Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey there mommy! :) I will try to reply to everything you asked. You wrote A LOT! and I have very little time. So seeing David was awesome!   David Phillips is a childhood friend of Mark's who used to live in O'fallon and just returned from a mission to Colorado.  It made me really happy to see him! :) And David told me you saw the video. Some other missionaries in our Zone told me that I was in it! So I saw it! I am glad that made you happy! :) I knew that it would! :) 

Thanksgiving will be good. We are going to visit the Rejas family. It will be fun. No Macy's day parade :( And no Turkey Bowls :( So I am kind of bummed out about that! But it will be all good! We are going to make the best out of it.

For Pday we went up and visited Lewis! I am looking of a new suit! So Elder Lewis is trying to help me out. I really want a grey one. I was looking at H and M today. Now we are at a.. well, not really investigator's house, but guy they visit's, house. And he is really funny. The missionaries have been visiting him for over 30 years!! Still not a member.. Not really investigating.. I think they just come over here to hang out. He is really funny. His name is Mike. I would love to come to this area just to get to know him.

So I am glad you talked to President Smith! Thank you for all you are doing Mom to help me prepare for the application process I really appreciate it! I really appreciate the letter from Brother Tuttle! so make sure you tell him thank you for me :)

So we will probably have the opportunity to go do service in Queens again this weekend! I am hoping that I will feel better by then. I have been sick the past couple of days! But I am excited for Thanksgiving.. kind of lol! But more excited for Christmas that will be here in just a few short couple of days!

Well I got to get going! I have a line of people waiting behind me to email! So I love you all! And I hope everyone is doing alright! :) You are all the best! have a great week! you are in my prayers! :)
Love Marky! :)

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