Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Love NY

Hey Mommy! lol! I am in a Trio!~ My companions are Elder Huerta Luna from Puebla Mexico and Elder Martindale from Salt Lake! I am serving in Harlem!!! Freaking sweet! I love it so far!  Everything is fine!  We are on the 19th floor! Its crazy! I saw yankee stadium today! And we will get to go to a yankees game in a couple weeks! I'm pumped! I love it so far! Its nice having a native with me to learn to speak the language with me a lot better.Uhm Mission president is awesome! president Brown, didn't get to talk to him too much because there were 20 missionaries he had to interview. Had a good nights sleep and a really nice dinner too! It was awesome! He and his wife are really nice. Its their first mission as well as mine. And we are the largest transfer to come in!   

I want to get out and start teaching already. Which we will at six o' clock! But there are five of us in our room! 2 english speaking missionaries, one of them came in with me but I cannot remember either one of their names!  So yeah, but I'm so happy! Life is good! I really don't have much to say! the life is crazy here! Some old guy was singing and playing a violin on the subway today lol! Way funny! Just soaking it all in! We are emailing from the church! Oh which once again, the churches are even different! They are built up so its really weird! (meaning more than one story) The one we had transfers today had a parking garage. I just realized I have been in 3 different churches today! We are going to teach a mexican member tonight! I don't know her name, but yeah... Apparently we have 10 different investigators right now, but yeah I am really really excited! there is not a whole lot to say yet, other than the city is awesome :) 

oh my address is... 1990 lexington ave. #19F NY,NY 10035. So yeah there it is! Ok so write me soon! So yeah anything else you want to know? Elder Scaife is serving in Stamford, Connecticut, Kay is in Manhattan, uhm... Sorenson idk :( and elder Eliason is in upstate NY!  So everything is good I love you all mucho! It was really nice to have the chance to talk to all of you! Hope all is going good! Post my address, and Tell Mark, Mike and Jake to write me and Bryan - I am about to send him a letter. And tell Joel to write me! And whoever else? I'm not forgetting any of them am I? Ok I hope all is well! I love you all! Stay safe because I will be! You all are in my prayers, hope all is going good! Love you! Bye Bye now! (Apparently not  ;)  )   This place is amazing and you are all amazing and I miss everyone back home! Tell everyone who signed that one card for me thank you by the way!  (Thank you to the church members who signed the Easter card!)  Ok love you all once again! NY is awesome! I can't wait to really start! Oh and one last bad news :( I left my English Scriptures at the Mission home :( But I will get them soon hopefully! Ok I love you all! Hope all is going good! Love you! Give Garret a hug for me and forward my emails to greg, Jackson, and RJ , and Mckeon! Ok Love you all! Bye! :) 

PS: Oh! Really quick! Haha we almost missed our flight to NY from Detroit! Haha our district was at the wrong gate and barely made it! Hahaah it was pretty funny! Detroit airport is HUGE!!!  IT was like a scene from a movie with 6 missionaries running through the airport! One of Elder Kays wheels broke! lol! Oh and NY is beautiful! The countryside is so green! Its awesome! Plus the mission home was way nice! and I got the first good nights sleep in two months! Fun stuff! Okay well I miss you all! Bye! Life is awesome! Having a Whole Grip of fun! and I constantly am feeling the Spirit! Talk to you all next week! love you all! 

And more - Yeah Greg is right way too much packed! Try hauling it all around on the subway and having to walk with it 6 blocks! A pain in the butt! I am not doing that every transfer meeting! I will definitely be sending some stuff home lol! Probably in the next two or three weeks! that was so hard carrying all of that stuff! NY is awesome I love it! 

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