Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World's Shortest Email

Hey there mommy! So this is going to be the worlds shortest email. So I will just answer all the main points briefly. So yes I did know about Tre' :( He just told me. He is in my prayers I have faith that whatever happens it will be the Lords will.  One of Mark's best friends who is presently serving in Mexico has been very sick and was just recently released from the hospital.  We are praying that he will return to good health and that he will be able to complete his mission if that is the Lord's will.  Please keep Elder Barnes in your prayers! And I am doing great! Life as a missionary is amazing! :) Today we went to the temple, and I just really feel like after the mission I need to go out to Provo.... and I just realized I may have left my patriarchal blessing in the temple. This is a special blessing given to members of our faith, usually youth, that outlines some of the blessings they might enjoy in their future if they are faithful. The words of the blessing are typed and each person is given a copy.  Mark absolutely treasures his and was likely reading it in the temple as he ponders his future. ... Freak! ah.. Well now I have to walk and go back and get it. But yeah that is what I feel like I need to do. I was even thinking about going for the summer... Ah.. IDK. But yeah :) I will figure it all out.  And Memory Card is on the way! :) Also a letter for Todd! and a little gift for him. .
My life is good here! Investigators are doing great! 
So yeah that is really about all of the time that I have! Going down to the city from Stamford takes up most of our day. :( Well I love you all so very much! I promise I will say more next week! Take care all of you and God Bless!! :) :)
I love you all! Love Mark! :) 

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