Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day is the Hardest Day


Well I was not planning on telling you the DL thing. (Elder Mattei is a district leader - he explains a little bit what that entails.)  It happened like 5 weeks ago. So I have been one for like 5 weeks now, so yes it is in Kingsbridge zone! It has been alright, just taking numbers and getting to do interviews. (District Leaders typically receive weekly reports from all the missionaries in their district.  These reports include numbers of people contacted, number of lessons taught, number of people who have committed to baptism, etc.  Another responsibility includes interviewing people prior to baptism to help determine their understanding and readiness.)  Sunday nights are a little stressfull, the Zone leaders have us doing things a little differently, but it is really well and is working pretty good. It's helping us know as a zone and district what is going on with each individual investigator. So it has been good!

Yeah Tre' and I are able to keep in contact. I also email RJ and Jackson each week. Mckeon never responds to me... :/ But oh well not much I can do. Just wish I could hear how he is doing! I miss all of them so much! and I am so happy for them!  (For those who don't know- these are some of Elder Mattei's best friends, also serving missions, 2 in Mexico, 1 in France and 1 in Russia.)

So what happened to Todd playing Lacrosse?? I was really pumped that he was going to play.. Guess that never happened. But that was a cool article you sent me about Mitch.(former hockey teammate)  Thank you for that. Crazy,,, High School seems so far away... I miss playing Hockey so much... :/ There are a lot of things I miss... Ahh! I just want to be a normal kid lol! No j.k. (just kidding) everything is really good.

Valentine's Day is definitely the hardest day of my mission, as far as trunkyness goes. lol! (Trunkyness is a missionary term for homesickness - usually experienced very close to the end of the mission.)  NY is not a good place to be in that regards. Thousands of couples, People selling Flowers, Candy, and stuffed animals all over the place! I could not escape it! Then at night everyone and their Dog making out in the Subways!.. Fun night! Haha! No it really was not that bad. Being with Elder Wilkey has just kind of made me a little trunky I guess... NOT GOOD! I sitll have a year! But I am still working hard!

Gisela is doing good! She does not feel ready for baptism, but she has had some pretty crazy experiences... She knows the church is true! that is for sure! And she wants her and her son Jordy to be baptized! We are still shooting for the 25th, and I am pretty sure it is still going to happen! :) She bore the sweetest testimony.. She told us how years ago she saw Joseph Smith in a dream, before we ever taught her about him.. And when we showed her a pictrue of him.. she just started crying and knew that he was a prophet and God restored his Church through him... She said she could not tell us everything she saw... It was a really cool experiance. It strengthened my testimony so much! uh... Other than all that.. There is not a whole lot to say. It has just been one of those weeks you know?? It was like a roller coaster! A bunch of ups, and a lot of downs! I am just happy that the ups outweighed the downs :) Elder Lewis bought me some cookies this morning so that made me really happy! :) 

And no I have not talked to Nick in a while. I need to write him! I need to write a lot of people actually! Dang it! Tell Granny I got her card and money and I am very thankful! I will write them tonight! Along with Todd! :) And Nash, and Mark, Mike, Jake, and Bryan.. I have a letter for Joel and Brother Lenahan that have been sittting on my desk for weeks! I just need to send them lol! I am pathetic! 

Shoot I almost forgot! Aaron is getting baptized?? (Aaron is a family acquaintance who graduated with Greg; very close ties with various church members - yet another example of friendship and member missionary work! ) That is so exciting! Someone tell him congratulations for me! That is so cool! Good for him! I knew that would happen eventually! 

Well I love you all very much! Sorry if I am a bit boring today! Did not mean to be!! oh and yes! So are we going to be coming back here the summer after my mission?? Because that is what I would like to do! It would be a lot of fun! :) That could be our family vacation! :) Please?!! :) Oh and also.. As you all know I get to go to a broadway play at the end of my mission, I just figured I would ask now since they are fairly expensive if I could use some money and go! I really want to go see the Lion King or Phantom of the Opera.. Probably Lion King! :) 

Okay well Much love! Take care! 

Love, Mark! :) 

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