Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Sweet Testimony

Hey Mommy! Glad to hear all is going good! I am sorry I will try to write as much as possible but I really dont have a lot of time today so I will say as much as I can! Mind the spelling errors cuz I am not going to fix them so I can type more! First of all how is everyone! Tell my friends they need to write me lol! J.k. But seriously! Oh and Mom I wrote you a letter hopefully it will get there soon! Thats so cool you all got to see trevor! And that you are touring Gregs mission! I am happy for you! That must be fun for Greg! Keep me informed on whats going on with him because we all know he will never write a letter! lol! Sorry Greg but you know its true! I can't wait for you all to come here with me! I am going to love to introduce you to certain people! :) Haha! A lot of translating will be taking place! But most of them speak some english so you all will be fine! :) I hope to build even better relationships after Huerta leaves, because right now he does most of the talking lol! I tell everyone I meet I really am not that shy, that if they heard me in English they would want me to shut up! lol! How is he doing?? Thats so cool he built such a relationship with these families! I want to do that! But right now I am struggling with the Language so its kind of hard! But its 10X better than it was when I got here! Transfers are a week from today! I kind of hope Huerta goes so I can speak more and learn faster, but at the same time I don't want him to because I love that little Mexican! :) So you will be updated next week on what will happen! :) So Wilson and Maria will be baptized on my birthday!!! :) I am so happy! Also our District/ Ward will see 5 baptisms on that day!! So cool! I am so happy! I cannot wait! Life is good right now! Its raining a lot! Oh speaking of which are Grandma and Grandpa okay from that tropical storm that hit LA?? I am sure or else you all would have told me! But yeah! Its good other than the rain! My umbrella broke lol! So I am just using the Northface coat Melissa got me to shield me from the rain lol! It actually works pretty well too! Last night we helped some non members move in. We had help from some members in one of the English Wards! It was a good work out! With our run up our 19 flights of stairs it was ridiculous! So this week just been missing small things about home and stuff, and my friends! Sounds like Mckean, Rj and Jackson are doing welll! I sent a letter to RJ just the other day! Crazy to think the both of us with be 20. I dont remember the last time I missed his birthday :( Don't think ever! But I am good! don't worry about me being home sick because I really am happy! :) Really happy! The Lord blesses me each day! I have found the true healing power of the Savior! The "Healers art" Truly is incredible! I have found it in prayer! I love to pray! It is my favorite thing to do! I have felt so much help and peace in it! It is what keeps me going! Knowing that I am talking to my Heavenly Father and he is really listening to me and really answering me! He comforts me and guides me! The spirit has worked wonders in my life the past couple months! Every time I am down, just having a bad day or missing home. I remember my Savior has felt the same feelings. He suffered the same things and he is always there to comfort me! Even when I am not looking. Christ lives! And he truly did die for our sins! And we have a loving and caring Heavenly Father who sent him here so our burdens could be made lighter and so that we could return to live with them again! I know it! I love it! and I cannot deny it! The Plan of Salvation is amazing, and I cannot wait to see my Saviors face and just give him the biggest hug ever for what he did for me! Well I love you all! Wish I could say more! Just know I love you! And Keep all these people in your prayers! I love my life and I am excited for the future! I will talk to you all soon! Write me please it is amazing to get a letter in the mail! :) Okay take care and have a great week! Love, Elder Mark Mattei! :) Oh Mom send the winter boots please! I will need them soon! You have the ones brother furniss gave me right?? :) Love you! Have a great trip! Tell me more next week! Todd and Thomas will be getting a letter soon! :) Oh and What is Jacksons Mission address?? Okay love you bye! :)

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