Thursday, November 17, 2011

Super Short!

Hey Everyone!!

Glad to hear about Lindsay and Greg that is awesome! And still stinks about todd! (Todd is still not playing hockey due to a concussion) and if you all can notice I don't have time lol! I love you all and all is good! Seeing Bro. Tuttle was  great!  But it was great and I loved it! We have 2 bap dates one with David who is 14 and one with Anthony! Both awesome people, David, or Diago is a friend of Jose Munoz! We are all really excited for what is to come! And I apologize this is so short again!

No plans yet for Thanksgiving! And I hope greg figures everything out! He is in my prayers as you all are! And Mom I need my social security card number! lol! Ahh... I am so rushed I don't know what to say! Just know that I love you all! And things are going amazing! I got a letter from Tracy, Sis Robertson, and Granma this week! All of which i appreciate so much! You seriously have no idea!  I would say more but have no time! Well I love you all!Take care! I pray for you all! :) Love, Mark! :) 

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