Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Strongest Lesson of my Mission

Dear Mommy and Daddy! 

I am doing good! :) Once again I am not going to have a lot of time because the internet is down at the Church and we are having to use the library again. so sorry in advance!

But everything is going good! I am loving the area. We are teaching a pretty promising family here. Well part member family. The Daughter will be getting baptized here soon. Her name is Gizel! So that is exciting! We also have a lot of other promising investigators. :) A lot! We have a pretty big teaching pool! so I will let you know about them as they progress! I would like to talk about each one individually but I really don't have time!~ 

I will tell you about one family though. This will probably take up the majority of my email.. And it just shows how much the Spirit has been impacting me in my life over the last couple weeks! My testimony has grown so much... So here is the story. we were teaching our investigators Oscar and Rosa, and we just had the most poweful/blunt lesson. The spirit was so strong. During the lesson I asked Rosa if she knew what the holy ghost was and if she knew what it felt like, and if she had felt it in the past. She said she had. and explained to us an experience she had in the past.. Well long story short,  Oscar tells us about all of his life problems. And Then we ask him and her if they want help, and they both just look at us and say yes. And we tell them that the Gospel and the church will be able to help them more than anything else. As we leave we say a prayer. Elder Fox begins saying it, and after he says "nuestro padre celestial." our Heavenly Father,  Oscar stops him and runs into the other room to grab his baby girl... one of the coolest and just most humble things I have seen in my life... Ah,,, I wish you could have all been there! Then Elder Fox says the prayer... and says amen.. and I just looked at Rosa and Oscar and asked them if they felt something different.. And they both said yes.. and I asked Rosa if it was the Spirit and she said yes. And we told them both it was.. And I looked at both of them and told them, that they need to follow that feeling, the Holy Ghost for the remainder of their lives and if they do that.. They will be happy. It serisouly was the strongest Lesson of my mission.. I wish I could explain it in better detail!  I hope and pray they get baptized... I pray so hard. I love them so much! They are 2 very very humble people! 

Then we had another Lesson this week, where Sister Vera shared her Testimony/conversion story with us and I just started crying.. Then she talked about Missionaries and how important they are, and about the blessings we will receive because of serving a mission. And at that moment that is exactly what I needed to hear! It was so good! Ask me in a seperate email next week mom and I will explain it to you.. Kind of personal. But such a great story and great testimony! Then she fed us some amazing food! :) 

So sounds like everything back home is good! Thank you for sending all the pictures! Granny and Pop Pop - happy aniversary!! :) Enjoy it! And Garrett happy late birthday! I hope you got my letter! :) and Todd be good and have fun at EFY! You will love it! Just as you did last year! And email me when you get back telling me all about it.. And listen to the Holy Ghost. Pray, It's a good time to do so. I love you bud! And you Thomas! All 3 of you are such great brothers! And I know Mom and Dad are happy to call you their sons.

My roommates are awesome! Elder Fox is such a great kid! And so is Elder Vazquez. Elder Vazques is from New Jersey. He is 27 years old! I look up to him a ton! Elder Fox is 19 from Lehi Utah. And the two of them have helped me turn into the best missionary i have been on my mission. I love them so much! And I love the Missionaries around me. Sister Major is in my District. From Utah. and SIster Alvarez is in the same district as me once again! They are both really funny! I love our District because I feel like we can all be 100% ourselves around each other. Elder Stevens, you guys already know a lot about him. I love that kid. And Elder Portillo. From Reno Nevada. Has become one of my very best friends in a short amount of time. He is a convert, and just has a huge heart. And we act so dumb around each other lol! Great guy. Well that is a little about what is going on here! Oh and Elder Kay is in my Zone! Today we all played Soccer for Pday! I stink! But it was fun! And... yeah... :) HOw are all you doing? I love you all so much! Sorry my emails are so scatter brained.. I just hate being rushed for time! Well I love you all so much! Thank you for all your support and love! I appreciate those of you who read my emails, because it shows me you care! :) So thank you! I hope you enjoy them! And get a little bit of a feeling of what a mission is like! 

Well love and miss you all! :)
Love Mark! :) 

Grandma you are in my prayers :)

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