Thursday, March 1, 2012

Upcoming Baptism/Still in the Bronx

Well I am doing great!! Gisela will be baptized this Saturday!! Yay!! SO I am excited! :) Well so yesterday we went to a member's house and she definitely gave us tea... uh... lol! But they claimed it was not. haha! But like I said Gisela and Jordy are getting baptized this week! :) And we found a family who just moved here and the parents are members but the daughter is not. The Veles family! They are from Ecuador! They are really cool! We set a baptism date with the daughter, Chris last night! :) yay! Sorry I did not say much to everyone! Just know that I am good and you are all in my prayers! The Lord is blessing me now more than ever! Please keep me in your prayers! :) Tell the Ward I say Hello! I miss them all a lot! Sounds like Jackson is doing good! He is awesome! He is totally prepared for these experiences and God has put HIM there for a reason! Well Love you all! I am great! Hope you all are too! I promise to say more next week1 I just had to write my little bro Today! Take care! May God Bless you all as he has blessed my life! :)
Peace out!
Love, Marky Mark!!
Oh and Elder Wilkey and I are together for cycle # 3! yeah boy!! :)

Well just a quick add on to my email! I did not say much!!
Sorry, just really flustered.. So Elder Huerta Luna left today :(  (This was Mark's first companion/trainer who returned to his home in Puebla, Mexico.  He has Elder Barnes' phone number, who is serving in that mission and will be contacting him soon) I was really really sad! And I SAW ELDER SCAIFE AGAIN!!!!!!! :)  (his companion in the MTC) He is in my Zone!! IT has been 10 months since I have seen him! That was so nice! But yeah that is pretty much all that is new with me! :) But yeah all of you take care! You are all in my prayers. This life is about progression, so just keep going even when you think you cannot continue any longer. There is an end. and it will be well worth it! :) Love you all! Love, Mark! Again! haha! :P LOVE YOU!

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