to hear about Nicole! (Nicole is Lindsay's friend who will be baptized in March.)  Send me pictures! I pray for her all the time! I am so happy for her! But things are good here! So to answer your questions mom, Cindy (from Harlem) is getting baptized. :) I am happy for her! She is so ready to make that step in her life! It will make such a difference! I wish I could remember my own better! But I cherish what I do remember so much. Best decision I ever made!
But Gisela has a bap date for the 25th of Feb; also a guy we are teaching named George has a date for the same day! They are both SOLID. George started crying while Elder Wilkey and I were teaching the Restoration of The Gospel. I felt the Spirit so strong. One of the Strongest I ever have. It is such a feeling of peace and comfort! Just a happy feeling, it calms you. There are really no words to describe it. There is absolutly nothing like it! It just overwhelms you :0 I love it so much! :)
So today we went to Costco! Saved a ton of money! :) I was happy about that! We have been working really hard lately. Just trying to work harder and harder every day! I gave my first Baptismal interview in Spanish the other day as well! That was really nerve racking, but the spirit guided it and I understood everything and she was baptized :) It was really cool just to sit down and talk to the girl. Her name is Alma and she is a recent convert of Elder Huerta Luna. Her Baptism was really spiritual as well! Like half the ward was there so that was pretty exciting!
So no packages yet! But I should get them tomorrow! Its Zone Conference so we will all be meeting with President and Sister Smith! So I am excited for that! As well as to eat some King Cake! So Muchos gracias in advance! :) Zone Conference is always nice! President Smith is an awesome man, and I always love hearing from him! I am always like on a spiritual high for like a week!

 Oh okay so I was reading in 3 Nephi the other day! Right after Christ comes and visits the Nephites. It was so cool, and I learned so much from reading the sermon he gave. I read the Sermon on the Mount right after! They just work so well with each other! Those parts of the Bible and Book of Mormon just uplift me so much! I literally feel like he is there, right in front of me teaching me. I learn so much from him! I understand forgiveness so much better now. As well as how to be a better person!
I really just want to tell you Mom and Dad -  Sorry for any trouble I ever caused back home. It was wrong of me, and I wish I could go back and change a lot of stupid decisions I made. I also want to Thank you for always forgivng me and continually being patient with me! It means the world to me! You two are amazing! You have raised me, Greg, Lindsay, Todd, Thomas, and Garrett, as well as all of our friends half the time lol! So many of them say our home was their second homel lol!   We are a Circus for crying out loud! Haha! You guys are the best! I don't think anyone else could have done it! I love you so much for it! :) 
Well! I am good! Life is good! I hope you all are good! Have a great week! Take care! I will try and write more next week!! :) Love you all a ton!
Love, Mark :)
P.s. Keep Elder Lewis in your prayers. His Grandpa just passed away :(
You da best! :)

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