Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nice to Get Away

Hey Mom!! Glad to hear the trip is going well!! 

So yeah, I am excited to hear that Melissa is switching schools! I am glad that she is doing what her heart is telling her :) 

Sounds like you need to whip greg up into shape!! Lazy bum! in spanish we would call him a jeubon! Haha its really offensive lol!

So I got the Costco card! I actually went there today after the temple!!! I was so glad to go to the temple! It was nice just to find peace in the world!! This place is crazy, and it was just nice to get away from the world for a day! But it was good I got some answers for some questions and just had a really good experience!! 

So a lot is going on! Too bad I dont have a lot of time to explain! Jasmine went to the Bronx for a month! So we are now aiming for her to be baptized on my Birthday! That would be really cool to see! :) Both her and her brother! Then we are teaching Ariel! He has some issues we need to work out! But he asked us about Baptism and more than anything he is just looking for a change in his life! He is excited to come to church and excited to start becoming a better person! He is Dominican! Gash... Tre and Mckean have it so easy!!! Mexicans are so easy to understand! Domincans/ Puerto Ricans are so dang difficult!!!! 

Oh before I forget I got my shirt/Memory card!!! Thank you so so so much!! :) 

So awesome experiance the other day! We have this 96 year old woman in our ward! Her name is Lysa Ortiz! I cannot understand a word she says lol! She speaks so quiet! But anyway.. I gave my first blessing in Spanish the other day!! :) It was totally the gift of tongues and the Gift of the Priesthood that made her better! The next day she was feeling just fine.. After being in the emergency room! we went back to check on her and she was runnning around like a mouse lol! She is a hyper little thing lol! She fed us a ton of food and would not let us leave until we ate it all!!!! Haha she had a full two liter of sprite! And Angel food cake, and sandwiches... My stomach was about to explode! Whenever she saw we weren't eating she would come out of character and say "EAT IT!" Then smile at us and lean back in her chair! Haha It would be the only thing she would say in english!!! Huge testimony builder though seeing how low she was and then the next day she was hopping around like Bugs bunny! Hahah if I did not know better she was on speed lol! She is awesome though :) 

So a lot of funny stuff this week and not much time.. Harlem is Crazy! Mom you would hate it! !!!  But its fun I like it :) I will have to take you all here when I get home!!! 

So Walkner one of the guys we are teaching just so happens to be Elder Huertas cousin!! Crazy right!! SMall World!! The Lord really does send specific family to certain places for a reason! When he first got here he realized that. Gema Romero.. One of the our best members!! She is awesome! She owns a barber shop and cuts our hair!! Ugh!! I want to say more but cant :( 

Uh what more!! So I am good! I have to give a talk on Sunday! I am excited for that! And scared! I will let you know how it goes! 

So Elder Lewis has a new companion again... Elder Torres - he trained Elder Veater! HAs more patience than anyone I have ever met lol! 
So I am going to the Derm this next Wed! Yay!! I just ran out of pills last night! I had been cutting them in half it seems to work pretty well! 

I have been thinking about my Grandparents a lot lately how are thy doing??? :) Hopefully well! I pray for them a ton! 

Ok mom so your Birthday is coming up!! What is your shirt size???? :) Uhm also I would maybe like 2 more short sleeve shirts... These Are not lasting too well! They stain really easy and my backpack leaves giant marks on them... They are ok.. But I can tell you already I am going to need like 2 more!! Is that okay??? :) Sorry, Just walking a lot.. And sweating even more lol! 

Oh mom.. could you send my lacrosse stick somehow??? :) I want to play catch with Elder Lewis! He has his baseball glove and we could play catch back and forth :) Haha i am smart I know!! 

Okay well I love you all! Hope you are all okay :) I've had a busy day!! Sorry I could not say more, but I promise you will hear more next week!! Hope you have a good one! I love you all! Take care and God Bless! :) 

Love Mark! :)

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