Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Lesson in Faith

Hey Dad!!! How are you??? So I think I am just going to reply to you and mom here! So I am doing well!! How are you all doing??? How is Greg??? Sounds like he is good! Sounds like that place was a rip on drinks lol! That kind of stinks! The food was good though right??? I have had some good... And not so good things here.. We ate at this older lady's house last week.... Tasted like the inside of a trashcan filled with cigarettes and dog poop... It was nasty... You will never guess what it was... Rice... Ewww... I don't know how any thing could taste like that lol! I felt like some one spit a cigarette into my mouth... Good right??? You should try it sometime lol! 

Well sounds like you picked up some spanish in Mexico lol! My spanish is coming alright! Little by little! It would be nice to just be in Mexico for a month so I could be completely immersed in the language!! But its fun! I love it here! Still loving the people still loving the area! Nothing really happened with Transfers. I am here! And so is Elder Huerta Luna! One more cycle then he is going somewhere else. President told him that! I actually was scared I would be transferred! But I am here! Huerta has been here for 11 months after this cycle!! Crazy right??? But all is good! 

And thanks for the info for the COSTCO Card! I will do that!!!! 

Haha I remember when Mckean broke those handle bars!! haha! That was funny! I just emailed him and reminded him!! Haha! But that was a Lindsay moment Dad!! Haha you didn't put in the key??? REally??? Haha might help just saying!haah kidding! 

Crazy to think Tre is leaving so soon!!! I'm so excited for him!!! I wrote him a letter today and bought him a Birthday Present!! I Love that little kid!! haah! But I hope RJ is doing okay! I need to write him.. What is his address??? And I have talked to Jackson a bunch! Sounds like he is doing just fine! :) I am happy for all of them! 

Haha Mckean is my favorite lol! He is such a unique kid!! I love him! His emails  crack me up every time I read them! He is doing good things! I hope he sees some success there soon! He sure as heck deserves it! He has one of the sweetest testimonies of the Savior, out of anyone I have ever met! He also has a giant heart! He cares for people and that is what I love most about him! 

Sister Roarke is moving?? Wow thats sad! But good for her I guess!  She is such a sweet lady!! I am going to miss her! Will you be helping her move out??? When does she move?? ? Tell her I said bye for me will you please! 

So the Subway is fun! I love the Random stuff that happens on there!! HAha people preaching.. People screaming... People playing instruments and singing lol! Its a fun place! Still trying to figure it all out! But for the most part I got it down! and yeah I will definitely show you around it after my mission! Nothing too special, but the first few times it is fun! A lot better than the bus. And way better than Cabs. Cabs are a freaking rip!  

So what mom said... Greg had culture shock at the concert?? Haha tell him to come spend a day in Harlem lol! I am looking out the window now and don't see a single white person lol! And the people here are Crazy! haha! But I love them! Man... That must be a totally different world! our missions are two totally different places!!!  

Fast Food is ridiculously priced out here! Gash I hate it! Mcdonalds want a small drink??? "Five Dollars" No thank you I would rather go to a baseball game and buy one lol! That's a bit exaggerated but seriously!! Ugh it is ridiculous! Living off of rice and Ramen is fun! I am actually starting to get sick of Eggs! We only get fed like 2 times a week too... It stinks!! Seriously feed the missionaries more! Tell them if they don't have food to come over. lol!  It stinks when you don't get food and have to go all the way home to cook! It's also wastes a lot of time! And you should go on splits with them! Both you Mom, Greg, Lindsay, Todd; whoever! It helps out a ton when you have a member at the lesson! I don't know why! there is just a special spirit about it! so dad, go with them! Every member a missionary!! Help them out! You will be doing them a favor, and me a favor! 

So yeah! Glad to hear Melissa met Greg :) 

Oh also I don't have Grandma and Grandpa's address. Along with Aunt Cindy's.. Is that something you all think you could send me??? :) 

I really enjoyed both yours and moms emails!!! Tell her thank you! What she said at the end really made me happy! I love your support! It really helps me sometimes to hear you all say it :) I know you always do but just what mom said really touched me! 

