Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Be Attentive to Promptings

Hey there everyone!~ 

SO how is everything going?? Hope all is well! But to start off, mom send me the pictures next week in my email that you want me to explain and I will do so! But yeah I will be writing Todd again today or tonight! Do you know if he has written back yet?   And tell him I will get him a watch next month and send it to him. He wants a white one right?? ? I would have never even thought about wearing a watch when I was his age. I am glad you all enjoyed the pictures. I would have had more, but half the time my camera was dead and Hellberg took them for us both. So I am waiting for him to send them to me right now. 

So how is the Remund family doing?? I miss the ward a lot! Haha being in a nice orderly English Ward would be nice, but at the same time I love the craziness of the Spanish Wards here.  But yeah LSU lost to Bama. I was upset when I heard. I even wore my LSU tie Aunt Cindy sent me that day... Oh well. I wanted to watch the game but resisted hoping they would win if I didn't lol! I think God could only bless me or Elder Willis, and Elder Willis is going home in a week so I think Alabama won for him! lol! \

But yeah I heard about the Saints! That's way cool! So its in Indy this year?? So did you say you guys just plan on going down there for the Superbowl, or that you plan on taking Greg to the Superbowl... Because last time I checked thats way expensive! But hey, you guys do what you got to do! I sure hope they go again! That would be exciting! :)  (We are thinking optimistically that the Saints will once again make it to the Superbowl; if so it's only a 5 hour drive to Indy to enjoy the festivities - fingers crossed!)

So new years.. We just stayed up and played Stratego, which I bought,  anad then went to bed lol! Nothing special. I felt bad for staying up,, but it was New years. It was fun!  We were just being really stupid! Our apartment is a lot of fun! Probably the best pad I have lived in. Living with Elder Baba  and WIllis was fun tool And Willis and Stratton. I have had really good people that I have lived with for the most part. Other than that last cycle in Harlem. But this here was a nice change from that. I live with Elder Kropf from NM and Elder Peterson from AZ.  And of course Elder Wilkey! Elder Peterson came out with me! Its a lot of fun! Someone is always laughing! :) 
I am glad Dad is having a good trip! I emailed him about it! Sounds like he has had a little more free time then he does on his other Trips he has taken. 

Well 2 more months to a year now! Crazy how fast time is flying! I am having a lot of fun! Tranfers are  a week from today so we will see what happens. I am still not good at adjusting to change. It takes me a little bit! But life is good! Things are picking up here! We are teaching a lady named Cynthia! She is really cool! and really holds onto the things we tell her! I have already seen a small Change take place in her heart. She loves the plan of salvation, and before we came she had a lot of questions about where people go after they die. Especially people who have never heard of Jesus Christ. :) It was perfect! She wants to be baptized. The only thing holding her back right now is going to Church. She is afraid to use the Metro system since 9/11 so she would have to take a taxi and it is a long way from where she lives and would be pretty expensive. But its going to take a leap of faith on her part. We are going to go over this week and teach the WOW (Word of Wisdom, which is a law of health we as Mormons believe was revealed by the Lord for the physical and spiritual benefit of His children . . .  think no drinking or smoking)  and watch The Restoration (video depicting the origin of the LDS church) with her. It will be good! :) We will also probably hit on the Sabbath day one more time! She is very nice, kind of timid but has a really sweet heart. She is single and is around 40 I would guess. I am hoping the Best from her! She loves the Book of Mormon as well! She said it brings her peace when she reads it! :) 
The other day we also looked up a former investigator. His name is Alexis and his wife is Maria! They are really cool! We went over there and  they just welcomed us right in! All we taught them was about prayer and it was a powerful lesson. I told my story of when I prayed about going on a mission! He felt the Spirit. He told me he did! I just felt impressed to tell him that story, and the weird thing is I hardly ever tell people it in detail. It was hard to do in Spanish but the Spirit guided me! The Gift of tongues really is real! Especially when we are attentive to the promptings that Heavenly Father gives us! It was our first lesson with them! IT was so cool! They invited us back for dinner next week! He also told us to bring 2 other missionaries with us. So we are going to bring Elder Huerta and Elder Ramen! 

The two of them go home at the end of next cycle. By the time Huerta goes home I will have spent half of my mission around him lol! I am not complaining though! He is an awesome kid and we had plenty of good times together! So things are good! It was a week of growth for me! I also had some really good ideas about stories I would like to write when I get home! I figured out the whole plot from beginning to end of that one I was writing right before I came out. Plus I figured out the plot of the whole series of those books I have been writing since I was in 1st grade. Mom you will probably know what I am talking about lol! But It actually has a way good plot! I am excited to start it! Haha Elder Wilkey was sick for 2 days and I had a lot of time to think about it! Okay well I got to get going! I love you all! Keep it up on reading the Book of Mormon! It really is true and can Change your life! :) As can the Bible! I love them both! I have received so many answers to so many prayers through both of them! As well as the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great price! Okay love you all! Take care! :) 
Love, Mark! 

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