Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awesome Week

Hey Mom!!
So you said a lot today so let me get rollin!

So I have written Granny a letter! I got the letter and money and all the sports articles TEll her Thank you and she will have a letter on its way for her tomorrow! :) I am going to put it in the mail tomorrow! Tell Jake I will write him soon! Like right now! Tell him I will be writing him a letter! I miss that kid! I miss all my friends like freaking Crazy! The Missionaries I am with here are cool and all but no one can ever take the place of those guys! Miss the heck out of them!

Well glad to hear everyone is starting school! I will be sending Todd a letter later so don't you worry! He will be just fine in a couple of weeks! And tell Garrett not to feel bad! I took Kindergarten twice too! And so did Mckean; he will have fun! :) 15 years from now he will be fine! I miss that little booger! :) Glad to hear lindsay is breaking out! Makes me feel better! After all that time of her making fun of me for having acne she deserves it lol! Just kidding, but hope she finds something that will work! I actually still have not gone to the Doctor! I forgot to make an appointment. All those people you sent me take our insurance??? My face actually is not bad right now! It is not the best, but it has been worse! I am hoping it will start going away naturally on its own soon!

Erick and Christina dropped us... Don't want to say too much because it is there business.. It is sad :( But its life you know?? They really are an awesome couple its just not something they are ready for at this point in their life. We have not talked to them in about a month. We were really upset and still are but continue to pray that one day things will work out! :) They really are awesome people. They wanted to be baptized, but problems come up and people have their agency so its all good! I love them and am still ready to serve and help them in any way possible! :)

Silvano works a ton and is now working on sundays... He still wants to be baptized, but cannot come to church... So its a predicament. He said it should only be a temporary thing so we are going to go visit him again at the very end of this cycle! :)

Mike is impossible to get a hold of... and Carlos said he is willing to change! He has just been really hard to get a hold of! Does not have a cell phone and works a lot as well! EVERYBODY IN THIS CITY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous! lol!

I love MExican food! But my stomach does not lol! Dominican food is starting to get really old, but its all good! And my favorite thing about the city has to be the people :) But other than that its how fast the city changes. How one minute you can be in the hood and then the next minute you can be in a rich part of town...

I was riding in the subway the other day and I was paying attention to something. We were down by the temple, got on the bus and crossed town to the east side and thats when we got on the sub. So at like 66th street it was about 75% white people. As we went uptown slowly it started to change. By the time we got at 125th and Lexington. like 3 blocks away from where I live I was the only white person left on the train. Thats just to give you a perspective of how it is! I love it lol! I love being a minority! first off I'm a missionary so people notice me for that... But then I am white so when I walk by sometimes I get a little attention.. lol! Not really that much but its kinda cool! lol!

Crazy to think I have almost been here for 6 months!! I am excited for that day! :) 1/4th! It is going by way too fast though! So so fast!!!

So this week has been a really really good week! We had 40 lessons!!!! Freaking awesome!!! The lord has blessed us so much this week! He is preparing things for us that I cannot even begin to comprehend! The ward has been helping a lot as well! We had a health fair that we set up a stand at and there was so much interest there that there were not enough missionaries and members to talk to all the people! Missionary work is the big thing in the ward right now! At the fair we got like 30 referrals and taught like 10 lessons! Plus got the name of the church out to over 100 people!

