Friday, October 28, 2011


Hey mom! Sorry really not a lot of time today! I am still hear in Harlem! Its a crazy feeling! I feel like I have made a home out of this place! In reality it has become a new home for me! And I have learned to love so many people! I have also felt myself changing! I am now a lot closer to my Savior and understand his Atoning Sacrifice just a measure more than what I did when I came out here! Things are a lot different since I came out here. Elder Beswick is the only one left here that was in the Original Zone that I am now a part of.. Elder Lewis and Elder Huerta left today. Elder Huerta is with Elder Sorenson! Which is awesome! He is also living with Elder Kay! So I know he is in good hands! And Elder Lewis went upstate :( Makes me sad because both of us arrived here as greenies together! I miss him already! On top of that our apartment has changed again! Elder Willis left first of all to finish his last 2 cycles in Newberg. And Elder Stratton moved to the other missionary apartment right down the street. Things got all switched around as far as living arangements go because one of the Sisters areas here in Manhattan got white washed with Elders. So now I am living with Elder Matthews and yeah.. I forgot the other ones name! lol! But it stinks, because I was just getting way close with Elder Stratton and Elder Hellberg already has problems with the two that just moved in it sounds like! But all will be well and all things happen for a reason :) My testimony has been strengthened on that as well! :) 

Cards are rocking the playoffs! they better win tonight!!  :) And uhm... LSU plays Bama in two weeks! I am kind of bummed that Elder Willis will not be here for that! I was just waiting to rub it in his face when LSU kills them! And I did know peyton was injured! I did not know it was a neck injury though! THat StinkS! For real though they are a one man team now... I am starting to shift over to be more of a saints fan lol! I can't believe they beat them that bad! They are Terrible this year! What is crazy is how well I have heard the Detroit Lions are doing! That is insane! And Green Bay is still undefeated right?? 

And Mom I know you have a strong Testimony! I have heard it many times! You don't have to feel like you need to say something spiritual! You are already a spiritual Giant without saying anything! Your example says it all :) And yes I did get your package! THank you very much! I really appreciate it! :) And I got a letter and Ten Dollars from Granny! :) So tell her thanks as well! It really does mean a lot when you all do stuff like that! :) It makes my day! 

.And just so you know my complexion has been a lot better. And I have not used cream or pills in like 2 weeks. Only a couple of bumps on my face like once a week! Much better than before! I think that it may be starting to go away rather naturally. HAha sorry I am being so random in this letter I am kind of jumping around all over the place lol! :P But I am good and I love Harlem! Everybody please remember to keep them in your prayers! They are precious to God! We all are! We are his Children! He watches everything we do! He rejoices when we rejoice and he is saddened when we are! I have felt that in my life! He really does love us! And our Saviour Jesus Christ gives us a much better and clearer understanding of that love! He paid the price so that through him we will literally live agian! Its really just amazing! :) AHH!! I love him so much for it! Probably more than anyone else lol! J.k. But I am being dead serious at the same time lol! 

But I am happy I am here! We are still teaching Cindy with Straton and Elder Allen (his new comp) So I will be here for her baptism when she finishes school! :) She is amazing! My favorite investigator and she is not even mine! She is one of the better of my friends I ahve made on my mission! Amazing lady! You all will have to meet her for sure! :)

AHH! Okay I will talk more about the people we are teaching next week I have run out of time! I love you all! And you are all in my prayers! Take care and be safe! I am sorry to hear about uncle Fred. I wish I would have known him better :( That's sad a member of the family died though! :( Well I love you all more then you will ever know! I will have more time next week! LOVE YOU! 
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TAke care and God bless! Love Elder Mark Mattei! :) 

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