Friday, March 1, 2013

Last Email Home

Hey I am not trunky!!

That is not fair to say! So hello everyone I sent my mission experience, but I will also send this short email. We are about to go to the temple. :) I am excited! This last week of my mission is going to be the best one. I am going to make sure of that! 

So just an update on the week. So on Monday we went to the Quiroa's house for dinner like we do every Monday. We have been asking Emily for the past like 3 months if she needs us to carry her tv down from her room for her. Finally we do it. We get it down the stairs and into the living room. Elder Heywood is outside opening the car door, and I go inside to pick up the TV.. As I do so, my pants rip from groin to my lower back... The only other person in the room was Cindy Quiroa and she is like 25... Haha it was super embarrassing! BUT SO FUNNY! The two of us laughed for like 5 minutes! And Elder Heywood came in, and I made him carry the TV by himself as I shimmied out the door, making sure not to turn my rear towards Cindy. One of the funnier moments on my mission! :P Haha I just wanted to tell y'all about that... It has been a good week though! :) Temple is going to be great today! 

So when I get home.... Saturday I would really like to go to the temple.  Just cuz it would be nice to go with all of you. Also.. I want to go and join a GYM with Todd. I do not know if that is something that is possible. But I would really like to do that, because it would be a good way for me to spend time with him. And i will be reading the scriptures with him at night when I get home, just like I did before! I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY HOCKEY! :) I am excited for a lot of things! But really sad! So many mixed emotions! 

Also, I need one hard core massage when I get home.. so I was  thinking of getting one somewhere, or IDK. I have a really bad back.. Thanks  Dad! I think I inherited  that from you! :P

So I did not get accepted to BYU. boo hoo. So Mom I am thinking about applying for a job as an EFY counselor.. Only 1 problem. Says I need 1 year of work or school out of high school.. But I think I will apply anyway. What do you think? Between the 2 I almost have a year right?? 

Okay well I got to go! Maybe I wil get on tonight. Temple will take up most of the day. President is taking us out afterwards! I love you all! :) 

Love Mark! :) See you all soon!  

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