Little miracle happened the other day at this fair! It was on Saturday alright! So... I ran into this guy on friday. Said he wanted to talk with the missionary. Said he spoke English and Spanish.. He wanted English so I gave his name over to the sisters. Did not think much of it! So then the next day at this fair we run into him again! Coincidence??? I think not!! This is one of the biggest cities in the world! what are the chances! He sat down with us and we had a short lesson! Made a return appt for Sunday night! We went there and talked with him and his wife! Decided they wanted to go to the spanish ward! (Had to call the sisters and take back the referral... ooopss lol!) So his name is Wilson and his wife is Maria. They have 3 boys, 6 and under! We are teaching a family!! :) There names are DJ, Jose, and Jake! Awesome family! They were taught last year.. But lost contact with the missionaries! We found them and they are excited to have us again! Maria calls us her boys! They are a little interesting but way awesome and way friendly! I'm excited to teach the Plan of Salvation on Saturday! They are also feeding us! :) Life is good! This has just been a really good week! The Lord is not blessing us... He is blessing these people! I mean I guess he is because we have people we have the oppurtunity to get to know. And we have the oppurtunity to learn to love them! :) I already do so I don't know what I am talking about! But we are teaching a family! Pray everything goes well! I have a really good feeling about them :) Like a really really good feeling! I was so excited to teach the first lesson with them and I did not know why! But now I do! Wilson said himself he knows it was fate that he met us on the street two days in a row and knew that we were supposed to come over!!

Our Ward Mission leader Elvis has been helping us a lot! He is awesome! This week was awesome I loved it! Okay well I dont got much time! Just know I love you and Miss you all! I played baseball today so I am way Tired! Hit 3 home runs :) the last one I could swear was the farthest I ever hit a ball. I will write RJ, JAke and Todd later today hopefully! Tell greg to write! Thank you for your love and all you all do! Miss my family and everyone else! Let the Ward know I miss them! I love you alll and I am so excited to see what will happen here soon! :) :)

Love, Mark! :)

Oh yeah I gave a talk! It went really good! It was on faith I got a lot of compliments saying my spanish was getting better! 

Hey Dad! How are you??? Sounds like the trip was fun! I wish I could have gone that would have been really fun! I miss the Jet ski lol! And Sorry you had to drive the whole way! I wish I could have been there to help drive! I miss driving your car.. Actually I miss driving in General! It has been over five months since I have touched the wheel of a car! I feel like I could do it really easily if I got in one right now though. We were with a member the other day and he had a stick... And I really wanted to drive it lol! 

So New york is fun!! It is a lot different then I thought! I am not seeing the parts you see in movies! I hardly ever get to go down south, but when I do I love it! The suprises I would have to say must be the people! Meet some of the most interesting people everyday... More than you have probably ever met in your life! I have talked to 2 people who are convinced they are Jesus Christ lol! Crazy I know lol! Then all kinds of other interesting people! Its crazy all the people you get the chance to meet here! I hope I get to serve in South Man sometime! There is one Spanish Companionship there. I love my area! Like I don't want to leave! I will stay here for a year! But after I leave I want to go upstate just so I can have some peace and quiet! That is probably one of the things I miss most! Is just quiet and time to be alone! Its nice to see how the Gospel and the Spirit can bring peace even in the most hectic of times. 

Tell Grandpa happy birithday for me! And also will you please send me their address, along with Aunt Cindys and also when is she coming here again??

That sucks greg screweed up his mouth! How has he been since he has been home??

I miss home at times, but its all good! I wish I could be there and see what everyone is going through, but I know I will be able to in about 18 months when I return home! Crazy to think Lindsay is already starting school! Crazy that she will be in college! Crazy to think I already started college and am on a mission! I still feel so freaking young that its not funny! I really dont want to grow up any time soon lol! But I can see myself already maturing! One thing I noticed is I have not cussed in like 6 months! Not that I did it all the time back home, but a word would definitely slip out every once and a while! But that is something I have felt really good about! Also my patience feels like it is a lot higher as well! I tend to be able to tolerate things a lot easier and not blow up. But I am doing good! Sorry to hear about everything at work! I really hope that it all goes well that is awesome that you get to go to China! I want to go to Chinatown really bad lol! I think when when Elder huerta leaves I am going to go and see if I can go and find some more work downtown! 

The city is crazy! I love it! I am excited to be here! We had a really good week last week! I will tell you more about it in the email I send to mom! 

Well Dad I love you and take care! Have a great week! I will talk to you soon! :) 

Love Mark! 

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