Thursday, June 30, 2011

Interesting Food

Hey Mom I Love you! I Will Try to Address Everything Both you and Dad said! I dont have much time today!  
 Okay So dad Asked about what kind of food I have been eating... Well Lots of different stuff... Good, and well not so good. Uhm you guys know how I don't like tomatoes, or any vegetable for that matter. That's why I have gotten my burgers plain at Mcdonalds for the past 20 years. Well Hispanics love tomatoes... Uh and other gross stuff! They also like a lot of good meats though. But there have been about 3 times where we have eaten at Members houses and I almost threw up! One time Elder Huerta scooped my (uh i don't know the name, so lets just call it gross) gross into his bowl while the The members were in the kitchen. haha! But really you can't eat everything and if you tell someone you don't like their food, in the Hispanic culture they get way offended! But then another time yesterday I was on a split with Elder Lewis in his area and uh well we had a last minute lunch appointment where we ate in the hall of the apartment home because her husband had to leave before we got there. And we can't go in if its just her so it was funny we ate on two chars in front of us in the hall. But anyways she made some nasty gross stuff. Both Elder Lewis and me were gagging! It was terrible! Eww! But I would stick it in my mouth then immediately follow it up with juice as soon as she left to go into the kitchen! She made so much food! I only ate lunch yesterday! But Then we were like we are done with this stuff. So I took the spoon and mashed it down to make it look like we ate more lol! But the Chicken and meatballs and rice were good :) But just not the ... Yeah. Stuff. 

So Carlos skipped church on Sunday. But he loves meeting with us and said he will go this week. He has already read like half of the BOok of Mormon! Crazy! Bap date for the 23rd!  Arlen wanted to get baptized sooner so now she is being baptized on the 9th! :) It will be great to see her life change because of that. she told us we were put into her lives for a reason and I know for a fact that is true! :) But yeah she is way excited! She is such a happy lady! I can't wait to see her make that step in her life :) It really is going to change and she is going to be a great member of the Church! Also she said she wants to come out with us and go proselyte.* lol! But she is awesome! I remember the second time we saw her it was just me and Elder Lewis and we taught her the Restoration! She loved it :)  Uh Patricia was met with Yesterday by Elder Huerta and Elder Mitchell (Elder Lewis's Comp) She was basically taught everything lol! But She took them to taco bell, the week before she took me and Elder Huerta to Applebees! I want TACO BELL! haha but no she really liked it and said she will pray about Baptism! Lysalo is still working a ton!!! We never get to meet with her! She is so close! She knows its true! She just needs to pick a date! Uhm quien mas? Oh Eric and Christina, we are meeting with them tonight! Thats why I don't have a lot of time! We are ending p day early to talk to them! But they want to talk to us about Baptism! So say a prayer its a good thing! They just have a couple issues they are going to need to resolve before! they need to really make some big changes in their lives! And its going to be hard for them! But I know with the Lords help they can do it! :)

 Oh Jesus... We stopped seeing him.. :( He wont keep commitments. So we decided in like 2 weeks we would stop by again. I pray something changes! Uhm cindy! Oh We showed her the Restoration and she said it was too "Disney" like that is was too happy, that the first time she met with the missionaries that the part that really got her was Joseph Smith and all he did for the church. That he would not do all that for something that was a  Giant lie.  He Would not let friends and family and himself suffer! But that she believes his story, she just wants the whole thing :) So Mom. Dad! I need a favor. The Mission office does not send us "Joseph Smith The Prophet of the Restoration" I think it is the same one they show in Nauvoo! So if you could. Could you order it online so I could show Cindy? Please? She really wants to see it and The Joseph Smith Story is where her testimony comes from! I love his story and that movie and I know it would be really good for her to see it! 

Uhm Crazy to think Greg will be home so soon! that stinks I have not gotten to see him! I miss home a lot. Especially yesterday! Ugh! But no I am good :) I know I am here because I know the Church is True. And I like what Mckean said! I would not be here if I didn't! I am here for me and for the people here and for the Lord. And for no one else! and to give you all blessings :) But yup yup! Crazy! Will I have a room when I get home? lol! That sounds pretty cool what you are doing with the basement! So tell todd not to complain about having to go to efy on the 4th! I have to be in by 6!  

 I'm glad he had fun at Youth Conference!  That was cool of the Tuttles to bring him! I miss them! I miss the whole ward actually! But I love the Ward I am in right now! But mom you asked if there are any members we are really close to. I would say definitely the Munoz family. The ones with the 6 kids and tiny house! She is awesome! Her son just got his mission call to Pittsburgh.  Most of the people we talk to and teach are illegal. lol! But I love them! The Munoz are awesome! She is like my mom here! She takes care of us! She also speaks a little English so its good! :)

That is scary about Liam though! I hope he is okay! That really is scary! I will definitely keep him and his family in my prayers! 
Okay well I hope I am here  when Sawa comes! That would be way cool! ALso I am way happy for Jackson! So Crazy!! I am so happy for him! :)  Uhm not much time what else?  Oh the packages! Still have not got them! Hopefully next district meeting (Monday) But all is good! Uhm I will read over your letter and see if I left any thing out! 

Greg will be home soon! He just needs to finish hard and strong. So no worries there! 

But I also got letters from Mike, Tre, and Bryan! I need to reply lol! I was doing that but then the computer opened up! So I will probably finish that later! 

I love you all! And I hope you know I really do love it here! It is really hard work! But I love it! and its a good tired feeling! And being obedient to the rules is worth it! Im so happy to be here! And I know this is where the Lord wants me to be! I know the Church is true and I don't know where I would be without it in my life! It has saved me, and I am glad to have the opportunity to see others lives be saved and changed as well! I have such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith and I wish I could share it with you! But I will in two years! Well I got to go I love you all Mucho! You are all in my prayers! Mom if I did not reply to anything just ask me :)

I love this place but I love you all more! And I can't wait to see you! Got some work to do first! Ok Bye! Be safe and have fun! Tell todd to take EFY in! It changed my life! And I want him to get something out of it! I know he will if he just opens up his heart! Okay I love you all! Bye Bye! 

Love Your son and Friend and Other stuffs

Mark! :)

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