Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It Is Time!

Hey Mom I am going to keep this short..   The game was good! (Yankees v Braves) I had a lot of fun! It was a blast! Very hot like you said though!   I am here until next Tuesday, which will be both Transfers and Pday. Just so you all know.. And I received word from a Senior Missionary that I am leaving.. Somewhere upstate it sounds like but he could not remember!  But I feel good about it.. Like you, Mom I feel like it is time! :)     And Norgelie's Baptism was awesome! :) I baptized her! WE are going over there again tomorrow night.. I am having a hard time right now and I do not have a lot of time.. Sorry for not saying much! Let me make sure I answered all of your questions! :)   Oh mom most importantly follow your heart. Desire the Spirit and Pray for it.. And if you have a good feeling to do something do it. That is the spirit. It's not the best answer but it is the one President gave me.    And dad to answer your question yeah we still play Bang :) But anyways! I am going to get going! Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is going on back at home, and also back in Louisiana :)   I love you all very much!   Love Mark! :)

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