Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Talk to You Very Soon

Hey Mom I am going to keep this relatively short, so I have a lot more to say on Christmas. So I am sending a Christmas package home today! I hope it gets there by Christmas. I will call Christmas Eve to let you know when I will be calling for just a minute. Uhm invite my friends to come over. I will actually have little gifts and cards in the package for them. So if they want them they need to come get them lol! I just did not feel like sending out 5 differnt packages. It's just small stuff so just tell them on facebook.  They each have something. So let them know. Call them or something and let them know. And what else... Oh yeah Melissa will not be able to make it :( It sounds like we don't really have restricitons of phone calls so I will probably just be giving her a call. And I wil be able to talk to you all for a long time :)

 ... Oh before I forget - Elder Wilkey! He is related to Bladen!! He is Whitney (His wife's) cousin! Haha how cool is that! We talked about it for like a good hour lol Small world! I forgot Brandon told me that Whitney had a cousin in the same mission. Crazy right?? Don't tell him! Elder Wilkey is going to call them on Sunday and I am going to talk to him for a moment! Well Tell Nicole I am happy for her! And that is so exciting! I hope you all have a great Christmas! I am excited to talk to you all! :) You seriously have no idea! Make sure Greg has a good day! It's his first Christmas home! Seriously! Ahh.. I wish I could be home. Just for Christmas! Well I will give a quick ring on Saturday! Well I love you all so much! 

Love Mark! 

Talk to you all very soon! :) 

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