Wednesday, February 6, 2013

4 more weeks!

I will be flying home the 7th. I went into the office the other day and I had Sister Dennison show me what was happening (so the Dennisons are a Senior couple, they work in the office. They are awesome. They went to the Kingsbridge English Ward when I was in the Bronx. I love them. If I go out to BYU I will be visiting them often. I am going there next week to make them Gumbo.) I will be flying into D.C. first, Elder Scaiffe and I both have a connecting flight there (He is in Stamford right now, his Greeny area, lucky dog) so I will get to say bye to my MTC companion last. Then if I remember right I will arrive in STL around like 1 or 2. I do not remember very well, so don't quote me on that. 

Well hopefully both Greg and i both get into where we want to. That would be very nice! And i will think more about the Math class when I know whether or not I get into Provo. And when Lindsay gets her call you guys should call the mission office and tell them where she is going. Then they could call me. Ask to speak to Elder or Sister Dennison, they will call me and let me know.
So I am really excited to go to that game with Todd! That will be a lot of fun! :) Thank you for that! :) I am really excited to go to a Blues game again.
So don't you worry about me working hard. I am more focused than ever! We have a lot of big plans for this last short cycle, and we are going to get a lot done! I have been coming home each and every night exhausted. Elder Heywood and I are working our butts off. He is a great last compaion. The push that i needed. He is a great kid! We both have been speaking a lot of Spanish as well! So I am happy and I am having fun! :) And I am online so mom if you want to talk I am here! I love you all.. See you in a 

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