Wednesday, March 28, 2012

He is Listening!

Hey mom! :) How are you doing?? haha well I guess you already answered that....
So glad to hear that you all are enjoying yourselves! :) Sounds like you have a great week ahead of you! Crazy that Josh is getting married! Feels like just yesterday we were running around in Grandma's orange trees. Tell him I said congrats. That is so cool for him! and tell Uncle Donnie and Aunt Cindy I say Hi! :) And Meagan! I was thinking about all of them this week! I miss them a lot! :) So just let them know they are on my mind!
But so yeah we have a baptism with Chris this Sunday! She is really excited and we are really excited for her! It will be between the sessions of General Conference! I am so happy! Plus we are teaching this 18 year old kid named Edwin! He will be getting baptized on the 8th of April! Hopefully he will serve a mission! haha! That would be so cool! That is something I really want to see is one of our converts go off and serve the Lord and helping even more people! That is when you know you have really made a difference! :) 
But yeah I am good! Weather has been a little worse this week but still pretty good! Haha tell Greg that he really needs to learn to drive the Jetta lol! It really is not that hard.
So we have this really cool family in our area. The Reyes! They have 2 kids, Deosfer and Fernando who are cool! Fernando is like 25 and Deosfer is my age. But they are cool! We go over there every week and Sister Reyes always cooks for us! They are awesome! Probably like my family in the Ward. Either that or Sister Tahatta.! She is the sweetest old woman in the world!  They are a really cool family as well! I am finally starting to like this area a lot more! Not that I did not like it before, but it is starting to match up to what Harlem was/is. but I don't think it ever will. Harlem just has a really special place in my heart! :)
So it sounds like Jackson is doing really good! I am so happy for him in his leadership position! And I thought I had it somewhat tough being District leader! I hold Jackson in such high regard! I am so happy for him!  He truly does set a great exaple for me - a better reason not to complain, because I know he has it a lot more rough than I do.
So I don't know if I already told you guys, but President and Sister Smith only have 2 more cycles left after this one. At Zone Conference last week President showed us a picture of President and Sister Morgan, our new mission president. So it will be an exciting change.. But also a sad change. I love President Smith so much! :) He is such a great guy! I am happy and content with all he has done! I hope you all can meet him one day! He and Sister Smith are just great, they show so much love to all of us! And to everyone for that matter! :)
Oh and Mom haha I made a video I will be sending home soon.. It is really stupid..... haha really dumb.. But you asked for it! So what can I say! :P So I am sure you will like that! :)
So yeah that is what is going on in my life! Haha I am still full from Papa John's yesterday :P My belly hurts! We eat Papa Johns a lot! Like a ton! :) It's nice spending time with the Guys in the Apartment! They really know how to lift eachother up! It is a ton of fun! :) I wish you guys could see it! :) But other than all that! I am great! Heavenly Father is there and he is listening! I KNOW  THAT! :) I love you guys so much! and I am so grateful for everything all of you do! You guys are the best! :) I love you so much! Love, Mark! :)

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