Thursday, March 31, 2011

Life Is Crazy!

Haha lindsay is a ditz! That's more than me :) And me and Garrett are the Kindergarten repeats, so at least 10 years from now I will be able to share that experience with someone lol! Thats sweet that Austin is home! Tell him I said Hi! And I also wrote Mike and Mark! Make sure they got my letters! I am planning on writing some of them today. Tell Tre to send me a message - he didn't give me his address. And thank you for the package! Thats crazy that Greg will be home so soon!

So to give all my friends and anyone who is interested an idea of what exactly it is I will be doing for the next 2 years. Watch District 2. I don't know if you can put it on my Blog Mom, but it is awsome and I have fallen in love with it and can't wait to get out of here and find the people God has prepared me to teach.  (Message Gracie if you want to find out how to view this!)

So everything is good and stressful! I got called as District Leader plus my companion rolled his ankle in gym on monday so I have been pretty dang busy! Life is crazy! not getting as much done as I would like, but I am loving it here. Learning to be responsible! I got to interview my district and that was awesome getting to know them all a lot better! I had to interview a 25 year old, Elder Crisp. That was a humbling experiance and learned about his life. Awesome kid! I can always feel the Spirit when I talk to him.
Did dad ever get that Missionary Pal book in the mail??? I asked you to send that, but its all good. When you guys get one just send it to me. Thank you for everything you did send! I was so excited and happy to get it! Glad to finally have some pictures and stuff!

Nothing really new is happening. We got a new district yesterday. One of the Elders knew Blaine Sherwood, but I can't remember his name at the moment! Spanish is coming good as well! Didn't get as much done this week because of my new assignment as District leader and having to help my companion out but its all good! Im learning to be patient. I am feeling a little under the weather today as well, but ya know life goes on!

Jackson and RJ will be here soon! I'm excited! Hopefully I will be on the welcoming Comittee that day, but the Branch Presidency picks so we will see! I love you all! Freaking miss everyone!

Well I got to get off! I love you and I hope everything is well! hopefully I will have something more exciting to send next week :( Just learning the Gospel. Hope all is well! Tell everyone Hi and God Bless! Love and Miss you all!

Love Elder Mattei

P.S. And Write me more! Letters are awesome!

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