Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Email

Hey everyone! I don't have a lot of time so I will say what I have time to. I love it here! It is awsome! and the spirit is way strong! As well as the food! It's killing me lol! But yeah everything is good! My companion is Elder Scaife. He is from Washington State. I found out Jim Richardson served in his ward! He is pretty cool, a bit dorky but we get along really really well. I love the kid. My P-day is on thursdays by the way. Spanish is coming along really good. I can already teach the first lesson and bear my testimony. We are on some kind of guinea pig program and trying it out with our teacher! I am on the same floor that Mckeon was in and have the same teachers that he had when he was here! crazy!!! I know- what are the chances! My teachers are Hermano Gili and Hermono Corbridge. I talked with Hermano Gilli for about fifteen minutes about Mckeon the other day. It's way cool! I miss that kid!
I miss home a ton, but at the same time I love it here! It is awesome! My roommates are Elder Eliason, Scaife, and Sorenson. Sorenson and Eliason are from UT. They are both going to NY with me. Elder Vieter and Kay are also in my district in the room next to us. Kay is from Mesa, AZ and Elder Vieter is from Cali. Both going to NY as well. Then there is elder Law and Elder Crisp. Both are going to Peru! Elder Crisp reminds me EXACTLY of Chris Farley. Looks and Acts like him! Way funny guy he is from Denver. Kid is awesome. Him, elder Kay, and Elder Eliason are probably the ones I have the most in common with. I get along with my whole district really well though. I love all these kids. No one will ever replace my buds back home though. Oh and Elder Eliason and Kay are going to write Lindsay so just let her know to be prepared lol!
So funny story. The other day me and my other roommates decided it would be a good idea to take a shower after gym! Not a good Idea. We all forgot our key and got locked out of our room. So it took like forty minutes for our zone leaders to bring the Key to us. So we had some pretty good bonding time in Elder Kay and Vieters room. It was mostly my fault because I was the last one to leave the room.
But yeah so I did not have time to read Gregs email this week so hopefully i will next week, or one of the others you sent me mom. But how is everyone doing? how is everything back home?  Can you guys send me a package with some pics of home, Mckeon's mish address, Bill Carpenter Cd, Missionary pal, and Ward/. Branch listings in NY.
I miss home a lot but I know everything is ok and I know that this is where the Lord wants me. I will send pictures home sometime soon. Maybe another week or two. I have so much I want to say but so little time! Just let me know how everyone is and how much I miss them! You don't need to worry about me I love it here! The mountains are awesome! It's hard cuz I know Tre is right down the street and I can't even see him. It is nice because I get to see Chrisse in the Book store, but that's as familiar as things get.
Jackson and RJ - it's one class all day. Both language and gospel. it's a lot of being in one room. Be patient. The first three days are hard then it gets easy. I promise. It will be hard but well worth it. Ok im almost out of time. I love you all and will see you before you know it. I want this two monhs to go by. Correct my spelling lol! Ok g2g. I love you all and miss eveyone and everything! Write me on  love you! Bye!
Much love form Provo, Elder MAttei! :)

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