Thursday, July 5, 2012


Mom it was nice to hear from you! :) You emailed me right as I got on! So I will say as much as I can in the small amount of time as I can. My comps are great! I love them both to death! They are both really humble people and are really willing to work hard. They have made this transition so much easier! Training Elder Fox has been fun! He is a great kid and has a great heart! I don't think I have ever seen someone more eager to do missionary work, and so ready to love other people for who they are. Driving is going good! Haha I was a little rusty at the beginning but it is all going better now. Kind of like riding a bike. Little things are coming back as I do so. We got these stupid Tiwi Boxes in our car that go off every time we speed or do anything slightly off color! So before I forget I got a card from Granny! tell her I say thank you and I love and miss her so much! Also that I will be writing them a letter this week :) And the 4th was fun! We played Bang and Soda pong! lol! The punishment was drinking nasty concoctions of drinks. I love my apartment. Elder Portillo has become one of my really good friends really fast. We just get along so naturally. haha I will send you some videos on my memory card soon! So President Morgan is awesome. We met him for the first time on Monday. Along with his family.. It is different having a mission president with kids.. I am not going to lie. A whole new Change. From the area, to training/follow up training, to a new mission president. It has all been fun and I am loving it! I really respect and love President Morgan! He is a great guy! And I can already tell he is going to be a great leader in the NY NY North Misson! So there is a lot going on in the area! We have taught a lot of cool people! :) I will explain more next week, due to the lack of time I have today! But I like it a lot! The Ward is cool and I really love the investigators. This is the upstate area that everyone covets lol! I am just trying my best not to get fat up here. So far I have lost 3 pounds so I think I am doing a pretty good I am good and I am loving life! :) Suprisingly despite everything that is going on I could not be happier! :) The Lord really does know how to lift us up in our hard times.. He knows us all too well. And he knows me and I am so grateful he is always there to help me :) I love you all so very much! and thank you for all that you do! Have a great week! and I will talk to you very soon! I love you! :) Love MArk! :)

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