Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Doing Just Fine

Hey there everyone!! How are you??

So I have been thinking about you guys a lot this week! And I have been thinking about how the Lord has blessed me with such awesome family and Friends! :) I miss you guys and love you all so much! 

So Thanksgiving was fun! We went and ate at Sister Ortiz’s house for lunch and our investigator Anthony’s for dinner! It was a lot of fun! Nothing like being home though! And the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was a lot of fun as well! :) We went with the Sisters: Sister Anderson and Alverez!  Fun for sure. But way over hyped! I think it would be fun to be there with like Garrett and Thomas! Or just like little kids! But really cool balloons! My favorite was the Picachu one! Lol! 

So Anthony’s Baptism is Saturday! I am way excited for him! Elder Hellberg will be baptizing him! So that’s way cool for him right before he goes home! And we are going over there tonight to make sure everything is good! :) 

So I sent Stephie a card yesterday! A little late I know! So please call her and tell her it’s on its way and that I say Happy Birthday! :) How is she doing?? :) So yeah I kind of knew Bryan was going to be quitting football. He told me in his last letter. I hope I hear from him soon lol!  And yes I will write Todd. I always mean to do it but I feel like I never have the time! I will probably keep this email short just so I can make sure that I do it! :) But I enjoyed the little letter he wrote on Facebook.

So yup all things considered I'm doing just fine! :) That’s funny you watched all those videos! I miss stupid things like that haha! But I am good! We just really need to pick the work back up! Elder Hellberg’s trunk is starting to get heavy. It’s been a difficult week for the both of us. He has been pretty emotional. I feel for him!  But the Lord is blessing us! I am happy! :) And I cannot complain! :) I am just ready for the new cycle!  Well I will try to write more later! But if I don’t I love you all very much! and I miss you a ton as well! Not much has changed! and I am going to go write Todd a letter now! :) Well I love you all! 

Okay add on lol! But yes I will keep Nichole in my prayers! That’s awesome she had an interview with Bishop Remund! Tell her I said Hello and that I am happy for her! she is such a great girl and she is going to be eternally happy with the decision she made! 

And I am glad you got to see Melissa on Friday! :) That seriously makes me so so happy! :)  What did you guys get me?? :) haha! And I still have no idea what to get her! Lol! So yeah one more thing I want for Christmas is a new set of Scriptures! Mine are getting torn up! Different little kids have enjoyed ripping pages lol! All of which I have taped! But a new set would be nice! I have pretty much marked the ones I have up and down! And those pictures I asked for last week! :) 

And I just want to say sorry about the Amex charges.. I ran out of money really fast last month and I bought some Rogaine  lol! :) So don't be too mad at me! Sorry! I made a budget for this month so I am going to try my best to maintain it! Okay well I love you all much! Todd should be getting a letter very soon! :) 

Love, Mark! :) 

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