Thursday, January 19, 2012


Hey that’s a nice dream you got there!  ( I had told him that I had just finished  a dream where he was home and had given me the biggest hug!)  Sorry but I will not have a lot of time today. We have been helping people back and forth moving them in and out of apartments. Elder Wilkey and I are still here!  But you will never guess what?!?!?! Elder Peterson got transferred to Connecticut and Elder Lewis moved in!!! Yay!!! So I am pretty excited for that! And No Cynthia did not get baptized. She has not come to church yet. Sorry i am not being personable by the way. I am just trying to get everything in in as little time as possible. That’s so cool to hear about Todd and his tournament! That was really nice of Butters to do that!  (Todd’s team won the championship game and the goalie turned down the MVP award and asked that it be given to Todd. )  Uhm what else! I sent Thomas a card today! So it should be there soon. Uhm what else... TOday was a big transfer. A lot of people went home. Elder Kay was transferred to South Mann. Elder Huerta is still here. This is his last cycle; he is in a trio for the third time! Haha.  But It is really looking like this cycle is going to be great! A lot of people who served around me in the beginning of my mission are now here so it is going to be fun! :) Elder Naverrez is my Zone leader!  So yeah.. I am pumped! We also found a new investigator named Guisella who was asking us questions about why there are so many churches. I have a really good feeling about her! And Elder Stratton told me that Cindy from Harlem has a Baptismal date for the 18th of Feb! So that is really exciting!! Well that is pretty much it in a nut shell! There is so much more to say but like no time! :( I love Spanish people so much! I enjoy eating their crazy delicious food and just having a good time! They are so sweet and so humble! :) Well I love you all very much take care and have a great week! I promise you will hear more next week! Today was just hectic! Tell Todd Good Job for me and Thomas Happy Birthday! I love you all Very Much and you’re always in my prayers!~ 

Love, MArk! :) 

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