Tuesday, June 26, 2012


mommy dearest! :)

So I am in Stamford Conneticut! :) I am Training in a trio.. So both follow up training and training lol! Elder Vazquez is a Mexican from Jersey and I am follow up training him, and I am training Elder Fox who seems really cool and he is from Lehi Utah.(So there are three of them - one has only been out on his mission for about six weeks, the other is a brand new missionary straight from training at the MTC.)   I am so excited to be here! Everyone tells me it is the best upstate area in the mission... So I drove a car for the first time in more than a year today :P I was so scared! I turned the wheel the wrong way while backing out. haha! But after that it was all good! It was just like riding a bike! I was so freaking out.. When I was backing out of the church parking lot half of the mission was watching me. Elder Hermosa.. The AP had to come give me words of comfort :P 

So I am released as DL(he will no longer be a district leader)! And I am living with Elder Stevens again.(Elder Stevens was in his first apartment in Harlem.) Just like my first cycle, and Elder Ortillo. They are in the English ward here. But I am so pumped! Really I was so excited to leave! but it was so sad leaving the BX. :( Saying bye to Gisela, Chrismary, and Jordi was difficult.. only because I know I may never see them again.. They are moving back to the DR in like 2 weeks :( So that was sad.. And saying bye to Niorgeli was sad also... She bawled when I left... :( I felt bad. She made me promise her I would take her to Coney Island when I come back to visit. I think she had a small crush on me. I love that litle girl and her family. They are so cool! 

Then I also saw Cindy yesterday.(one of the first ladies he taught in Harlem). Her daughter was baptized last month, and her fiance  got baptized last weekend :) I was so happy to see how much good came out of that. She has changed a lot.. It was so good to talk to her. It brought a smile to my face! :) 

So now I am here. the New Mission President comes in Thursday.. Today was our last time that we saw President Smith. :( I am going to miss him a ton! 
so I did get Birthday cards for Pop pop and Granny. I just was forgetful :( I will make sure that I do better at that! I started writing them a letter but it got lost in me moving. ah... I have so much stuff!! I don't know how I have got so much! I need to get rid of a ton.. And I gave away and threw away a ton before I left the Bronx and I still have a ton! And yes I will write Todd again soon! :) :) 

Well I am excited to be here.. I don't know what else to say :) We went to Panda Express today.. I am going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings here in a couple days so I am really excited!! :) And apparently there have been 7 baptisms here in the past 3 months.. So I am excited to keep this area on fire and find more people! 

Well I love you all so very much! We do not have a lot of time, but I love you all so very much! You are the best! :) Take care and I love you all so much! You are in my prayers! :)

Love, Marky Mark

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