Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pray For Them

Okay not a lot of time today! But first of all Love you all! Mom have Tre email my friends and ask for all of their hats and shirt sizes!!! You get way legit deals from the people on the streets with stuff! Especially fake yankees hats that look LEGIT and Sweet Fokelys lol! Well I gave Dad an update on all of the people that have not dropped us :( But Dora y Joe did not go well! apparenly Joe got freaked out and moved in with his dad... His mom said she would still like to listen to us, but is never home. Juan has not showed up for 3 appointments we have set... Dionis we are meeting with tonight so Pray that he shows up. We have figured out that Spanish Culture... People are really bad at keeping thier commitments. At least in this city! But City life is awesome! Yankees game was today! Had a lot of fun! Send me a memory card! I will send one home tomorrow! I am all out of room! I deleted some of the other stuff on there... I hope that was okay... But yeah things are fun! and the Spirit is way strong! Prayed with a homeless lady yesterday. It was a cool experience. She was mentally unstable! I have met a lot of cool people I wish I could tell you all about them. You can just read my journal when I get home! I have been doing a pretty good job at keeping up with it! Almost Everyday, not quite but most of the time! Dad would be proud :)

Last P-Day we went to the Metropolitan Museum and walked around Central Park! Place is sweet (just answered Dads question.) But I would love to go running in the park for exercise in the morning, but it is too far :( So maybe me and Elder Huerta will do it for a P-day next cycle after Elder Martindale leaves. He does not like running much lol! 

Nope still no mail from my friends :( Sad face! haha, but tell them to write me. Tell you know who to talk to them for me! They can all have like a write Mark hour lol! I would like to hear from them. I miss those Kids a ton! Love them all to Death! Hope they are all good! 

Melissa seems to be doing good :) You should talk to her!  I hear from her a ton! I wish I was as good at writing her as she is at writing me! I feel bad for that! I miss her! I miss everyone, but let her know I miss her! lol! :) 

And yes I know I need to write Granny! :( Sorry I haven't she writes me so much! but we hardly get any time to write! We are always going somewhere on P-day because Elder Martindale wants to do a lot of stuff before he leaves in 4 weeks! 

But just some random stuff... Uhm lets see Bought more ties yesterday lol! Ten dollars on the street from Ronald the Tie Guy! haha I have a Calvin Kline one that had a 50 price tag on it.... You don't ask where he gets them.. haha really nice guy though. Gave us free ties to give to the Bishops in our Church building. He said next time I come he will give me a free tie!  Uhm but all is well! love bearing my testimony and love talking to people! Talked to a guy who played in the Book of Mormon play! Have you all heard about that? We get questions about it all the time! Its crazy! We talk to people about it all the time. It is directed by the people who made "South Park" Apparntly it is negative towards the Church (But once again its from the makers of Southpark They have made fun of everything from Spongebob to Joseph Smith and the Pope) but it is a great way for people to talk to you! I have given a ton of referrals to other companionships because of it! Talked to a guy for 45 minutes at the Met about our religion and said he wanted to know more! 

Talked to this guy named Alfred yesterday who already like knew the Gospel. Had never taken lessons. I was like jumping out of my shoes while me and Elder Lewis were talking to him (we went on a split Elder Lewis came out with me) He knew EVERYTHING!!! It was crazy! Like wow! Hopefully the English Missionaries find him and find him again fast! I gave them the info! Speaking of which? do you know Sister Beswick from Idaho, mom from that missionary moms thing? He said his mom knew you and took Greg out to eat? He is a way cool kid. I went on a Blitz with him my first week here.

Well saw Elder Sorensen at the Yankees game today! that was cool! Oh and Elder Veater and Kay are in my Zone... and live together. Uhm... Oh mom get me a new prescription on my pills and face cream!!!!! ok I am random... I went on a Blitz with Elder Veater last week... Lets just say that was uh... Well interesting lol! I love Elder Veater he is such a unique kid lol! 

Oh my companion is in the home ward of Elders Uchdorf, Bednar, and Hales! Crazy! He knows them. Sister Uchdorf and Bednar visit teach his mom! He sees them all the time!!!!  haha! Not fair! such a lucky kid! Oh dad remind me next week to ask you something if you read this!! I don't have time to right now! 

Oh and mix yours and Dads email if you want okay mom? 

Okay well I got to go. Get that info from my friends like I asked! Okay I love you! Pray for the people here! You have no idea how different it is. Meet homeless people and the most humble poor people everyday. Mom and Dad thank you for everything in my life. I love you both so much for all you have done. I am so grateful for what I have after seeing how some people live. Pray for them. we visit a man who has 1 room in his home. Pray for them. We hear shootings everynight. Everynight. Don't worry about me. I'm safe we are in on time and nothing goes down during the day. But I heard a man die 5 days ago. Pray for them. Don't worry about me. I'm in the Lords hands. Pray for them. The Lord will guide me and protect me I have full faith and confidence in that. I love you mom hope all is Going good :) I'm happy hope you are too! God Bless you all and Pray for them! Talk to and see you soon!!!! 

Love your silly goofy ugly, gklgjakoghakgjakogjasdklj gagj haha son Marky Stephen Mattei! SSS BB Scrapmeat LPB SP! Haha I think my friends probably miss calling me these things more than they do me lol! Okay Love you all bye! :)

  But NY is awesome! I love it Dad! The people are awesome! We are working with 3 main investigators right now preparing for Baptism. One is named Jesus. He is 22 and has a 2 year old daughter. He works at a barbershop a member in the ward owns. He actually just cut my hair today lol! Shaved my face too all old school like lol! But yeah, he is going to be hard to get to Baptism, but he knows the importance of it and how it really is the only way to Return to God. I love him. He is awesome! Really shy, but a cool kid! And his name is Jesus lol! That makes him awesome automatically. He has tatoos and piercings and smokes so I can see how thats going to be a problem , but I know the Lord can do anything he wants so I am not to worried about that! :) (oh and we teach him in English :)

We are also teaching Lysolo Cuas. She is like... 23 maybe. Dominican. She speaks fluent... Fast Spanish! she is really cool! She was asking a lot of questions about temples the other day and says she wants one of the cool VIP paper things to get in lol! But she is really cool! She wants to make sure the Gospel is true, but she is progressing well and will hopefully have a date soon! Plus she is in a part member home! Her 2 cousins are members! 

Then there is Ricardo! He has a baptismal date! June 4th! Only met him twice, but he is a cool kid! 19 years old... Wow just realized all our investigators are young... But yeah his friend Felipe is about to go on a mission in the Ward! They are the Munoz family. The Single Mom with 6 kids. In a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment.Really humbling. Plus they have a really weird family arrangemetn...

So yeah the Spanish is coming slowly but surely! I can understand a lot more than when I first got here. It is coming along! Everybody says 2 months before you really get the hang of it... So yeah. I am patient and I know the Lord will help me! Well I am going to reply to Moms email! I love you Dad and yes we should take a Father/Son trip when I get home! I would really like that! Well talk to you soon! Message me if you get on! Love you!!!!

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