So HArlem East side is doing good! We don't really have any progressive investigators.. But we have about 8 potential baptisms for this cycle! President said he is expecting big things! 

Rogelio and his sister Jasmine are preparing for baptism! We have to teach them really simple because they are kids, but we just need their mom's help on getting them to church! We will try to get other members to help us if her mom can't. She is trying to get sundays off to help them, but it sounds like she is having a hard time! 

Silvano.. Does not know if he wants to get baptized.. He is also working on Sundays now.. Ugh lol! But its all good... It is amazing how many road blocks the adversary will put in a persons way right before they are about to do something in line with the Will of God! Ugh! But all is well! all is well! I love him! he is an awesome guy! He just needs to make up his mind!! 

I had a little mini miricle happen with Erik and Christina the other night... They have been ignoring us for a couple weeks... They don't really feel like hearing some stuff that we are teaching lol! But I was praying as we were walking by their house... There are only 3 people that live in their building so no one is ever coming in and out... And there is no ringer on the outside. So it is impossible to get in without calling them! So we were walking by.. I did not really know where we were.. Then I saw the Mcdonalds right by their apartment. I began to pray as we walked. Elder Huerta was talking to me, but it all just kind of bounced off of me... I was praying that a miricle would happen that somehow their door would be open.. This was at like 9:25 right before we went in... I started to say in my head "Please help us.. We need a miracle... I know that door will be open. Just help that that door will be open for us and we can go in and talk to them...Just help..." Then I realized I was lacking someting... Faith... I then understood what it meant when the man said to Christ "Oh lord I believe.. Help thou my unbelief" I said almost the same thing I said "Lord give me the faith that this will happen" Then I just knew... I just knew we would get in. We neared the building and out came walking Erik and Christina.. We set up a return appointment with them. We are going back this week. Whether or not they will be there I do not know.. Because they still have their agency.. But I learned one thing from this.. That the Lord does answer prayers. That he really does care. And he had a plan long before we stepped foot on this earth. Every single experience and everything that happens.. He set it up. He did it for our benefit and our Growth... He loves us... And if we pray with faith.. Nothing lacking.. We will receive. He promises this and it is true! And it is all dependent on our faith in the Lord Jesus Chirst! This reminds me of the scripture Matthew 21

 21Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have afaith, and bdoubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this cmountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.
 22And all athings, whatsoever ye shall bask in cprayer, believing, ye shall receive.

It is so ture!! I love this scripture now! With Faith all things truly are possible! Even the smallest of things! :) 
So we are also still teaching Cindy with Elders Baba and Willis! HAha I felt like we were doing a Marriage counseling thing the other day! Way Awkward! But now she is good! she is so ready for baptism! the only thing holding her back is Nursing school on Sundays which does not end until November :( But she has such a strong Testimony of the Savior and of this Gospel! 

I don't have much more time! But I love you all and I hope all is well! I miss you! I hope Greg writes me soon! I love you Mom and Dad and all you have done for me! and for always encouraging me to Choose the Right! You are all in my prayers! I hope Greg is adjusting well to normal life! Well a lot more to say, but I dont have time! I have not made a doctors appt yet! I have to clear it with Sister Smith before I can! so hopefully next week or sometime this week I can do that! I love you! Pray for the people here! I love them! And I love you all! Be safe and talk to you all soon! :) 

Love, Mark! :)

And Yes Dad I am writing in my Journal. Not everyday! At least 1-3 times a week though! I am going to try to do better at it this cylce! Love you all! 

Hey Mom just wanted to send a seperate email to you and say that I love you and am so grateful for all that you do!!!! You win the best mommy award!!! Don't worry you will get it in about 19 more months!! Its a great big hug from your favorite son :)

Love you!

Love Mark! 

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