Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love you Mucho

Hello Everyone!

So yeah I guess you're right my letters have been getting a little shorter week by week. I guess that just happens. I am running out of things to say I guess. :P But sounds like everything is going good back home! That makes me happy to hear about Nicole! And Tre.. Wow.. Tre seems like he is going through his own little adventures! haha! I pray for him! I really really hope he is okay! But I know that the Lord is with him! He is a great person! He is the man for the job in that little town! :) 

Well you want to know something exciting?? Well I guess it has been a pretty exciting week! I went on a split yesterday with Elder Huerta Luna and his companion Elder Sayou (from Brazil) It was fun! We went to this older lady's house and she was just so sweet! You could just tell there was something different about her. She was a member and was really nice! But it was good to be with Elder Huerta again! Also we went and tried teaching Cindy's dad. She came up and saw us, but her Dad was not very interested but agreed to go to her baptism! It was really nice to see her again! 

Well... I hope you and Dad don't get mad. But for the past month I have pretty much been supporting me and Elder Wilkey.. he decided to buy slacks at the beginning of the month and consequently had no money... So he had no food, or anything. So it was then up to me to make sure we were both alive. Well needless to say I had to dip into the AMEX. Well, then over the weekend a lady came by and asked us for some money in front of Yankee Stadium. Turns out that she was telling us she had gone to like 3 different churches that night asking for someone to help her because she had to feed her 4 kids, 2 of which were twins and were 2 months old.. The spirit prompted me to say yes. So we walked to the grocery store with her and she bought the cheapest loaf of bread and some baby formula. I was so happy she was not lying about her babies. Well turns out that her husband had just left her and she was from East St. Louis. First person I have met on my mission from STL. So that gave us some stuff to talk about!  She had been in the Bronx for like 2 weeks... When we swiped her onto the bus for her to go home she was crying. It was really humbling. I felt good after it :) Like really good! I just knew what I did was right... Bad thing is.. I maxed out my AMEX affer spending that last $20... So Sorry :( Hope you can forgive me!

Well we set a baptismal date with this awesome lady nambed Gisela! Elder Petersen tracted into her last cycle. She straight up asked them why there are so many churches. She did not have time to meet with them then, but we came back and she understood the restoration and the need to be baptized by authority! She is awesome! And she wants her kid to be baptized! We are going to visit her tomorrow!!! :) :) 

I am happy! Also my Spanish seems to be getting a lot better as well! :) 

And no I never got anything from Bladen but it's all good! I am sure he is a busy man! But yeah Elder Wilkey is way fun,  I love the kid! He has a great heart and is a really good friend! 

And it has been fun having Elder Lewis back! He was upstate for  2 cycles serving in English and now he is here. We are in different wards, but living together. So yeah our entire apartment is Spanish. In the Kingsbridge chapel where we are, there are 2 Spanish Wards and an English Ward. 

So about the King cake! Just send it! :) I will eat it! :) Haha! there is no specific day, but if you send it and maybe write a note on the box they might try and get it to us faster! :) And mom I will send you a separate email about the other things you asked! Well I love you all! Take care! You are in my prayers! God is playing a huge role in my life! And the people that he has put in my path play one that is just as big! Including all of you! Love you mucho!!

Love, Marky! :)  

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