Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cannot Wait to Talk to You!

 Hey Mom I will go ahead and reply to both you and Daddy's email.. Wel first off, one way to tell whether or not Greg is really excited about something is if he starts rubbing his hands together lol! And That stinks to hear about the car breaking down. And it is really really good to hear that Aimee had her baby and that both are doing alright! :) That actually makes me really happy :) Tell her I said Congrats! :)

Well what else to say! sounds like the both of you are working really hard! This week has been really good! We have been teaching a lot! Found some really cool investigators. Lets just say Miracles are real! I will explain more when I call this Sunday> And I will be calling in the Morning.. Maybe at like 9 your time. How does that sound??? :) So 10 my time and that will give me about 2-2 1/2 hours to talk. Maybe 3 :) I guess we will just have to see! Well I am going to leave it at that! :) I want to talk this weekend! And yes I got the Drivers license papers! I already sent them in! And thank you for doing that mom! And for the Memory Card! And Dad I am not with Elder Kay, I am with Elder Eliason. But I am just thinking there is a good chance because I have been here for a while! Well I love you all! and I cannot wait to talk to you all this weekend! I love you and pray for you! Take care! 

Love MarkyPoo! :)

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