Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Moving to the Bronx

Hello everyone! So I am out :( I am way sad! I will probably keep this email really short because I was up really late packing after saying bye to a ton of people! I am sad, but happy! Elder Huerta Luna (his trainer) is in my District again! And Elder Kay (from the MTC) is my DL so in that regards it is good! Also my new companion Elder Wilki seems way cool! I can already tell we are going to get along! But yes I got the tree and the Package! Thank you so much! It means a lot! So tell everyone for now to just send mail to the mission office until I get you all the new address in the Bronx. I am serving in South Bronx. So yeah I am excited it will be a nice change I think! :)

But I will miss Harlem :( Haha I gave Hermana Munoz your number mom and she said she might call you lol! I was way emotional when I left. I was there for so long. And it was my first area. I think I cried everywhere I went lol! I just seriously love those people so much! I will tell you guys more when Icall this month! But yeah.. I was sad. When I heard Elder Torres say we were getting whitewashed  (having both missionaries leave) I thought he was joking.. But then he said seriously.. and I just went and cried.. I thought for sure I would be there for 1 more. President basically promised me.. But God's will will be done! And I felt comfortable with it. I have made so many friends there. Life long friends. I did not think it was possible to grow to love so many people in so little time. I was and am way sad. But excited for what is up ahead and who I will meet and who else I will get to spend time with, and grow and learn from them.
I learned and felt my testimony grow so much in the past 7 months. I have changed as a person for the better that is for sure! Elder Hellberg helped me get over the change and now all is running smoothly as it should. New York, and especially Manhattan holds a special place in my heart. The lights, the city, the noise, and especially the people I have grown to love! They are amazing! This city is amazing! I believe I look at New York 1000 times different than the majority of the world does! This truly is the greatest place on earth!
So Elder Hellberg just left! I gave him a hug and will see him soon! He is going to come back for when Angie and Anthony are sealed! So Anthony's Baptism was great! Elder Hellberg baptized him.. and I confirmed him a member of the Church! Talk about stressful.. But seriously the gift of tongues and guidance of the Holy Ghost are real. I felt them! It was an awesome experience! :) Crazy week this week! Really eventful. went from Elder Hellberg saying bye, to us having to go back again so I could say bye and Thank you! :)
Well thanks for the pictures. Dad is in my prayers. Sounds like he is working hard! and Mom just keep doing what you do! Because you are doing a great job at it! :) I am really tired this week and don't feel like writing a lot! I will fill you in more next week! Take care and God Bless! I have felt his hand in my life. And no matter what all the doubters, all the unbelievers, and all the persecuters may say,He is there. And he loves us. Keep him in your hearts, and don't be afraid to question. Because if we don't question there is no growth! :) I have felt that and I know that! Love you guys so much! Love you! Take care!
Love, Marky Mark!!

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