Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baptisms Planned

Holy cow you wrote a lot today! I think you beat me! 

Well Happy birthday first of all! :) Hope you had a good one and hope you will get my card in the mail soon! :) Have not had the chance to send a shirt yet! :( Sorry about that! 

Well sounds like Dinner with Melissa went good! I got a letter from her too! She said she was so happy to see you all! :) And that she missed you, and is going to miss you! :) So yeah,.. Thank you for having her over! I know she really enjoyed it! :) That was nice of her to take the games for Greg and for Thomas as well! 

So is todd excited for Hockey season?? He better be!! I miss Hockey and Lacrosse so much! Seriously I think during the winter I am going to buy a pair of skates and go Ice skating every p-day lol! I miss it! I still want to go and try to play Lax for LSU when I get home! Speaking of which.. Could someone message nick Brugemann for me. I sent him a really small package and I have not heard anything from him about him getting it. 
Sounds like Thomas is doing good! How is todd dealing with High school! Get him onto the XC team! And what teachers does he have lol! you complain about me not answering quetions lol! you do it too! Oh p.s. Is tiny playing varsity football?? If not he owes me fifty dollars! Todd can remind him of that little bet we made lol! 

So when is it that Lindsay starts school? Thats cool Greg will get to go back to his mission so soon! We will be taking Lindsay to BYU-I and will spend a couple of days in the Boise/Twin area visiting folks from Greg's mission.  I still have not decided wheather I want yall to pick me up or if I want to fly home first and come back during the summer. ahh I guess I have a lot of time to find out! Right now I am favoring on coming back sometime during the summer. 

yes and I knew I had that shirt in that trumpet case lol! I hated that thing! I think I wore it one time lol! Thomas is playing the trumpet in middle school this year.  We pulled out Mark's old trumpet to see if it was in playing condition - it wasn't.  Anyway the trumpet apparently hadn't been touched since Mark finished middle school.  In the case I found Mark's band shirt all wadded up.  I had never seen him wear it.  Yes, it was a polo shirt.  Mark always refused to wear polos - Just a cute memory! Glad to hear Greg is excited for football! Tell him it is his job to keep me up in the loop! Oh since I am thinking of it! Tell Jake he will have a letter in the mail sometime next week! :) 

Well I hope you all have fun on your trip. That would stink if Dad could not come! But I think you all will enjoy it! Crazy that Lindsay is starting college! Wow haha! Can't believe I did it just last year! I am excited to go to school! I miss learning! Lol well I am actually learning now more than ever.. But I actually miss like school kind of learning. Its intersting ya know?? But so are the scriptures I wish we had more than 1 hour of personal study each day! 

Well I am glad to hear you had a good week! and your birthday went well! I did not feel the earthquake at all! a lot of people did, but I was at home eating my Ramen noodles when it went off and I did not feel a thing! I was upset! I have always wanted to feel a earthquake!!!! haha! Just hope my wish does not come true on a really big one lol! 

But so about my companions and room mates. Me and Elder Huerta get along just fine! We are a little different from each other. Mexican culture is a lot different... And he does not get sarcasm. He takes EVERYTHING seriously! I think if I told him I'm going to try and fly out the window he would believe me lol! But he is cool! Very cool kid! somethings he does get on my nerves but eh.. Oh well what can I do you know?? I am just going to have to be patient. Everyone has there differences. He also loves to talk in Spanish. and I love to talk in English so we kind of even each other out lol! We are still struggling to find a good way to  teach together, but its all good! I have seen my spanish make a huge leap this week with his help. 

Elder Baba (from Fiji) is way awesome! Love that kid! he is 23, but I cant even tell lol! Its weird everyone seems the same age to me.We get along really well. and elder willis... Well he is elder willis.. interesting kid. Ask me about him when I get home lol! Love him! But he kind of freaks me out at times! really nice kid though! easy to love him! 

Nope have not been to the derm! send me the meds lol! my face is not bad though! had a bad break out when i first ran out but now it seems to be doing fine! How is lindsays face doing?... you know what you should send in my birthday package.. My lacrosse stick :)

So really there is a hurricane coming this way?? Wow thats kind of cool! If that happens I have a cool story to tell you! :) President and sister smith are awesome though! I loved having my interview yesterday! President smith just has an awesome spirit and I love him! And yeah it was sis smith who sent the picture, but she gave me her phone and let me type the little message to you. :) Glad I can remember phone numbers really well! I will try to post the pictures from my phone.  President and Sister Smith sent a couple of pictures to my phone and let Mark send me a sweet text message.

So Wilson and Maria the family we started teaching last week are awesome! They have a pretty interesting story! I don't want to share it over email cuz it is something way personal to them! But they are... Well interesting... They are normal, just different you know??? They are from Harlem.. You can tell that much! They are way cool though I love them! Wilson asks really deep questions. but we have been using a lot of member help with them! They have a baptismal date for my Birthday! I am happy :) I just feel a sweet love and peace every time we sit down to talk with them! :) Ask me to share their story with you at Christmas! I personally just think it is awesome! 

so we are hoping to set a bap date with Elder Huertas cousins boyfriend, Wagner this week! They told us they want to get married so I may have the opportunity to go to the first wedding of my life!! Haha on my mission??? Crazy huh?? lol! We will see :) I have a realy good feeling about them! But we are hoping that he can be baptized on the 17th as well! :) But yeah! :) I'm happy this week has been a good week! :)

Haha something interesting.... so yesterday after interviews Elder Huerta, willis, Baba and I were walking away from the Church to our apartment after interviews... Well I was taking off my suit and some 50 year old black lady mumbles something... I did not hear her.. But I heard Elder Baba and Elder Willils start to crack up lol! so I was like what did she say And in their words they told me she said " Oh yeah boy take of that coat.. you look nice. your beautiful. I just want to eat you up" Hahah What the heck??? This lady was scary! Haha, her voice sounded like a goblin choking on a dead rat lol!  haha I just stopped dead in my tracks and started laughing! Haha only in Harlem lol! Weird right?? 

haha.. So yeah I have written Melissa a 18 page letter lol! Haha I know! A bit ridiculous..  I just replied to everything she said and told her how I was doing. Answered her questions. And wrote it as if I was talking to her in person! :) Just like I do with these emails! Why do you think they are so dang long??? Haha! 

And IDK how long I will be here! I said hopefully a year lol that would be nice! But we will see! I know at least 1 more cycle, most likely 2 more! so yeah! :) 

Well I have had a great week! the Lord has really blessed me and I see his ever growing presence coming into my life! I hope he is helping you all as much as he has helped me. I know without a doubt the Church is True. From the Spirit and from my experiences. He works in mysterious ways! But I see the hand of the lord helping me each and every day in each and everything I do! :)

Okay well I love you all! and I miss you all so freaking much! But I will see you soon! And you will always stay in my prayers! I hope you are all enjoying my emails! :) I love you and miss you! And can't wait to see everyone again! But I am happy! And yeahh... I'm happy :) Never been happier in fact! :) When life gets tough the Lord lifts me up! remember to pray for everyone here! Its a rough town. But with good people! Good people who know nothing but humility! I love them! And I love you! Have a great day and talk to you all next week! 

Love, Mark! 
or Elder mattei.. Still would be weird if any of you called me that lol! 

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