Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The BWW Blazing Wings Challenge Champ

Hello there! 

How is everyone doing this week? So life is going great! So to answer your question we are teaching  a lot of people right now! Monhita and her husband Mario are 2 of our most promising investigators! I see real potential in them! Mario seems to be holding his wife back though... :( But they are both solid! :) I think it will just take a little time! They are Guatemalan! And we are also teaching this 19 year old Mexican kid named Luis! He has a bap date for the 29th of this month! :) I have never seen someone so prepared to make changes in his life! We have not even taught about the Sabbath day and he is looking for a new job so he can come to church! He is a great kid! A little shy, but has such a great heart! Then there is Alex who is a friend of Marvin (member in the ward) Alex is 14.  He came to church last week and has committed to be baptized. The only thing as of right now that will hold him back would be his parents, who are pretty devout Evangelicals! But we have a lot of investigators, but those are more or less our most solid ones who are progressing right now! And we have a lot on the way! :) We have over 250 referrals that we are having to look up! We have been kind of stressed out! We have so many people we are in charge of bringing the gospel right now, it is hard to keep them all in mind all at once! I am growing so much as a missionary, and even more as a person because of all the things that are going on right now! The Lord has really blessed me! :) 

So this week has been good busy as usual! :) I bought some sunglasses today! Thank you so much mom and Dad! I also got some shoes that I need to send y'all money for! So expect that soon!  But other than that, idk I can't think of anything new lol! I have been writing in my journal every night so that is some good news! haha! 

Well it is so weird to think that Todd is driving. That blows my mind. I really can't even imagine it without laughing. Things are going to be different when I get home won't they? But I am excited to come home and be able to watch his hockey games again! And be able to go to some Blues games! We have a rink here in my area, and our members live right next to it, and I always see little sweaty kids walking out with their giant hockey bags and stick... Freak that makes me pretty trunky. I miss those days! 

Also I had a terrible dream last night.. I mean it really was not all that terrible it just made me really trunky when I first woke up. In my dream I was at my 5 year high school reunion... It made me realize how much I miss some people. So many people that I may never see again...I loved high school.. And I realized that the mission will probably be the same way :(.. .But that is why I love the Gospel, because we have the knowledge that we will see all of those people again once this life is over! :) And that is a comforting feeling! But in the mean time Mom get on my facebook and write Mark, Joel (unless he still does not have facebook) Bryan, Jake, Mike, Blake Gibbons, Conner Bodeman, Ryan Vesper, and Brandon Wyant and tell them that I love and miss them for me will ya? That would mean a lot to me! 

Other than that... Today is PDay we went to the mall in Danbury! And I ate Arbys for the first time in forever! haha I spent a little more money than I probably should have but it’s okay because I don’t know when I will get to go there again! Oh freak! I just remembered! I did the Buffalo Wild Wings Blazing wing Challenge yesterday! :) Which is to eat 12 of their Blazing wings in 6 minutes! I did it in 4! haha! I got a free headband, and 6 free wings on my next visit! Plus Bragging rights! haha! to be honest it really was not that bad. I guess eating all of the Hot Mexican food has prepared me! :) 

Well that is about it.. Other than the usual.. Talking to people, teaching, and playing Bang when we get home at night! :) haha! Well I love you all :) Take care and have a great week! Love Mark! :) 

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