Thursday, June 9, 2011

So Much to Say!

Mommmy! How are you doing! Tell Melissa to check her email!!!! But All is good! Ricardo was baptized : ) we got ahold of him the day before and he was baptized and confirmed! Now he is talking about going to BYU I! He is an awesome kid! We are actually starting to teach one of his other friends tonight! And if that works out we will have 7 new investigators in the past week! Last week we got 3 new ones. Arlin (she is a middle aged mom. She seems way solid! I'm excited about her!) Emilia, we met her my second day out here and gave her mom a blessing. We ran by her on the street and said we should come by later that night so we did! she is probably in her 40s:)(Seems pretty solid,but I think she thought the Joseph Smith story was just supposed to be taken symbolically so we will need to talk more about that) and Carlos, I tracted him on the street. He speaks English, but understands spanish... We taught him the first lesson in English, but we are going to visit him one more time.. Probably Saturday when I am on a Split with Elder Lewis. If he does not want to go to the Spanish ward, we will have to hand him over to the English missionaries. He knows spanish because his mom is from Puerto Rico I think. He seems like a good investigator, he just asks a lot of random questions. And goes off topic a lot! We were talking about Jesus Christ and next thing you know we were talking about the End of the World lol! He is cool though. A little bit slower of a guy, but way nice! Then Yesterday we got 3 new investigators, all of whom I have not met yet! Because Elder Lewis and I were on a split! They put 2 greenies out in an area for a day! I was freaking out so hard! We were supposed to have 2 lessons, but both fell through the cracks. One was a member who was sick so we ended up knocking doors all day. But guess what? Someone let us into their house... MY eyes must have gone so wide! I was so scared! The lesson went really well though! God helped us speak and understand... somewhat. About 75% lol! But we taught the full first lesson by ourselves and got them 3 new investigators. Something they have been looking for, for a really long time! It was so scary! We said a prayer as soon as we got out! The Gift of tongues is real! Oh my gosh you have no idea! I normally have no idea what people are saying, but yesterday I did. We gave the lady and her sister each a book of mormon and taught one of their daughters! At first she was like "come another time" and then she said "uh... well now is good actually, pass in" We used the scriptures a ton, because I knew they could teach them better a thousand times better than we could.. I mean its the word of God so its says things way better than me. But we left our testimonies and they said they would read Nephi 11 so :) We celebrated with Taco Bell! :)
But 6 new investigators! I know that is an answer to a prayer! We have been asking to find the people who are prepared to listen and I know that our prayers are being answered! I'm just so happy about everything thats going on :)
Lysalo read and Knows the Church is True! She fasted and prayed yesterday about when a good time to be baptized would be. Right now we have a goal set for the 18th of this month :) She is ready! She loves church and after praying, she loves the Book of Mormon, before she wanted nothing to do with it. She loved Church, but just wanted the Bible. But we talked about how important it really is if the Church is true. It is Everything. For us and for everyone. Its the most important thng in the world, it's the purpose of life. God has a plan for us and we really really can return to him! Thats what I told her! I just hope she knows that she needs to be baptized on that date! I don't know what she is holding back! It will all be good though! She will probably be moving soon... So hopefully before she moves she decides to be baptized! Ugh lol! Its all good!
But Jesus is not keeping commitments... He knows what it means if its true. And I'm pretty sure he knows it is. He is just afraid to admit it to himself. He is afraid to change. So really keep him in your prayers! He is a really cool kid! He was telling me about how the Hangover Two was Hilarious! He loves talking about movies and Music with us. Way cool kid. He works like 58 hours a week so I see how its hard for him to read and pray, but man... Thats all he has to do!
Welll what else... Oh yeah so the 2 zones on Manhattan Island had a special meeting yesterday. So apparently they are sticking MORMON.ORG ads all over NEw York City! LIKE ALL OVER! They will have a big screen in Time Square, at bus stops, in 2 of the cars on each subway and they will take up the full car... Uhm they will run ads on the little tvs in Taxis and will be on top of 200 taxis in the city! All over the place! So the next couple months will hopefully be really busy with people asking questions! More so in the English missions, but who knows who will come up and talk to us. But it was basically a training meeting in case a reporter comes up to us and tries to talk to us. Pretty sweet! They look way legit. They showed us pictures!
So what is up with the Book of Mormon Play? I hear its like up for 14 Tony awards? Que en el mundo. People talk to me about it all the time. But I Know nothing! Other than the fact that it does not portray the church, missionaries, or religion in a positve way at all. People talk to us all the time, and are like "oh wow you are nothing like the missionaries in the play" lol! One time someone wanted to take pictures with us because they just saw the play. I laughed about it lol! But Idk it is apparenly a pretty big deal. And is Mitt Romney really that high in the polls right now? like 49% or something right? That is kinda cool! But yeah all is good!
I got irritated this morning with some missionaries, because some people just have no respect for other peoples beliefs. I seriously wanted to go off on them. People believe what they want you know? This missionary was just making fun of something he saw and it just made me mad, cuz they are doing this all the time. He said something like the "Spirit of the Devil" when they were talking about feeling the Holy Ghost. NO! not right at all. The Spirit testifies truth and EVERY CHRISTIAN RELIGION TESTIFIES JESUS IS THE CHRIST! And he was just being ignorant. And missionaies say really ignorant things about Mary and Baby Jesus and how Catholics worship them. And I almost went off on an elder the other day for just going on and on about the Catholic Church. I wanted to punch him for how ignorant he was being lol! But I cleared it all up, and told him not to talk about other peoples religions, just like he does not like it when people talk about ours. Every person can believe what they want to believe. There are not many things that make me mad, but when someone pokes fun at something that is spiritual and personal to someone.They have no right! Thirteenth Article of Faith. "We believe in all things virtuous or of Good report" Uh it just frustrates me! Just don't talk about other peoples religions in a negative way. You can still teach what you believe, and let them feel the spirit. Just don't talk behind their backs, talk about what they believe and how they share it. Sorry about that lol! It just bugs me that people talk like that,  and they are supposed to be an example lol! But just live and move on and forgive and forget it. It just bugs me lol! Sorry about that!

Well I'm glad all is good! And there are no more tornadoes! I miss my friends back home :( And family and All of you! Thank you for the package by the way mom! Thats so awesome that RJ is in France. I am way jealous! Oh mom did you save all those pictures from my memory card? Cuz I want to delete them so I can take more, but idk... But yeah all is good! Where is Todd going to EFY? 
But what all is going on back home? How are the Cards doing? Did Mark and Mike get their letters from me? Also ask Nick B. if he got his letter from me!
Well I love you all! Things are awesome! Its blistering hot here! Ugh! So humid, just like home! So many cool people! Mom and Dad I hope you fly out to come get me! but two years from now I may just be ready to come home.  idk well I love and miss you all!  I am still me! I Stuff is good in this hood! :) But it really is! I want some cheeseits so I'm thinking I will go buy some! Okay well see you all soon! Give Garret and Thomas and Todd a hug for me!  Okay well love you all!
 Okay well got to go! Love you!

PS: Oh also Add this into my blog! Go to Click MormonTv and go to NEw Videos and go to the 4th page and find the video called prayers! This is about a lady in ward! Just so happens to be the one that canceled on Elder Lewis and my dinner appointment lol! But it shows the inside of our building and places in New York that are in my area! She is way awesome She is a ward missionary. check out the video! Way awesome! But... Uhm what else. oh I know! Add better music to my blog lol! 
P.S. I played basketball today, and just to let you all know I suck still. But I look forward to coming home and beating Bryan again!
P.S.S. Send me my Bear!
Okay love you mucho! 

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