Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Miracles are Going to Happen

Hey Family Whats happn'n??

So Big changes this cycle... I am staying with Elder Huerta for 1 more!! Yay! Plus..... I am going to be in a Trio with Elder Hellberg! SO I am in a Trio again lol! Elder Hellberg was an AP(Assistant to the Mission President). But is finishing his mission as a regular missionary. Looks like I am going to kill him!(Missionary term for sending a missionary home or being his last companion in the mission field.)   Obedience is much better! I am just doing what I need to do and not worrying about others! But I think with Elder Hellberg here it will be much better! He is awesome! I know I am going to love him! He and I are a lot alike actually! :) Me and Elder Kay were talking about how we were having the same problems in our apartments on obedience and how we just need to be an example. But I am excited! Elder HEllberg is intercepting our 2 baptisms this weekend too lol!  Then our 2 on the Friday after!!!  We have four within 6 days! Wilson and Maria on my Birthday! And Rogelio and Jazmine Martinez the next friday!!! I am so excited! We had all four of them at church on Friday! So they are going to for sure happen! :) I am happy! THis is going to be the best birthday present ever! Everything this weekend was just a miracle.! But at the same time very sad :( Wilson and Maria have a very difficult circumstance! I feel so bad for them! But I know that this is going to help! More than anything else could! They are going to grow themselves and they are going to have more spiritual support than ever before! I wish I could say more! But it is way personal to share over email! They are good though! Fasting really works and miracles really do come from it! Alma (a Book of Mormon prophet)  was dead on!  Its amazing to see how much Satan works on people right before or right after their baptism.. Its actually really sad! But I know God allows us to have these Challenges so we can grow! and we can become better people. So we can know just a little bit of what our Savior went through. So we can just take the tiniest sip out of the cup he drank!

But I am excited for this next week though! I am excited for the change! Elder Baba is leaving though which makes me really really sad :( I am going to miss him! BUt I will see him soon! He is going home with me! So there are a total of five baptisms this weekend in our ward! :) and I am pumped it is going to be awesome! I had a really good cycle last cycle! And last night I got a letter from Bryan and Melissa just to end it perfectly lol! But yeah I am good! We did not do anything special for 911. THat day just had a really special spirit about it. It was sad, but other things made the day really good. A lot of people were freaking out thinking there was going to be another attack. But yeah, and no mom the site for the towers is in our mission. In the South Zone. I got to go down South last week for the first time and I loved it! South Mann is awesome! Such a difference I will have to show you all some time when everybody comes back and visits after the mish. SO I am good! YAya!! I am excited for this cycle! Miracles are going to happen!!! I am pumped! SO much fun stuff! I don't know what else to say so I am going to cut it a little short today! I love you all! Be safe and have a good week! Pray for Harlem! ITs the flippin best! :)


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