Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hola Familia!

Hola familia! esa fue muy pequenita! Pero.. Oh puess... si yo recibi Bana! MUCHISIMA GRACIAS!! JAJAJA! Yo estoy feliz, porque yo escuche que Padre esta aprendiendo espanol en una programa es su computadora! MUy bien! eso me hace feliz! 

Translation:  Hello family!  This will be very short!   But . . Oh well . . . Yes I received BANG! (a favorite card game he used to play with the missionaries here) Thank you so much!  I am happy because I heard that Dad is learning Spanish on a computer program.  That makes me happy!

Okay thats enough spanish lol! I type really slow like that. Plus I need to work on spelling. Well I am understanding a whole ton better! The language is coming more and more! THe thing I need to work on most now seems to be vocabulary. I am hoping to be senior companion with what ever happens in the next two cycles just because I want to learn more and force myself in to a better learning situation. It is really hard. I wish I was in a country where I could be completely immersed in the language. Half of the lessons we teach are in English. :/ But all is good! The baptisms went really well last week with Jazmine and Rogelio!!! I am happy! :) We were afraid they would not show up to church on sunday for the confirmation of the Holy Ghost but it went well!! :) Well not a lot of time today! Today is Elder Hellbergs birthday and he got us permission to go to South Manhattan! :) So we are going to China Town! I am kinda bummed because I have not time to email though!  So this will be my shortest email ever :(  

That is awesome about Nicole! Let her know she is in  my prayers! I hope somebody has told Mckean she is talking to them (the missionaries – Nicole is a good friend of Lindsay, Mark and McKeon’s who has started taking the missionary discussions in our home)  again!! Has his family moved yet??? :( But I am glad to hear about both of your work situations! That makes me happy! :)  Sounds like God is blessing you all just as much as he is me! :)

Oh really quick!! (Gash I want more time!) But please ask Greg to email me! I need to talk to him about 3 different things! So i would really like something from him next week! :) Next week I will say a lot more! But mom! Please send me updates about SPORTS!!! LSU is undefeated!!!!! Chea!! That seriously makes me happy! Elder Willis is a Bama fan so I am excited for them to play them! We have lunch bet on the game lol! Well! I love you all! Sorry for such a short email!!! If I did not answer anything write me next week! 

Love, MArk!!

Ps. Send me a picture slideshow thing like Granny has!! But for like a Christmas present with just like a ton of pictures of family and friends! That is what I would like for Christmas! :) Okay I love you all! :) 

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