Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Changing More and More

Dear Madre, y papa! :) 

How are you doing? Mom I have not really heard from you this week! But thank you for all of the pictures that you sent to me :) So I am doing good! We have been really really busy lately! We are working on a new project in our ward. Our goal is to get 150 referrals from members by the end of this month and a result of 10 baptisms :) 10 new people living the Gospel :) WE already have 25 and it is only the middle of the first week of the project :) :) So it is going really well! :) We know we are going to see so many miracles becasuse of this. It is something we have been trying to come up with since i came here, and the Lord has now provided it! :) We know we are ready to do the work necessary, and that the members, and their friends are ready :) The Lord has prepared us all :) it is amazing! We are working so hard with the members, and so far everyone is willing to help! We have like 15 member appointments this week, and at the end of the month we plan on going out and finding all of the referrals and do what is needed to help them! It is a really detailed plan, and is going to show great results! We can already see how we are going to get more then 150 referrals.. we have recieved 25 from 3 members... So I am so excited! :) This area and ward are going to light up! :) 

the best part is in the mean time we are still finding more and more people to teach :) and we have a baptism on the 11th :) With Gizzele :) She is really cool! :) 9 years old and just the most humble little girl ever :) :)

So yesterday I had a really cool experience in one of our lessons. We were teaching the law of chastity to our investigator Leticia.. she is so awesome. The perfect investigator, apart from the fact she is not married to the guy she is living with.. I felt as we were teaching her, the Godly sorrow God has for his children. We just talked about love and how much God loves her... I felt as if I was speaking for him to her... I can't even explain it... I felt the Love God as for her as we sat there in the little apartment... It was such a humbling experience... I cannot exactly put it into words.. It was just amazing... God really loves his Children.. I know that.

What else has happened this week?? Uhm today we went to Costco... uhm, oh did you ever send Lindsay the letter Elder Kay sent her?? 

Oh yeah haha! This Saturday we had a really fun ward activity! It was a ward BBQ at the church! The Sisters and us organized a game of Water Balloon Volleyball :) It was fun! Turned into a waterballoon fight... haha good thing we were all in Pros  proselyting clothes right?? :P Some members were upset with us.. but it was a really positive activity and one of the more memorable days of my mission :) So much fun! We grew a lot with the Ward and also with a lot of our investigators :) 

Lately on the mission I have noticed myself changing more and more..  IDK how, but I have seen just little things. I am pretty sure it is a good thing! :) No worries though I will still be good ole normal marky when I get home :)

So it sounds like you all had a great trip! We will have to do something like it again when I get home! :) Oh.. And mom I have been thinking.. can you somehow find out what my grades were at SCC... I never looked at some of them... :P so.. that may be a good thing for us to find out you know?? haha!  But anyways, yeah I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go to school when I get home. I really want to go to BYU... something is just really telling me I need to be in Provo.. Whether it is at BYU or UVU idk... just the feelings I have been getting lately.. But those are likely to change. I hear it is a lot easier to get into BYU and stay in if you do it for the summer semester.. but we will see lol! :) 

But well that is about all that is going on with me! It is good to hear that you all are doing okay! :) Especially Granny and Pop pop! I am glad nothing too serious happened! :)

and Dad just keep up the good work! :) I am so greatful for all that you do! :) Both you and mom! You guys are the best!   Well I love you all so very much! :) Let me know if there is anything I can do for you! :) .. almost 7 months left :/... then 6.. and yeah I don't really want to talk about it... I really do just loving being here and being a missionary. I can't imagine not being a missionary.... But anyways! :)  Miss and love you all! You are in my prayers :) Please keep our investigators in your prayers :) Sorry I don't tell you about each one! But there are alot! :) Good things are up ahead! :) :) Love you all! Love Mark :) 

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