Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Much Fun Stuff

Ok first things first! Someone tell Joel to shave that stuff off his face lol! Thanks for the pictures mom. Haha! okay so the picture of the tall kid is Elder Day from the MTC- he is going to Orlando. he is awesome! Miss that kid a ton! Also, I did send Mark a card? Did he get it? I also just sent one out today for Granny and Pop pop! :)

So yeah life is great :) haha so much fun stuff! Idk where to even begin! So our investigators are going way slow.... haha but progressing none the less! I just wish I was like Greg and had 12 baptisms coming up! My companion (Elder Martindale) is the highest baptizing in the Mission with 25. He is super humble about it and knows its not about numbers, the numbers only mean thats how many people he has helped make that first step. He is helping them come closer to God. Its not about numbers! Not at all! Its about people and what their relationship is with God. But yeah I'm just curious how many Baptisms does Greg have?

So I said our investigators are going slow. Elder Huerta Luna and Elder MartinDale have been teaching this kid Ricardo for a long time. He has a baptismal date for June 4th.... We have not talked to him in 2 weeks almost now. We cant get a hold of him. We have tried everything!! His friend who is supposed to baptize him cannot get a hold of him! No one has seen him... His friend is Felipe Munoz. Way awesome kid. Preparing to go on a mission, about to get his call hopefully by the 10th. But yes I have no idea what is going on with Ricardo, I just want to see him baptized because I know how important it really is. Uh lol! 

Lysalo is progressing slow. She won't commit to baptism but she loves going to church and she pretty much believes everything. She just has not prayed about the Book of Mormon. Same story with Jesus.... they don't realize how important it is. It is everything!!!! Absolutely everything!!!! If they can figure out that this really is important and it is true. They know their purpose. They know their potential!!! Ugh lol! Its so so so so so important! I just wish they could see that! 

The Spirit has been amazing! It guides me every time i teach! I know how important it is to have the spirit with us! I say some things that are totally not me. Its the spirit working through me! I love it! We were talking to Jesus about the WOW (word of wisdom) and we were talking about smoking and he was like "well its not going to kill me tomorrow" and out of nowhere I said "Well just imagine 15 years from now. You get lung cancer, your daughter is 17 years old. You're about to die... How is that going to make you feel then?" totally not me. The words just came out  immediately. Jesus is 19 and hard to work with! I know he knows its true! He just needs to admit it to himself! He is scared to change. And that is what repentance is! Is change! A fresh view of yourself, God, and of the World! A change in attitude, heart, mind, and action! He knows it! He just needs to act on it! 

But anyways sounds like fun at home! Thank you again for the pictures! Get all my friends hat sizes and Gregs. I got one for todd. They have way cheap hats out here. Ten dollar yanks hats. And I just got 2 pairs of Oakelys today for 10 dollars a peace... The guy said they were real so... haha! Idk I guess we will see lol! Tell Lindsay congrats for her Graduation that I am proud of her! The next year will go by faster than she can imagine. Believe me. 

So yes a little about NY. Uhm you're a joke in this city if you follow the crosswalk signs. People seriously laugh at you lol! If there is not one coming you just go. Everyone is always in a rush. If you want to talk to someone, talk to someone who is sitting down outside their door! People love to talk here.. Only if they are not in a hurry. I am getting a lot better at Spanish. Still needs work! But I understand what is going on! I love it! Gift of tongues! When I call at Christmas I can talk to Lindsay fluently for you all! Is she taking Spanish at BYU I? She should! 

The city constantly changes! Where I am at its all black people and run down. Worst people in the world and nicest people in the  world. Down south it is super nice! I love the whole city. I love my area. People are crazy!!! HAah I love it! It is really cool to learn about different people and just talk to them and really get to know them a little bit. Elder Martindale is a little judgemental sometimes about the people on the street, but I just have to constantly remind him that they don't know better. Which they don't. They just make me laugh and then I try to talk to them. STL is a Joke compared to this place! I will go back and walk through East STL and it will not bother me. Its nothing. People are nicer in bad areas than you would think! Okay not much time so mommy here are some quick requests! :)

Fist of all... I bleached my STL Blues shirt on accident :( Its my Oshie one... So would it be too much to ask you to get me a new one??? A Large? Pretty please! Also I want the Gumbo recipe!!!!  Tell me when Greg gets home if he is balding. This lady in our ward said she would give me her special mexican shampoo she makes that can stop hair loss... we will see - I have high hopes! She owns a barbershop so I think she knows what she is talking about! Okay well love you!

Yes I get fed mom! Well thank you! :)! Oh and we went on a BBQ on Roosevelt Island for P-Day Way fun! I cooked steak for the first time! It was good lol! I also made pancakes for the 1st time last week! lol! I'm actually not bad at cooking! And I kind of like it lol! Well you can add this to my blog if you want so Okay I love you! :)

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