Thursday, October 20, 2011

Short Update

Hey How is everyone doing this week?? :)

I have had a good week so far! Staying busy! Transfers are next week so that is pretty exciting! It is looking like 50/50 as to if I will be leaving or not! I really don't want to, but we will see what happens! I love it here in Harlem! But I really think that I might go! I pray I don't. I would really like the oppurtunity to take over this area after being here so long! Elder Huerta Luna will be leaving for sure.  But we have some pretty awesome investigators right now! I told you about most of them last week! We have one other older man that we started teaching since I last talked to you all! His name is Custodio. He is dominican. He has cancer throughout his whole body! We visited him in the Hospital because someone referred us to him. He is a great guy! There is just something so very different about him. The spirit is just with him! I can see it in his eyes! I felt like breaking down and crying both times we went to visit him! He is 56 years old! Please keep him in your prayers! We hope to get the opportunity to go back and visit him very soon! 

So I know all about the Cardinals! That just makes me so happy and that is awesome! I am so excited! I stopped calling the thing on the phone to check the scores because I figured it is a bad idea lol! So now I am just going to have to find out what is going on by word of mouth.,.. I guess I kind of have the same fear as Greg did if I even am showing an interest in figuring out the score to the game they will lose lol! But LSU plays Auburn this weekend! that will be a fun game for you all to watch! Let me know how it goes for sure! As well as the World Series! The LSU vs Alabama game is going to be really good as well!! I am excited for it! I hope LSU completely destroys them! I am guessing it will be a way close game though!

Well, Madre madre Madre you gave me a ton of questions to respond to so I guess I will start with that. But first that stinks Mckean is going to be living in AZ :( Uh... That kid is like one of my best friends and he and Tre don't even live close anymore!! AHHH!! 

Okay sorry we really don't have a lot of time :( I keep getting on and off its a pain! Well I am glad you like the pictures! You need to send me an envelope back with all the ones I have already sent! Or the thing I asked for for Christmas! :) But yeah my profile picture I actually have no idea which one you are even talking about! I had like no room left on my memory card when I sent it!

Okay well Mom I have to email Greg so I am going to keep this one a little short! Just know I love you all! And you are all in my prayers! I am having an experience of a life time! I am growing as a person so much! I am learning to love others more and more everyday! I already know I am going to be blessed and this is going to help me for the rest of my life! I have already seen blessings in my life and in all of yours! Thank you all for all you do! Have a great week! Love you MUCHO!

Love, Elder Mark Mattei! :) God bless you all! Each and every one of you are amazing! :) 

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