Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st Week in New York

Hola Mi Familia! 

Life is going good! this city is Freaking Crazy! I just realized yesterday that when we hit the streets we are the only white people in Harlem! The first few days I was to busy worrying about everything else! Its crazy! I'm a minority! So yeah life is awesome! And before I forget I know Elder Hill, not very well but I know him! His companion from the MTC is in the same apartment as me. Elder Stevens is his name. He serves with Elder Navarez who is pretty awesome and from Cali.

So Elder Martindale, i figured out is on his last transfer. He will be going home in 6 weeks. So I will kill him off. But most likely I will stay with Elder Heurta after this cycle. Uhm so yeah. A lot to write! The city is awesome! Crazy things happen here! A lot of people in Harlem are convinced that the world will be ending on Saturday. Only God knows why they think this, but a lot of people are crazy! haha! Subway or the "Train" is always fun! People will do anything on there lol! So like yesterday there was this Crazy Lady screaming about Jesus for a Good 45 minutes! Like Crazy telling everybody on the Train Christ would smite them if they did not repent right now lol! Then some tourist was taking pictures right up in her face and she was like "In the Name of Christ I command you to step back" Of course he didn't he kept taking pictures. I thought it was funny lol! She does not have the authority to say that either so.... But yeah like she was doing a good thing, but the way in which she was doing it was way messed up lol! I feel bad for her! 

So we have a lot of new investigators right now! We are teaching this Domincan Girl named Lisalo. She seems way solid. She came to church for the first time this past Sunday. She is 21, I think and her cousins are members and that is who she is living  with. First night i was here we taught her and I did not understand anything! By and By I am learning the language and understanding what people are saying. I can communicate. Not well but I can do it. And the Spirit helps me with all the things I need to do and say. 

We are also teaching this guy named Jesus (Yes that is his name.) ahah but I actually get to teach him in English which is nice. Most Hispanic people here speak both, and it just so happens that he prefers English. He is 22. 

Then there is Nelson. Who I love! He is 67 and learning English. Recent convert! We just go over there and force him to speak to us in English! I said a prayer the other day and that really humbles you when you have a full grown man repeating the words that you are saying. He is awesome and he has a Dog named John F. Kennedy. lol! 

We are also teaching Juan, or will be. I contacted into him in the Projects. (He was drunk at the time) He said he wanted to stop drinking and we said we could help him. Well Elder Huerta did. I just walked up to him and said "Hola Somos Missineros de la Iglesia de Jesus Cristo de los santos de los utimos dias" haha then he sat down and listened to us. We are teaching him tomorrow. I have a great feeling about him! Like really good! 

So then we just found this woman Dora and her son Joe yesterday. An inspired contact once again, this time by Elder Huerta. Talked about families and just so happened that she was looking for help in her family. Her son speaks English so I will get to teach him more with Elder Martindale. Elder Huerta speaks English, but is learning. He has been out for a lil over a year. I love both of my trainers they are helping us out a lot! I love contacting to lol! Most missionaries hate it, but I think it is so much fun! you get to meet a lot of cool people and as long as you are nice and outgoing they normally listen and success comes out of it! The Spirit can really do cool things! We have helped find a lot of new investigators for a couple other areas as well.

So as you can imagine life is way different here. I am being humbled way fast. The Munoz family. She is a single mom. With six kids. Lives in a 1 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment. Life is way different. I can't even begin to explain. They are so humble though and so happy with life,because they know that they have everything that they need. These are the best people to be around. Because they know people and they know what is truly important in life. Most of the areas we knock doors are in government housing (the projects) and these people really are not what society makes them out to be. yes some are, but the majority of these people are good people and want to do the right thing. Bad stuff happens down here not gonna lie, but a ton of really great things do as well. I have already seen miracles. Last night a man named Dionis walked into the church. Just so happened that he was Hispanic (spoke English as well) and 3 Hispanic missionaries were there. He said something about the church called his name and he needed to go inside. The lord provides a way.Okay Well  i don't got a lot of time. Mom whatever questions i did not answer let me know and ask me again next week! I love you all and hope all is well! Life is Great :) The Gospel Changes lives. It is Changing mine. I'm still stupid old me! haha no but really life is awesome! I hope everything at home is well! I will pray specifically for everyone of you! 
Greg will be home soon! Crazy! Oh Yankees game will be fun :) haha I will get him something! haha! its next Wednesday I think. But yeah. We are going to the natural History Museum today and the Metropolitan! Oh and I saw the Hotel from Home Alone lol! We get to go to the nice part of the city sometimes too lol! 

Tell everyone Hi and I love them! the ward and my friends! Life is great I miss you all! Hope all is well! hope I let you know everything you wanted to know! Tell lindsay Congrats on Graduation! Thats awesome! Weird to think I did it just a year ago! Very sad :( But happy. time Flies! I love you all! hope all is good back home! Mom send me a yankees calender and next year a NY Rangers Calender and the recipe for Gumbo! Oh and Not too interesting food yet either! Tried avacadoes for the first time though. Not as bad as they looked lol! Dad was always trying to get me to eat guacamole. Send Bear! Oh and buy 2 copies of Joseph Smith  The prophet of the Restoration for me! 1 in English and 1 in Spanish! Those movies are aweome! Ok well gots to go! Love you all! Send me Gma's Shrimp gumbo recipe too! Elder Huerta wants to try it! haha ok love you! I will send a list home with other stuff either next week or in the mail! I love you all! 

Love your Crazy Son Mark

Give Everyone a hug for me! Lub oow awe! :) 

P.s I want my room back to the way I had it when I get home :P

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