Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One More Week

Ah ha not a problem, the pictures are awesome! The one of Elder Veater singing is a song he made up that we think is hilarious! And yes Elder Law was packing cuz it was the last time he was going to get to hear the song!

The Video of Elder Kay was him making his funny voice and saying "I'm a puppy" then barking like a dog lol!

 And don't even worry about the one of me and Elder Crisp ;) haha its an inside joke lol! I miss Elder Crisp and Law; they are great Missionaries!

And yes, a week from now I will be in the Air :) I am so excited :) I can't wait to get to NY! RJ Is doing great! I really don't want to leave him and Jackson! I'm going to miss those two so much! Along with all the other friends I have made here! I know God has put people in my life for a reason and when they need to be there!

I was so happy to hear about Tre's mission call!!! Puebla Mexico! thats awesome! 3 Missionaries in my zone are going to the some Mission! Elder Neilson, Elder Lavoto (Knows Blaine Sherwood by the way) and Elder Pratt! All three Great Guys; I am sure Tre will get to meet them! Elder Neilson is a boss! He is one of the better friends I have made here!

That is aweome that Aunt Cindy and Uncle Donnie are coming! I hope my mish president will let me see them! and my companion will not be a complete Zooby about it! But that would be awesome! I am so excited!!!! Tell the fam I love them! I am going to write Todd and Thomas today! Mom Happy Mothers day! I will be sending a card today.  Haha I think you will enjoy it! :)

Thats aweosme that Tre, Mckeon and I will be able to speak spanish! So on that subject we got a new teacher last week HERMano Hernandez! HE is Mexican and pretty much only speaks spanish! Its hard to listen but I am learning a lot! Gilli left and went to take a job in Colorado!
Oh and yes I have got the packages! thank you I love them and I love you!

Glad to hear everyone is good! LEt them know I love them! OH and about me calling my flight leaves at 7 in the morning UT time. We leave the MTC at 4 and hopefully I will get to call somewhere between then! Then a lay over in Detroit from 12 45 to 2 15 so I might get to call then too! ZL is hard but they will change them up on sunday cuz I am leaving so thats good :) I kind of like it though! THings have been getting better! Okay well I love you all I have like no time, but I love you all and can't wait to talk to you on tues!!!!! But yeah we also heard from Elder Oaks. The Gospel is true I love you all :) :) time to go I love you fjsdsdjfjf sdklfjsdfkl HAhah Love you all! ! God bless! :)

Mark!!!! MArky!

A Funny Story from one of Mark's Letters ~

Oh and a quick funny story, you can put this on my blog if you want to. lol   

Last week I was laying in my bed and I told Elder Sorensen that my Blanket was better than his. (my brown one)  He has a similar one, but of course mine is better.  He then said, "Yeah right".  So I put my blanket over my body, covering my face, and said, "Cover Fight!"  So Elder Sorensen cheated and didn't put his blanket over his head and picked me up and spun me around.  when he was done, he said, " Here's your bed."  And I was like, "Haha real funny", because I thought he was trying to trick me.  So I spun around to where I thought my bed was (blanket still over my head of course), and dove to what I thought was my bed.  Long story short, it was not my bed.  I hit my head on a chair that was on the other side of the room.  lol  Elder Sorensen laughed for a good ten minutes.  lol  Just imagine me flying through the air with my blanket covering my head then landing on top of a chair.  lol  OK,  end of story.  Haha!  Love you, Bye!

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  1. I can totally imagine you flying through the air! So glad that you're having fun as you prepare to go to New York!