Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello! Hello! Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing good! I am doing pretty awesome myself! I had a good week other than the fact that I was sick last Wednesday and Thursday and was in all day! Never want that to happen again on my mission! So boring just to lay in bed all day without movies to watch or video games to play! lol! But it was a good week! :)

So Thanksgiving is tomorrow!! Yay! Happy Turkey Day everyone! :) We don't get to play football tomorrow so we are going to do it today as missionaries on the island of Manhattan. So that will be fun! President Smith does not like us to play sports off PDay at all. Even if it is with investigators, which I disagree with but oh well! I know there are some elders who are going to go play with their Wards anyway tomorrow. Our Ward does not play football, so we don't really have anything going on in the morning! But we are going to the Macy’s day parade tomorrow. but only for a little bit! But I am excited for that! I think that will be pretty fun! We got special permission from the AP's to go! After that we are going to teach a lesson at the Church with 2 or 3 of our investigators who are of deacon age! (12 – 13 years)  So that will be pretty sweet! And their friends from the Church will be coming as well! I will tell you more about all of them in just a minute! :) Then we are having a lunch with Sister Ortiz and Dinner with our investigator Anthony and his wife Angie! :) So it looks like it is going to be a pretty eventful day!

So you were asking - Yes looks like I will be here for 6 more weeks after this transfer! We had interviews with President Smith and he asked me how I liked the area and I told him I love it! And he told me “good” because he does not want to white wash it because he knows how hard Elder Huerta Luna and I worked to build it up from where it was! (White washing refers to the practice of removing both missionaries, ie. Mark and his companion, from the area.  Elder Hellberg, his companion is going home next week.) This area was dry for 3 years before Elder Martindale came apparently. And just in this past year we have had 8 baptisms. Crazy! The Lord really does work miracles! But it only comes with hard work! I have a testimony of that!  And on the 3rd we have one more on the way! :) Anthony is a great guy! I am excited! Like I said we are going over there for Thanksgiving! His wife Angie was a less active but wanted to expose him to the church! And now he is here and is making great friends and loving the things he hears and has felt them in his heart that they are true! :) Really relaxed chill guy! He is from the Dominican Republic and just cool to be around. He is like 26 I believe and works at a barber shop here in the city! :) But anyway back to what I was saying about my interview. President Smith asked me if I would like to stay 6 more weeks and I said "of course" then he looked me in in the eyes and said, “You love Harlem right?” And I said "yes"  and he said, “Good. Because this will be the best area you serve in!” And that was way cool to hear! But kind of sad at the same time because I know when I leave I will be heartbroken! I love this ward and the people here! But I am glad that I will have been able to spend 8 months with them! :) 
So yes we are teaching Diego (Friend of Luis M.) and also 2 friends of Christian C. Diego is 13 and reminds me a lot of Todd lol! Funny kid! I just met his mom for the first time the other day because she is super busy! Way fun family! Reminds me of home a little bit actually! But we are teaching his friends Izel and Rapheal. Izel does not speak a lick of Spanish lol! But he wants to be baptized into the Spanish Ward so he can be with Christian. And Raphael, we have only met with once! But we are playing dodgeball with them all tomorrow at the church! And talking to them after! 2 Sundays ago I taught their young men’s lesson and challenged them all to read the Book of Mormon between now and Christmas! So I am excited for them! They are all awesome kids! Diego has a baptismal date for the 3rd of December but he feels like the Bishop is pressuring him into it so if the Spirit directs we are going to tell him to think about it between now and Christmas and also to pray. And he can let us know then and will continue to meet with us until then! :) And Izel said yes to Baptism but was going to speak to his mom and we will find out how that went tomorrow! :) But it sounds like his mom is already really supportive! :)

So mom glad to hear you listened to the Spirit about your job! I know that must have been tough but it will all work out for the best! I am trying to get better at listening to it! But sometimes it’s really hard with all the noise and distractions that are New York City lol! And you all know me with my ADD lol!

And fun that Lindsay is doing all that! I will be keeping her in my prayers for sure! :)

So sounds like Christmas will be fun! I wish I could go black Friday shopping! I remember when me and Mckeon went last year! And that was probably the most fun I have ever had going shopping lol! I bought that pump action paintball gun lol! Gosh I miss that kid! What are the big gifts this year?? And awesome to hear about Julian! I need to write him! I miss him too! I just miss so many people lol! I am excited to call home on Christmas to talk to you all! And no not much for Christmas I really want! Just the Lion King lol! Keep it for me! Also Harry Potter and other movies. then the Picture thing I asked for! If anyone else wants to send anything just send money! And yeah let me know next week about Secret Santa! I am excited to go shopping for that! We are going to go to FAO Schwartz next cycle. The Giant Toy Store from Home Alone! I am pumped so I am probably going to end up buying for more than just my SS lol! But I also need some ideas for Melissa lol! I am struggling to think what to get her! any ideas?? And then I will probably send home some gifts for my friends. lol! Just some small stuff! But yeah I am excited for Christmas in NYC :) It’s going to be fun! Just going to really miss family and friends! And I don't really know what a latino Navidad is like so I guess we will find out lol! :)

 Okay well I am going to pause my writing for a little bit. We are leaving to go play football! :) I will be on to finish typing later! Love you all! :) 

Back! So mom to answer your questions.... No most likely not I will not get to go to the Rockefeller center :(  and unless you can send me Jack n the Box or Steak n shake or QT there is nothing that they don't have here that I really miss lol! If I can think of something between now and then I  will let you know!

So football drained the heck out of me! I am so tired! We had a way good turn out though! I am so beat up! Sometime I think I try maybe a little too hard lol! 

Well I have already written a lot! lol! Uhm mom if you could get a new cord for the N64 I would appreciate it! :) Get it for Garret please! and also if you could send me Both of the heads from my Lacrosse stick in a package that would be great. Elder Covel lives with me and he played lacrosse in high school so we want to throw around. We can buy the shafts here!  :) Well other than that I love you all! :) And I miss you! Miracles are happening! Tell Greg I would like an email soon! :) And also from all of the kids more often! :) Tell Nicole I said hi! She is in my prayers! Well I love you all! And I hope you don't have too good of a thanksgiving without me :) J.k. Have fun with football and Turkey and tell Granny, Pop pop and Steph I wish I could be there! Take care and God Bless! I hope you all have a great week! :) 

With MUch love! Elder Mark Mattei! :) 

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