Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Good Birthday!


So Mom you already sound super trunky for me! LOL!! You still got a while! But at the same time not really! Crazy how fast time has already flown bye! Its a good thing! But at the same time it actually makes me kind of sad, because I enjoy what I am doing and I love doing it! And I love helping other people! But at the same time, home would be nice! But I don't need to worry about that right now do I because I am here and could not be happier anywhere else! And yeah I have been here for a long time! But I am happy about that! Its all thanks to our ward mission leader! President Smith does keep missionaries in places for a long time, but he also keeps some in places for a very little time. I am the only one from my MTC cycle that is in their birth place (or first area) And the only one who still has my daddy (My trainer) or even my mommy (follow up trainer) lol!  Haha I had 2 dads (trainers) and my daddy and I killed him (sent one home) and then we were alone for 2 cycles and he decided to go straight lol! And it looks like I am going to follow the bad example of my dad and kill off my mom (send home my follow up trainer)! HAHA no one probably followed all of that. But I think its pretty funny saying it like that :P But anyway on a more serious note! I am happy and the baptisms this weekend were great! They made my birthday awesome! I baptized Wilson and that was such a good feeling, and such an amazing thing to see a Child of God follow in our Saviors footsteps! Gash.. Just a happy day! And about 90% of the active ward showed up to support the five that were baptized so that was awesome as well! :) 

And mom thank you for the list of birthday things from facebook! THat made me really happy to see that people are still thinking of me! :) My birthday was really good though! We had a small party after the baptisms with our District and Elvis our Ward Mission leader and like 2 or 4 other members. Then on Monday night Sister Munoz made me tacos and a cake and shoved my face in it! :) HAHA Well actually that was Hellberg and Huerta but it was fun! I love the Munoz! :) They are awesome! So overall my birthday was good!  And yes I got all the cards! A lot of them actually! So thank you to all that sent me one!!! :) I appreciate it! And the money as well! I was even supprised Elder Hellbergs family sent me a card with a gift card in it!!! 

And No I did not get the bang package! But I did get the one with the Hawaii stuff from Dad and I appreciate it a lot! :) And I am going to Email Burgoyne! How much longer do you think he has left in his mission?? I need to write Bladen!!!!  I am such a slacker at writing letters!!!! It is so hard to though lol! But its all good I will manage.

So Elder Hellberg is awesome! We are like best friends! We have very similar personalities. Haha it scares me a little sometimes. Actually he scares me a little sometimes. But yeah, he is a spiritual Giant and has already taught me a lot! He is a great Kid and a huge example of how the healing power of Christ really works! He is a great guy. He actually knew Elder Martindale before the mission! They are both from the same town and went to the same school.

So Elder Stratton replaced Baba! He is the other English missionary that will go home with me. Him and Baba both! He is a cool kid, but no Elder Baba. He is from Cedar Utah.  Nice guy though. Seems like him and Elder Willis are getting along! 

I just want to say thank you for everything that all of you are doing! It really means so much to have so much support! I love my mission and would not replace it for anything else in the world!!

I am all over the place lol! So yeah... HAHa I am glad Melissa liked her gift the idea just came to me one day! :P HAHA She is doing really good it seems like! hopefully she can come see you all again when she comes in town next month! 

So more Baptisms this Friday!!! :) Jazmine and Rogelio! Nothing better than that! The Lord is rewarding you and them for all the Hard Work and faith! It is seriously such and awesome thing! There really are not words to describe it! It is just beautiful! It just hard thinking that so many people have such a hard time making that commitment! I was thinking the other day, how easy would it have been if they were just standing there on the side of the River Jordan and watched as Christ went down into the water! Everyone would be running down in to be baptized would they not?? I don't know lol! I just wish people saw the importance of it!!!! It is Salvation for crying out loud lol! But its good! It really is so important! It is that gateway into heaven.. To follow Christ. To be like him and to live with him again and see him for who he really is! That is going to be an exciting day! I cant wait! 

So Elder Kay is in the Bronx, Veater is in The Bronx I think. Eliason and Scaife I am not sure. They both got transfered to another area upstate. But I am the only one still here!!

Okay mom before I forget did you get the 50 dollars I sent??? 

Well not much else! Went to the City museum today! Want to go back soon to see the rest I will send pics! Okay welll.. .I Love you all so much!!!! You will never know!! Tell greg to get off his lazy bum and write me!! :) Love you all!! :) 

Love, Elder MARKY MATTEI! 

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